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  • 1. Team Technology Webinar Web Conferencing Virtual Team and Collaborative Support Technologies Presented By: Saahil Goel August 31, 2008 Collaborative Team Technology
  • 2. Collaborative Technology: Web Conferencing
    • Web and Video Conferencing
      • Share desktops and documents
      • Allows a team member to “present” and annotate
      • Enables audio and visual communication across all team members
      • Can be accessed using a simple web browser
      • Can be used to hold live meetings over the internet across geographical boundaries
    Collaborative Team Technology
  • 3. Financials: Web Conferencing
    • Hosted server solution
      • Pay-Per-Use
      • Contractual flat fee
    • Software licensed solution
      • Annual license fee based on number of users
      • Organization runs web conferencing software at their own site
    Collaborative Team Technology
  • 4. Financials: Web Conferencing * ** Collaborative Team Technology Technology Cost Details Rate WebEx On-Demand* (Pay-Per-Use) 60 minute meeting with 10 participants = $318.00 $0.55 / participant / minute WebEx Hosted Solution** (Meeting Center) 9 hosts for one month = $621 $69 / month / host
  • 5. Organizational Stakeholders: Web Conferencing
    • Managers: to conduct online meetings for tactical decision-making with maximum efficiency
    • Implementers (developers, workers): to remotely work on systems and systems infrastructure (coding, hardware maintenance)
    • Top-Executives: to conduct strategic directional meetings in global companies
    Collaborative Team Technology
  • 6. Products and Services: Web Conferencing
    • Adobe Acrobat Connect
    • Convenos Meeting Center
    • Genesys Meeting Center
    • Glance
    • GoToMeeting
    • IBM Lotus Sametime
    • InterCall
    • Microsoft Office Live Meeting
    • WebEx
    • WebTrain
    • DimDim (Open Source) Collaborative Team Technology
  • 7. Products and Services: Web Conferencing Collaborative Team Technology
  • 8. Technology Maturity: Web Conferencing Collaborative Team Technology High Profile Vendors: Microsoft and Web-Ex – solutions for large scale enterprises Ease of Use: Pay-Per-Use, On-Demand, Software license; minimized hardware requirements Development and Support: Proprietary products, open source (DimDim), paid support
  • 9. Situation Suitability: Web Conferencing Collaborative Team Technology Well Suited Not Well Suited Geographically Dispersed Team members Physical presence is required to complete task Tactical and strategic decision-making meetings Team members are not technology savvy and uncomfortable – distraction may lead to ineffective meeting One-to-many training/presentation Inconsistent hardware availability/failure
    • Examples-
    • Contractual negotiations
    • Country directions monthly meeting
    • Information sharing/introduction and decision-making managerial meetings
    • Product demo to client meeting
    • Examples-
    • Inconsistent internet bandwidth availability to team members
    • Technology-challenged virtual team members
    • Inability of team members to concentrate
  • 10. Critical Success Factors: Web Conferencing
    • Real-Time Video/Audio
      • Non-verbal cues that are important in strategic decision-making meetings or contractual negotiations
      • May be lost if there is a considerable lag; may also lead to confusion amongst team members
    • Availability of consistent technology and communication channels
    • Disciplined team members with high levels of concentration
    • Detailed planning for web conference
    Collaborative Team Technology
  • 11. Thank You
    • Please post questions to
      • [email_address]
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    Collaborative Team Technology
  • 12. References
    Collaborative Team Technology