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Dec 2005

  1. 1. BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMME Term-End Examination December.2OO5 ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : ECO-1 : EUSIN€SSOPGANISATTON Time : 2 hours MsximumMorks: 50 (Weightage7tr/d Note I Attempt batt, Secl,onA and SectionB. SECNON A l. Attemptanytost of the following r 5+5+5+g {a) Distinguishbetw€ena fJublictimltedcompanyand a plilate limit€d company. (b) Write a brief note on retatnedprofit$ as a souie of long-ieim capital. {c) Dl{f€rentiate behr€en {ix€d capital and working capital. {d} What is outdoormediaot advertisirE? When do you preJe? D€dium for advertising thls ? P.T.O.
  2. 2. {e} Staie the leahv€l of an ideal medium of advertislng. (0 Write a short note ol1 lhe conlainerisation fot lranspon of goods. {g) Stafe the rnain .feafures of depattmental form of organisation of public etltetprises. (h) Dffercntiaie behr,een lrade association and chambeE of cotnmetce, ECO'1
  3. 3. SECTION B Note ' Attempt any three ol the t'ollou]ing. 2. "Partnership form of organisation emerged essentially because the limitations lailureof the sol€trade, Iorm of and of orgaDisaljor. CorDment. " lO 3 . Discuss larious factorswhich determine ,rorking capital the requiremenis o corhpany. of jO 4 . You are the marketingexecutive o pharmaceulrcal of company. Explain the prmedure you lollow when you export the rnedicines USA. to 10 i . 5 Wiat is a business ? Discuss risk varioustypes of business risks and statewhich of theseare insurable. 2+6+2 OR Briefly explain,!rious aspects a leasibilit report. of 10 6. Why is jt necessary governmentto pariicipatedirectly for in business Explain. ? 10 What is a public limited company ? Can rt commence business immediittelyafter its incorporation? Il not, what elsehas to be done belore it can commence business ? 10 ECO-1
  4. 4. trtr6 3Cr& t6,rdfi.q wia cfr$ frgtqt, zoos Qfuo wqq-rc: erfrrq f.w,|S.-r , aneqrfu* {rrc{ gqq;2q2 etfuqdq : so ei6 (w 617oo/o) rb; @v€6 dzr o@ s dql dfuq t IITE i6' r. ftqtdfud i i ffi -dr ftfus I s+s+s+s ",r+ (3i) cfuq FdFrlg +,q+ aqreF+ctdtriB sqn i t-q dfsS r (E) {ffi{ '{tud et{ c{ tfr * s|q{ + Fc i C6 {Fq ftRufi ftfuS I ({) sr4 tS aq qrfti-e {ql t 3rfr{ qdr{SI 1q) f{$T{ * qra qr{q i wr are{ i I eilc{ * feq w qtrqq* 3nqeq fisfir*'drtft * I ECO-1 P.T.O.
  5. 5. (q) ft-drc{ * q6 i{Kri qlqq * ejsT{6 Tit ar rds d&q r ({) cld 4Er + kq +}{i-off q{ (containefisation) 16 {fuq lequftAruq I (e) sdqF{-6 sadt+ €'rd{ + h'qlt4 Fq q1Wq drcr3ii 61 3-d€ difrq I (s) qrqn €q flqr qrcl{ {sq t *< dfqs r ECO,1
  6. 6. TIE€ *z : ffie'a+d ffi A4 x{41 rtn filbg r * 2. "qrqcltqa d4-dc {rffi {sFq 61 3rfqqlaq{tdl + q+'q qrqdl {rrdq qi Scri nqr rssl srfdr + {Rdr gqr r" {s 6qi * s4sn dtq | 10 3. W 6Eqfrq1fiffid fdt rfi enq{qs-dr$ frqiRd q} E+ qri ffird ;rd ei A*qq di$q r rc 4. 3nqT*eii qi q* ;rrq$ * iiqqrq srFffirfit r usa si {cT*ii or Frqia q'€ eqq snq d sr4Efu qcire}, s{.dr qnoqrdG'q | fi s. qq$fos riicq c Rr fifld i ? essrq + ffiT? s-6RS $fiqdi or fqaw dfrq dqr q€ qdrqqF$ s-4S qffi frqfsl-a r * t 2+6+2 s{qsl q-o arqei{mftid * fter Fe$ii q1 d&q t qwr dfEq I ro 6. grs:r{ 6r q-+srq i x'eq{ 5q i qm +ir Eqi ersP{dt u qreqrdfus | L0 ?. qd qfu6 frfits 6lqfr t ;sr nrq{ t I eqrqr 3rq+fil]-qn* 6-q qrqaqr q qRAT rr+iiri ? s,t qR c6, fr qq-srqsRF{ s6i frrq d} S ft *t sd wt +ir qffi 6{fr qE.d ? e n ECO-1 8,O00
  7. 7. BACHE!.OR'SDEGBEEPROGBAMME Term-End Examination Decernber,2O05 COURSE COMMERCE ELECTIVE : ECO-2: ACCOUNTANCY-I Time: 2 hours Moximum Ma*s : 50 Note I Attempt ang fotr questions including question no. 7 which is cornpstsory. l. Answetany thr'ee questions the lollowing , of 14 {a) What is JouDai Proper ? What type of t}ansactions are recordedin it ? (b) What is Suspens€ Account ? ,Vhatpurposedoes it (c) Explain the limitatlons of Single Entry System of Accounting. (d) What do you mean by Joini-Ventur€ How does it ? differ from Partnerslrip? (e) Dstinguish behreen Capital Reserveand . Reserve. ECO-2 P.T.O.
  8. 8. 2. On 31'r March: 2003, the following Trial Balancewas extractedfrom the booksof Gopal& Co. Rs. Capital 50,000 Plant and Machinay to,:o Sales 1,7?,000 Purchases 60,000 1,000 750 Opening Stock 30,000 Discount 350 800 Bank Charges Sundry Debtors 45,000 Sundry Creditors 2s,000 Salaries 6,800 Man {actudng Waget 10,000 Canias€ Inward 7s0 Carriage Outward 1,200 Bad d€bts provision 525 R€nt. Rates and Taxes 10,000 2.000 Cash in hand 900 Cash at Bank 6,000 2,54,075 2,54,075 ECO-2
  9. 9. Additional Inlormotion: (i) Closins StockRs. 35,000. {il) Depreciation plant at 6%. of {iii) Bad debtsprovisionto b€ adjust€d Rs. 500. to {iv) Intereston capitalto be a oq,edat bo,6 annum. per {v) 2 5% ot the profits is to be carriedto ReserveFund. From ihe above information, prepare Trading and profii and lrss Account for the y€ar ending 31s March, 2003 and the BalanceSh€etas on that date. f2 3. {a) DifferentlatebetweenIncome& Expenditure Account and Receipts Pagments & Account. {b) On 31$ Decernber, 2003, ilre CashBook of a firm showed a bank balance of Rs. 41'000. From the following information,preparea Bank Reconcitiation Statement,showing the bank balanceas per pass Book. S_7 (i) Cheques havebeenissued Rs. 3,500, out of for which chequ€sworth Rs. 2,000 only were ' ptes€nted {or payment upto 31st Decembef, 2003. (ii) Cheques worth Rs, 700 werepaid into rhe bank on 28b December had not b€encr€dit€dby but the bank by 3131 Decembert and one cheque tor,Rs. 250 was enLeradl, Cash Book on in 30m Decemberi,but w;deposjted in bank on 3'd January,200{'-' ECO-2 P.T.O.
  10. 10. (iii) A cheque from MuYall for Rs. 500 was deposited in the bank on 27rh December' but was dishonoured and the aduce was receiv€d on 2nd Janua4', 2004. (iv) Pass Book showed bank charges Rs 25 debited by the bank. It also showed a credit of Rs. 5O0 coll€cted by the bank as interest. lv, On€ of the debtors directly deposiied a sum ol Rs. 1,250 in the account ot the firm on 25th December. Intimation in this respect was received from the bank on 5tb January, 2004' 4. AEvind of Delhi seDt 1000 machine parts to Ravi oI Ch€nnai on consignmeni basis. The cost of each machine part was Rs 100' but ii was i 'oiced to Ravi at cost plus 25%. The expensesincurred b9 Atavind were : Freight Rs 12,000 and InsuranceRs 13'000 During transii 100 machine parts were destroged and the Insurance company paid Rs 10'000 towards that claim Ravi sold 800 machine parts at Rs 150 each and paid for storage and insurance Rs. 3'000 and Rs 2,000 respectively. Rau also accepted a bitl for Rs 80'000 at 3 months drawn by Aravind which Aravind discointed immediately with his bank at 6% pa. It was agreed that Ravi is to get syo commission on sales Prepare the necessaryledger accounts in the book of the consi$or (Aravind) Show your workings 12 ECO-2 4
  11. 11. 5. On lstJanuary2000 machinery purchased Somu was by Ior Rs. 50,000. On 1.7.200Ladditiors weremadeto the €xlentol fu. 10,000.On 1.4.2002,lurlheraddiiions were rnadeto the e){tentof Rs. 6,400. On 30.6.2003m.ichmery, original the ,?lue whichwas of Rs. 8,000 on 1.1.2000,was sold for Rs. 6,000. Somu €loseshis books on 31$ Decembereachyear Depreciation provided 70o/a on the diminishing was at p.a. balancemethod. Preparethe machineryaccountfor the years2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 in the book of Somu. Also show youf workings. 12 6. (al Exptainihe adBntageso{ Self-Balancing Syslem. (b) Rajudrewa bill on Vasr.r Rs. 2,000 on lstApril, lor 2O02 lor tt',tomonfhs. On May 15 Vasu requested Raju1o renewtbe bill lor t"vo months.Rajuagreedto renelvihe bill and charg€d inter€st@ 6,%p-a. A new bill was drawn {or Rs. 2,020 includinginteresl. The bill was honouredon the due date. Recorda[ th€se tEnsactionsin the book of Rajuand Vasuby passing the necessary journal eniries. 4+8 ECO-2
  12. 12. sqr&6r{.E.c Iarir([' wia q0qr Rsq{, 2oos Qfu-owg*r : .n&rer : AGnFd&-l nSq : Z Stl qfqrdq 3i6 . so ala: ffi an slql * rfi fufuqffi w4 recr r {r,?d d edh edqffi d t r. iqtqfrArdt i tq.d d" rFii * sd{ fttuq : ra (s) E@ "r+q t sr amd d ? {st f6s !-sF + ffiii 6] fi-sd tuqr qFTt ? (q) Brj{ €mr q d-crt ? Fs+r qr x+${ A'dr ('r) dqr d {dat cfce sqd d SqBii gt qrq'r dRs I (s) {gm srmq i er nrer4i ? 'rd srfqrfr i t*s rfi{ Fr* t ? (e) {ftl-fl r{qq ffi q|qrrd {qq d q< Effiqq I ECO-2 P.T.O.
  13. 13. 2. 31 qd, 2oos d icrd So-s4'qS dr $rcii n 'r4r frq'frfu-dtrd€ fdqT I {. l'gl 50,000 wie q q{iqft 'o'lo 1,77,000 6r{ 60,000 qrqM 1,000 ;. 3TRFE6 ei+ 30,000 6Z 350 800 75 FetTt{qR nu'10 fihq A-{qR ,u-o 6,800 rclca rv'91 10,000 srT6 gfl{ 750 em* ga( 1,200 efilfue*qil + Fdqc|qqr f6trqr,{t q s{ 10,000 ftTrqq 2,000 i'dg is 900 a'6is 6,000 2,54,07 5 ECO-2
  14. 14. q;q {fid {0 qftc €i-s 35,000 r {. 0t Rie 6t Tq6rs 6% | (iit 3T{iq rti + rds crssrc d ltffl 500 d. d'ft r cfrra{ q{ S qrq firrnr{ t {iu tfr c{ se6 d (v) Rr{r6r z s,}6{ifud ds d 3if,Rfrfs-qrqffi ., t r scf6 !Ea3n i:r qr{, zoosril sqrq al srA r4-av amn aqr aH-ErF{ aql 3it ftlq *l erm &is $z F{Fs | 12 3. (3{) 3rtzr qq IsRn qfiad nenSTtrr €rdr avr efr{ , d qtr{ q-dKqr (q) 31 Rsq{, zoossl g6 sf qi n69 d8 $ smsnde iq 4,ooo qr 1fiqfrfun qaaef [. *-s{qn cr ta gqi.lrqfufiq q4Eqnqt cm g* * :rgsn *s *s * rfsr in dtsq t s"z s.soo * d6 Frrlfud 'rs fr{ v. fus sr ksrq{,zoos *+e * d e+ t. ** ** i Enn + fuq sqd fsq rq I (iir za Rqq{ d zoo t. e *+ *+ * cqt 16{ 'K t{-ii sr R€qr (a #+ afl *Fsg r& f*q 'Iqi dqr q6 + zso t. qr *+ ffi nqq{& i sfrtud:o Rsqtd u1 ArT{,dfuqsS+6 i s vffi, 266n qqr 6{rqr lFfi | ECO-2 P,T.O.
  15. 15. (iii) 27 R€-q{ * K-d e rKr 500 [. 6T (4 ** ** t eqr-tdqr.m qT* .r.qER? d qr r q+Efr, 11 f,€ +rad q+a z zooa 6lcrqg€r {iv) cRI{6 d i+ err 3B-a .iq zs t. *q hq sd-q-S f<erS'rSI Wit }6 6P qre a1 600€. 4t {IeT4? q(d tr *kc Efl'r{. q1 r (o 2s frqq{ d qd * qd *qst i r,zsol. qi {rRr t6s * *d rqri ii q"n +< { r dr} +6 i qs+l qr+ s q+qt, zoo+ a) crq g{ r 4. ffi + BT{fqE i d + {R d rooo'rqin* g$ cls"i qq i rq{fri + r+s q$ * qFrd 1oo-. -*s 4, ffi rB d eprn qr zsy" ql ter rrqr r lrctq-(im tdS .Tqqq 5'g r6R t , to qrgt rz,ooo€. aEl frqr qq 13,000 | {rS d- i roo qrfl-asd cc d 'Ts ffi fdq Sqr sqfi i ro,ooo qi wf+ g'ronf+qrr rj} i sooq{fri r. g$ rso o. nfd gqt+ F{srq }s lss ffir rs} i ,isfirr dqt frcr c{ 6cvr 3,000 nql 2.000t. tr. qq B r fs i eTGis frisr so,ooo 6r gnr €. clc {SA qqr -* frf+w 11 ft et+n f+qr ftrQ entrqi +6 i e",t rtu eS* c) vr gc< g+ kqr r rfu d t+mq c{ so,66fr{rl Fffi{ dq g3{t I ct{$ (sr<fr'{)q1 Kqit i snEsr*+s{ sr} q;n{q r 3r{+ fi*6r0'- ffirqi lfr R1gFS| 12 ECO-2 10
  16. 16. 1 q{Efr, 2oooA $q. i so,ooo d c{t{fr F. s0-fr t r.z.zoor 1o,ooo qi S-r .+{ d r. rilffi si-{ | 1.4.2002 rfi o,soo d g6 d d. eftqffi*qg{r go.o.zoos q{ffi, R r.r.zooo a,ooo d d l. d 1e enrac{ si-<l 'rqr qr, 6,000 fr +s Rqr F. .r+r | *1 sr Rsq{ d Er srd qqfr n€T gR* ris 6.dr t r Ts6rq ro%,id q{ d E{ t €rPsd q<fd + is stqR drrm qnr $ 1 2ooo, qS 200r,2oo2 2003 + tdq S{ dr dEt g<-di ii q{ffi €r-dr qr6q r erffi ffirli ri Reeq r e 6. (3T)F-{gits €lar surd + drlii q1 q€qr qTes r (E) 1 3T*dzooz+} nq f A qS+ 61 2,ooo F. 6r q6 fud srg cr ft€T r rs qi * qtr i rr{. qit qc fqe qr z rrSii + fuq r+{-6{"7 fii d s-drt tq ev* fo< wro d 'rqr eh sqi 0",6 qd d E{ i qrs drr|qT qq sfr I qqr lqa qrs fu€rq{ 2,020r. +r fus 'rqr fqs-6r+c frk w e) 'rq t f+ e"fi frii B1 {q der srg.d A€T gwqii ii ECO-2 11 8,O00
  17. 17. rEdrl BACHELOR'S DEGBEE PROGRAMME Term-End Examination Decembet 2OOS ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : ECO-3 : MANAGEMENT THEORY Time : 2 haurs MaximumMarks, 50 Note : Attempt 6ot r S€ctions ond B. A SECTION A Attempt any thtee questions. l. (a) "The essentialfeafures of managementr€veal its " natureand importance. Discuss. (b) Explainlhe soc'alresponsibiljties managemenr. 8+4 ol 2. What is plannins ? E(plain the processof planningin an organisation. 3+9 3, &plain with examples :rarious types ot organisation structureswhlch can be distinguisbedon the basis ol arr?ngernent activities. o{ 1 P.T.O.
  18. 18. rarco sctk 6'r{sc srifr q0{T frirr*rt, zoo5 qfu qqqa,c: atFfq {.S.S.-s, rdq fsqiil 444:2Vl elfrf':aqaiq : so da .. er srt e Ei# cri?* sfi dfiq I qm sI W frq ,?ql # r*' d&q I t. (q) "riiq * ge f<rtwV.- Eq-Sr-$fd@ a5a d sdfr t t" s-qidfqc r (q) siq + ffcrfd{ s{{qRFiiS qrsr dfuq r a++ z. Fr*sq Rr t ? ffi d',rd{n fuil{i s1 stff d qc+ dfdq | 3+9 s. srd * ft-q'q * ilqR q{ frFrd vsF * {laa ifd d .:rq rcc fuqr sl 1r6'dr I s-<|{{!il{R6 B qrgr dfss | 12 P.T.O,
  19. 19. f+qFt6{0T .3'TqRi scgir rsJEr * $q s"ta * € il dfqq l 72 5 . {4EFr q4r t I scqq i fsfqq edq-fr'4 ilfifrd d q-st dfts t 3+e f+irur eftqr t EFrd q-{vlf qqfqdfrq I FPifi qr d €rqr( wr t ? 8+4 ECO-3
  20. 20. -r- qFT E ?. ftqfuFqaj ffi +.t a?c{ frqfrrqifdeq 7+7 {t t€r 3 6ffi {rrda {ii} li'rer frcq gRadr tii0 t{-fr.*q qRhur iiq +{-d * md 5,OOO
  21. 21. BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMME Term-End Examinatlon December, 2OO5 ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : ECO-4 : AGGOUNTANCY-ll Time : 3 hours Moximwh Ma*s : 700 (Weightage70Vo) Note t Attempt ong four questions from Section A incltrding questton no. 1 whtchts compulsory and both the questionsJrcm SecttonB. Gioe :,orking notes olso where nec€ssdry, . SECTION A l. Afte.]Jipt thrce queshorsfrom the tollowing : arry 5+5+5 {a} Dstingish between 'hirc Wrcbaseagreement' and 'instalment paymentsystem'. (b) Enunerdte the steps invo[,€d in the raluation of goodwillof a firm under 'superprofits method'. {c} How are the branch balaoces incorporatedin head office book under 'abridgedincoporadon' method? ECO-4 P.T.O.
  22. 22. {d) State the circumstanc€sunder which the firm is also dissolvedalongwith dissolution ot pattnership. What ar€ the objectives of ratio analysis ? 2. la) Mukesh and Company, Dehi ha,€ a sales branch at Chennai and lNoiced goods to the branch ai cost _ ^^ I price plus 33i percent. ll is agreed that all .ash received by the branch is to be paid to the Head office account with the State Bank of lndia atd the necessary advice sent to the Head offic€. Frcm th€ following particulars, prepare Branch Account and Goo(h sent to Branch Account in the Head o{fic€ Iedger showing the actual prolit or loss of the branch for the year endingDer"t&t 31. 2003. R.. Stockon 1-1-2003 12,000 (at inrroic€pricel Goodss€nt to branch 96,000 (at irwoice !,Yice) Debtors 1-1-2003 on 1,500 Cashsent to Head office 77,700 Sales 77,000 Rent, ratesand taxes 3,200 Salariesand wag€s 4,800 Mtor3 on 31-12-2003 1,600 Goodsreturnedto Head office 16,000 (at in,oiceprice) Shortag€ol stock 200 (at ln(,oiceprice) ECO-4
  23. 23. {b) Whai is plofit pdor to incorporation? Explain brtelly its treatmert in accounts. 3. Alfa Dstdbutors sold three vans to Beeta Enterpriseson January 1, 2003 on hjre purdrasesystem.The price of each {an was Rs. 90,000, payment of which was to be made as Bs. 30,000 as down payment and yemaining amourt in ihree annual equal instalmentstogether with lnteresi 15% p.a. @ Bgeta Enterpfiseswere chargingdepreciation 20% @ eachgeat 6) u,ritlen down value method. Aftet payment ol tlre first iniiiiriibni as dn Eec!mbir-31; 2003, iheg cottd not pay further jnstallrents. lt was agreedbehreen the parties lor repossession two vans adiustingtheir of value against the amount due. For the pwpose of repossession! depreciation@ 30% p.a. was charged. Repossessed goods were repaired at a cost of Rs. 2,000 and werethen soldlor Rs. 92,000. ShowtAe necessary accourts in the bookso{ Beeta Enterprises and R€possessedGoods Account in the books of Alfa Dtstributors. 16+4 ECo'4 P.r.o.
  24. 24. 4. The followingis ihe Balarice Sheetof A and B who ehared profirs in rhe ratio ol 3 : 2 respecrii/el!. BaLanceShe€t as on DecGrDber 31, 2OO3 Uabilities Rs, Rs. StrDdryCr€ditors 76,000Cash in Bank 23,000 Bills payable 30,000Stock in trdde 12,000 Mrs. A's loan 20,000Debtors 40,000 Rese.v€fund 10,000 Less : Reserve for bad debts 2,000 38,000 Capitals ' 8,000 A 20,000 Machine4r'. 56,000 B, 16,000 36,000 20,000 Profit and Loss A,/c 15,000 1,72,000 1,72.000 The firm was dissolved December31, 2003. A took on over investrnents an agr€ed1lalueof Es. 16,000 and at agreedto pay off the len of Mrs. A. Stock realised Rs. 10,000;Debtors Rs.37,000iFurniture 9,000 and Rs. MachineryRs. 50,000. The cr€ditorswere paid o{f at a .. ,^1-_ - dlscounlot Zt%. ts agreedto realisethe assetsand pay off the liabilitieson a temunerationof Rs. 2,200. Actuai expenses realisation ol incurredwere Rs. 2,000 and w€re dub paid by the firm, Pr€pareRalisation account,Paririers'Capitalaccounlsand Bank accountto closethe book o{ the firrn. 20 ECO-4
  25. 25. 5, (a) Can a ioint stock company issue shares at a discor.ri ? State the relevant prousions of the CompaniesAct. (b) ABC Ltd. issued1,50,000 €quity sharesof Rs. 10 each at a premium of Rs. 2 per share, payable Rs. 3 on application,Rs. 5 on. allotrnent(including premium)and balancein tuo callsof equalamount. Applicationswere receivedfor 2,00,000 sharesand pro-rata allotment was made to all the applicants. The excessapDtiadtion indney was adjustedtowards a[ottnent. Mr. M who was atlotted4OOsharesfailed to pay the lirst and secondcall and his shareswere forfeited after the secondcall. journal entriesin the books of ABC Passnecessary ECO-4 P.T.O.
  26. 26. 6 . From the following BalanceSheetsof X Company Ltd. prepare{a)Schedule Changesin Wdrking Capital and of (b)FundsFlqwStatemenr the gear2003. {or babilities 31-3,2002 31-3-2003 Rs. Rs. Equitysharecapital 1,50,000 2,00,o00 9% Redeemable pref€renceshare capital 7s,000 50.000 GeneralR?serve 20,000 35,000 Profit and Loss a,/c 15.000 24,000 Proposeddividend 27,O00 25,000 SundryCreditors 13,000 24,000 Bills Payable 10,000 . - 8,000 Liability tor Expenses 15,000 18,000 Pfovision {or Tax 20,000 25,000 3,39,000 4,09,000 31-3-2002 31,3-2003 Rs. Rs. Goodwill 50,000 40,000 Land and Building 1,00,000 85,000 Plant 40,000 1,00,000 10,000 15,000 Sundry Deblors 70.000 85,000 Stock 39,000 55,000 Bills Receir,able 10,000 15,000 Cash in hand 7,000 5,000 Cash at bank 5,000 4,000 Prellminary expenses 8,000 5,000 3,39,000 4,09,000 ECO-4 6
  27. 27. SECTION B 7. Deline'Audiling'. Eplainthe objects auditing. ol 10 OR Brieliy stateihe powersand du$esof a companyauditor 8. Write short notason any trrree of ihe lollowing : 5+5+5 {a) Diflerencebetueenlnternal Checkand InternalAudit (b) Continuous aLrdit (c) Audit programme (d) Auditingand Inv€sbgalion (e) Dsquali{ications a companyauditor of
  28. 28. T{rir6 BqIF 6r!6-C *nir q-tm Rnqt, eoos {Ao wq5*,c : srfqsq {.rft.S.-c : dqTR&-rr 77q4 3 qtt ; atftladsri6 : Joo (w 4t 7oe6) eueafSffianwil*rarfufu{, ffiwa$@rrvrfrealqlEaMd sts s + +t rsdr., rrr fu?q r q-di dztt * Baclqir d) q1ffi ffitqi f dfrs r tluE i5 r- Fqfrfua t t ffi fr,c,{n * sii{ ftfuq : .5+5+5 (s) '3F'sq n' ssl 'ft{d g'Frq cutrd' t *q flrqq I (rs) q$ sd ii gIfr + 'srfudF{frFr' * 3fisT{ - Tlqisq if frRt $qr:if or s-6s dftC r ({) $q qrst€q E+$F-$i f die fii * sqr+$ +1 '{iAffi vqr}fl{ frFi d qrsr d&q r ECO-4 P.T.O.
  29. 29. (s) T{ cRftqtrd 3d€ dfqs ffi srffi * sr taqeq €rq-qrer.F4 s ftq-{ d srdrd r * 6r (s) rrJcrdffisq * fir st[q * ? 2. (3T) qs 6rrfr, ftd d # d lp ft-*qsis t+vr i aqrffi i m'n qqrs:Jx v< lvi t t rre {6 rc t f{ dis I S {Rr Esdatrfr{€ st +c i6 ss dBqri sq 6r+rc + qri s sqr 6{fr €fr aEtes& sr|{{{d Ed{ Ts qrqicqqi M iFft r Aqfrfiscdl t 5q ii srqiqqd {Rrsl- Rsq{ sr, zoos.s}sqIR d) qfi qq- i diq * qTstus 6N-Efi sdi gc qiq €rdt aqt dis * l]-sF|cr crd grf,t q-4Eq| tu , +dq r,r-zoos q] 12,000 (d-d6Ts si) qiq d t-qr .rqrqrd 96,000 (#q6 t.q ci) *+qnr-r,zoos si 1,500 q] gcq Brqtdq +S'ri {fu 77,100 7?,000 ft{qr nql s't 3,200 q* avt r*qft 4,800 * irqn er-rz-zoo: 1,600 srqldq d qN{ 16,000 q;6 (fir+ 1e n) {d6 i sd 200 (d-ss {rq c{) ECO-4 10
  30. 30. (s) frrrrnt 54* an+ qr <re{i ? se fur t yR-qiiri iss rsR fGrqr qrdrt ? {*c q qrw disq r e. erm Rqtqr{ i dr q€c r qr-qt, zoo:s} qtaT qr qerxs+q A e-qsqcunnfr' ii r q+q qrfl qt {rq 90.000 r. q f'+qq T'r-df4i{q Fsn i ae q3{ | Tds qrdq + fdc, 30.000 f,ffird frq q( {. fi ils ft rsso cft dq qrq qtsa ii|{ qqqr sll{6 rfr$ q ?l Crq I +o qarsFi-q6ftro1e filu * ergsn zo",r cft q{ 61<{ A {s€rs' } r st kqq{,.zoos d q-fd i6{d $ g'r+n } qK, + xri q1 ffi 6I g'rdrq q{ s* | a-ii lsii * sts 'oueqdff qfi gwi ft tr ft t t A sr6ii + T€ 6r €qr$-d4 qG sqqr grftw or fror vrq I y{,jd"T s?r-e + t r+ s{ :096d srff-sE{ i qe6rs e'n+ 'rar r gq{A-d d wqr x 2,ooo Eqrr crd d. fuq rTSasl yA 92,ooo qr *s Fa'ra t +a €. WrcE-Sqal gw+t t emva+ lgrARqlESdfi sr$r E{+T{S d y(Cd it g{f&a rna umr 4-4Fq r 16+4 ECO-4 11 P.T.O.
  31. 31. 4. A nql B,i qw t en-Ah qr fimq+ *qV: s , z * srjvn fi sd q. d *is rfu F{qffisd 6 : 3r friqtqt,zoosai *aiFyft6 N qnsqftzf fifrq +l<R 76,000d6 is 23,000 tq Fd 30,000 12,000 adqdqrasr 20,000*{-<n 4o,ooo qa( : erdq fiqd $e 10,000€"i + fds fisd 2,ooo 38,000 {rqqr : 8,000 A 20,000 qYffi 56,000 B 16,000 36,000f{acr 20,000 qtq-Erfr €tdr 15,000 1,72,000 1,72,000 sr Rsqr, zooa qd ar fss'a d 'Rn r a i S E. rb.o00 + f4kr.d {'q s{ t{*{I d fuq aqr n +1 qdi + {ur + Trdtqqi f$ffi ifr | €is i 10,000 *rSrii$'sz,ooo tr$qr i g,ooo F.; t.; l. avt q{ffi S so,ooo qW t. Eq I i'+{ii d z-1e6 qa cr bqr rr+r I e i z,zooF. qrfrsFr-+ qr cffiiTrdrq6 qs-ifl nqr tq-o:ii ir q{-dq sn ffi qq a. d r eREfo6-Eq.+ d f,ifir+r EIKIFI Sq i ESqI I nd € go*) q sSS qrdr.sBeil * t-q ea dqr {s €rdl dqFq I 20 Eco-4 12
  32. 32. s" (sr)mr s iiCnts 6qfr srqitqti d W c{ fr'lfudq{ Fq'&i ? Fs {sf I sq* 3rFrRqq * sraqii sr s-d€ dfts r (E) ABcfrfi+s i ro l. rfr iqr qrd r,so,ooo trfi-A iqt z r. sft rtc{ qltrfi q{ F+fft-d ftS, Fqq+ s o. 3rC'fiw, 5 F. ii?iaqc{ fqS (k{t rlfuqq * w&-d sr) aqr is i E{E{ {ftr si d'n ct iq t I z,oo,ooo * ftq lH snlec aJ srq gq nqT qTffi dr qsrjqTd {S !fliifJ.d rTqr e1Pr6 f6q 3n+fi qfu d 3rF{-{ * {fu d scm}kds{ frqr ?r4rr n d +oo +c{ efie-aftqrq + tfua sErsq 3ft frds qf'il +1{rRiEf a €6r, i{d; Fe-Sq } qn c S'r -.--i- ->-.}g -5 5(q' {lqtr $l sl6fl cn{ lo.ll rlql I aec ftFls q1gsd f orqlass+d xfrM dfrq I s+1s ECO-4 P,T.O.
  33. 33. 6. x 6r{{ fd. d f{lqfrtun +dq {fl-Jii (:r) 6r4'$-d {ifi t qft-fiiii qfi r{qm, dqr (s) ds n-qrE Fflq q{ 2003 * les +qR- zoo: +fqs r 37-3-2002 31-3-2003 t'rdd t. F. iqi {Eq-A tS 1,50,000 2,00,000 sstrfurfu Xqlf6R qTq,r;cM iq{ ts 75,000 50,000 20,000 35,000 dr{-€tfr urdr 15,000 24,000 21,000 25,000 EftE+{q{ 13,000 24,000 *q kd 10,000 8,000 - - L e erg .b rarq qfl<rcg 15,000 18,000 *w * foq cFce{a 20,000 25,000 3,39,0004,09,000 31-3-2002 31-3,2003 cR'sqftqf 5. €. lqlfr 50,000 40,000 qfi-{ q sl{a 1,00,000 85,000 Ril 40,000 1,00,000 fia{t 10,000 15,000 *rfi 70,000 85,000 39,000 55,000 10,000 15.000 {risEvq 7,000 5,000 5,000 4,000 gfttrc-s 64q 8,000 5,000 3,39,000 4,09,000 ECO-4 14
  34. 34. Emi€ ?. 'ei+qsl d qftqsrtrqS | 3ilq'4 *€*c qdr{qr r0 qcrET qd 6q{ 3i+qrd qfr6rii 3+{qdd d {dc n * qrsr dRq r 8. i{Erffia t t ffi #{q{ {ftrq ffirqi (6) 3rRfrsfTitqsr :n<fcs aiitiq it rI<' 4qt (€) vtrd 3i+qur (T) si*qsrsrfsq (s) qsHqrnqt 3r{€sF (s) 6q4 sihr6 41 edr+m{ ECO-4 3.O00
  35. 35. BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMME Term-End hamination December.2OO5 ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : ECO-s : MERCANTTLE LAW Tirne : 2 Hours MaximumMorks: 50 Note: Attempt any tio? questions. quesllons All corru alual morks, l What ls an oller ? What are lhe essentiais a talid of olfer ? Explain brie{I9. 2. Who i5a minor? Explain position a minorin relation lhe ol to contracts. 3+7 3. Ahempt any ftro ol the lollowingproblemsgtvingreasons for your answerg: 5+5 (a) A lady went to a iwelier, falseb represmtinghersell to be the wife of a particularlandlord.She took a ring on the preteyt of getting approval of her husband. She pledg€d the ring wjth someoneelse. Can the ieweilerrecor,erttle dng from the pawnee? gxplain. P.T.O.
  36. 36. {b) Mr X saysin conTersation Y that he wiil give with Rs. 10,000,/ lo a person whoever rranies his daughter.Z marrieshis daughterand files a suit to t recoverRs. 10,000/-. Will he succeed (c) B askeda car dealerto suggest a suitablecar for him touring purposes.The dealersuggesied him to buy to "Marufi 800". Accordingly, purchased car but B the found it unsuitable towing purposes. for Can B reiurn the car and get backthe price ? 4 . What are the circurnstances under which a surety is from his liability? Eplain. discharged 10 5 . What is an agencyby ratificaiion? What are the essential condidonsfor a !"alidratificationof agency? 3+7 6. What is a Common Canier ? Explain the duties of a comrnoncarrier 3+7 'condition' Define in a contract of sale. Explaln brtelly the implled conditions in a contract of sale. 3+7 a. Define Partneyship. How would lorj determine whelher a grcup oI persons does or does not congtitute partnershlp ? 4+6 OR Dislnguish betureen lolJowing, lhe {a} Coerdon and Und|l€ influence (b) OrdinargdarMgesand Specialdamages
  37. 37. Frili5' 3qI& i5'r{s.C sd( cfrfl frsqr, eoos {b'o wqq-fic : .rFrq {.sl.*.-s , qqrR-6 Ffuqq gtFI : Z Sv-) qfuqnssi6 : Eo qle: tuA ,F ,u+ * rar d&s t sEwit * tio gTIH € I l. .+ rwn r +n am4 i i q6 ds rgrq s qr 3]Fl{{F6 t ? {*c t qrsr qlfuq | drq 3+7 2 . e-d{s ffi wi d u rgo*l } qd if qrs€r+{s si fqf d 3 . FIEnitr€? q c rfi€I a {IrgrT3 6T aiF €1-6d€-6 qi '€q : 5+5 (3{) q6 d Ri d qq Bftrs {fiq ctfu{ d Td {irdr+{ q+ *6fi n qs trld ifici qfr si . - ^ _-_-- qw d{ 4 i[6Fr i t 3drln 6t s$I _ -_ qs 3rnl qfu * qrsffi rc 1?qt rRrff s€firr* cr6r s 3T{n qErI 6{ sFdr F i qll{rEq I ECO-5 P.T.O.
  38. 38. . (q) x,y + sm+d s,'edrfs + qfu s{rd+A d t t f*qtE4trTq€st to,ooo t{r r z 6sd r. +E t fq-{6ql }ar € ft qj qsd r. q leq srslqtmt r qr ft sq-€*'n ?' (q) e i qq E;nqrc|t i K* tS +n qr qgrqii -qi +t +O * 1+i-fint 1r*.;rr9 rctl-s d r * qrcr0i Ti "cr5-6 s00" sfrc+ sl sdrc d r ilqT .".f ^s6 +n sd-s €i Atsq rqi st qrcr sr-Jqgil YT-IF{{^S ^rcTS I iFlI B 6F qFr{r 6rq rssi siqdqrsqi rr+dr z t 4. tS qH qRRqffit tu{q rrt# €rci srE-d t 5-sd qdr t z qrqr dfeq r rc s. 5forw rnr q€i$ t wr ars4 t Z $iS + fu g$-d{vr+ teS wr 3T1ql"{d t I Yld 3+7 6. Flqrq 4f6s (Common Carrier)t FJ il84 i ? q6 qnrqqr{g*qo-fqt ? 3+7 E{-fu6q 3r$is t ffi q1 qftqrqr dfrq r Cq qq f4-sqsr-{4.qd r|d d {tq i qrqr 6nqq I "Fd g+7 a. srM q1 cftEM{fuq r oncqt B'q s6RfrR-qd 6ti fs qfudt sr 3Tg6 qrffi t qr t{i ? ua s{i qqqt Ffqfufun q<fi ffir{q : d qfr (3fr) n+{ d< etFrorrn (q) sitlFur Fqlql dqr Hvlq Eq'l-4r 6,000
  39. 39. Fm;l BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMME Term-End Examination December.2OO5 ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : THEORY ECO-6: ECONOMIC Time: 2 hours MaximumMarks: 50 (Weightoge70W Note: The paper contolnsthree sections B and C. A, lnstructionsarc given ln eoch sectionolong with mdtks SECTION A Answer ony two questlonslrom this secfion. 2x15=30 l. (a) Distinguish bet'r€en price elastici9 of demand and income elasticity of demand. (b) Describe the point method of measuring elasticity of demand. (c) Explain the importance of the concept of elasticig of dernand. ECO-6 P.T.O.
  40. 40. 2 . (a) What do you meanby indifference curves? (b) What are the propertiesof indifterence curv€s? (c) Dslinsuish behreen income consumplionojrve and price con$fnption curve, Explain how the firm reachesequilibriumunder perfect comp€tition in the short nm. What happenswhen in the short run the averagevariable cost ;s greater than the average revenue? 4. Discuss marginalproductivity the theory of it an incomplet€explanationof the det€rminationof factor prices? ECO-6
  41. 41. SECTTONB Answerong tuto questiolsftoil this secrion. 2x7=14 5. Scarcityis {he root causeo[ all economicproblams.' Dscuss. 6 . Alhat is plics discrimtnatton? Under what $ecessary conditionscan price discriminatjon practiced? be How do yorj measurgin€qualitiesin the distrit'ution of income? Is completeequaliry ? desjrable Explain with the help of a diagyamthe l-aw of Variable Protr'ortions. ECO-6 P.T.O.
  42. 42. Frdi6' 3cr& snd-.T eia cfrqn f{w{r, 2oo5 Qfuo lr{Trc r qftrq,lrrffiofvqk 444;2@ 37fu6ds : 50 ri6 (W 61 70Yo) cbr w wr s* C dtcso€ q, e'zlrtd t t&o o,-sC r?&i * srE er*'fu ,zsd i ra* trIoit i5 le a'og # BZT El xrn * rar di?S t 2x1s=3o 1. (sr) qtq ift 6fud +q 3ft d" 6 er|q+q i < dfrg t (s) d'r d drq d qrq +1 fu rvnd w eola dfrq t (s) qi4 sfr dv ei' :rsqnqr* req al qrcqt d&q t P.T.O.
  43. 43. 2. (3T)s{*{dr {m i inq-6r4qr snry|q e 2 q-s (s) sqr-$-{dr 61 ffi M A? (s) .3ffi sqElrr{* qi Sq-d m*q q* ii effi{ dfs t r. 5"t rffitnr q,"t t qC re-orq t {-{n" +-t Fsfd q crq s'|a d ? €{-st-qFr qR o+sdqffie on-d, qtsd. :[rc i qFrq d i qr d,n Z +. fuer"r SqiasiqtEdr 6r &t+q dftq r Hr * fudia :R elltrii* sfudf{qt{sr olTri sfi qr@l Fadr-ts ?
  44. 44. trGt g {s €r's C Erd' S}rr4} w 6i( dfu{ | 2x7-14 'Wqar tt* -otft"s sq{$ii or Td qm I t " fqaa" dfqq I qtq-d fs*q Hr t ? h? rrqrq'6 qftftqft4i $ dq'frFts Bqr er sqari 7 q1 erc-Fq-rrtq qqqq-ffiS d qm *S : sr Ef rvr+orqi6'eqe 2 iclffii qft sEr-{dr cffid * q-gqd* fisc d qnqr dfrq r P,T.O.
  45. 45. @g rI e. Frs{ift-d * &nS #aqr dfuril ffi i Rfuq : (3r) frlqn sdqqFfi (q) onEr$nmn (ql 3rR 4r mqliqs f{drq (s) qd fl- st{q (q) €'c-3EK {fr ECO-6.
  46. 46. BACHELOI'S DEGREE PROGBAMME Term-End Examination December,2OO5 COURSE: COMMERCE ELECTIVE ECO-7 : ELEMENTSOF STATISTICS Mqximum Marks: 50 Note t Answer any four questions. All questions cotry t equol marks. 1. {a) Frtt in the blankswith the approprlateword given in the brackets: (i) Statistics- (canlcannot) be misused. (i0 is done by rounding off the digits, (Accuracy/Approximation) (iii) Shanker's-onthly in"o-" is Rs. 1,000. This - a statistical (is staternent. not/is) (iv) always positive. (Mantissa/Characteristic) (v) Ayranging the mass data into different groups on te basis of their similadties and reemblances is called - . (classification,/trabulabon) ECO-7 P.T.O.
  47. 47. Special purpos€ tables are _ toa given text. (complemeniary^ndependen$ {vii) The co-efficient of rdriation is also known as co-efficient of - deviation. (mean,/standard) (vii0 - curve is a graphic method of studyingdispersion. lFreq|J€ncA /tl.I.eI|z) (b) What are the reasons distrustin statistics for ? Sr4 2- What ls sampling? Brielly explainthe ,"riouemethodsof samp,mg. zf,+to 3.. The following data relate to the cost of production and total revenue of hro firms in a particular month. Represent the data by a $ritable diagram so that cost and profit per unii of each firm can be compared. e+ Particulars Firm'A' Firm 'B' Raw material cost (Rs.) 9,000 5,000 lnbour cost (Rs.) 4,000 2,500 Overheads (Rs.) 3,000 1,500 (Rs.) Mtscellaneous 500 500 Total cost (Rs.) 16,500 9,500 Total Revenue(Rs) 20,000 12,500 Profit (Rs.) 3,500 3,000 No. of units producedand sold 1,000 500 ECO-7
  48. 48. 4. (a) You take a trip which entails travelling 900 kms b9 t/ain, 3000 kms by boat, 4000 kms by plane ard 15 kms by taxi at an average speed of 60 kmph, 25 kmph, 350 knph and 25 kmph, respectively. Wha( is ik a€rage sp€ed for the entire digtance ? (b) The mean marl<s of 100 students i,as found to be 40. Lat€r on, it was discoveredthai ihe rnark ol 53 was rnisread as 83. Find the co|aect mean. Bta 5- Frorn the data gir€n below, state {i,hich of the tu/o s€ries is morevariable ? nt 'Y' Variables Series'X' Series 20-25 8 6 25-30 20 30-35 12 32 35-40 18 30 40-45 1t 45-50 I 0 6. {a) Draw the format of a statistical table and lndicateits (b) Estimate the elue of arithmetic mean if mode is 14005 and median 139.69. is 8!+4 2 ECO-7 P.T.O.
  49. 49. trd6 scr& a'r+E,c wia qfrqr tsqq, zoos {fu'a, wqq-fic: ErFrE d.S.S.-z.qififfi+T€ gq4 ; 2 qvt 3tftl6ds ei6 : so clz ; +H d an yls dfue t sfr x{al * Biq eqq Q I r. t:+)elq+ fr fu aq rnii ii + 3tudytq Emft-6 {qFfl 4I YId 6lTiTq : 61 nifi*ai qr qrq*'r - sr s6-drI l (ifiqvr8 fs{) (ii) - sidi 6r gqf6{ qr} foqr qr<r B | (qR{cdl/{fffi.{) (iii) ti6{ d qkq :crc t,ooo e. i I T6 q6 sifisfrq 6fi r tq€ri/il (iv) - S<l SC (positive) &dr t t (€{TrTf$/Wf{T) r'r s{6J d s{+1 €qr{dr 3ri{ qqdT * 3ni"4R c{ q-sft{d fi+ frFrd s,fr ii r'trd q--drdrt - r(s,fi6{uyqnsflqq) ECO-7 P.T.O.
  50. 50. {vt f{is styq qd sRtrrqi tcs'rs fqcc ffi sfr_+fr t r t$aretir) rvi fuq{q wfs d fu{ira qFrqis q 6€i-t | (qrgt/qrs) lvi:i)_ e-s cnscq sr sqqc 6{+ d r4 +grfu*qfrRrt | (3rgftidi-q) (q) {iM q srFffqTs er qnq t ? 3-ds } d&s | 8*4 2. cftrq{aiwrdr-ddt ? nfd-s-{4 tqFrdeFrd 61 d {irc S qrqr dfsq I 4ro s. d sd +1 ls fsftrc qrq d sqn{ qrm nqr fs eTra qt6l FqFdfuT r qt q6 r|qd 3flis-* * t sq i r+q-adfqq frFi fu x-+6 q,i +1cid {sri qFkI flqT dIsI sI 1@fl sr sr TE I 12+ ffi$T qdn qda - , - a - - r (]trto , cblc Lltq (t,) 9,000 5,000 {jr{ft (F.) 4,000 2,500 elfuea11.y 3,000 1,500 frfrqqs (r.) 500 500 g;d errrd(t.) 16,500 9,500 ($.) sd esrc 20,000 12,500 f,Fr ({.) 3,500 3,000 rilGa nqr}s r{ {6rqqi 1,000 500
  51. 51. 4. (3T)3rNl q$ sI 6l tqqit silqd e00fufr l-d'ns *, sooo cH t, qooo e<{ wrc t ffi ffi dsr 15m ffi t xq{F oo &nficft !ia. zs ffi cft da, ssoffi rfd riztdqr2sffi ffi ria qfrrwn i ew stqrw | {q Xftq1r sfrdsd {RR (.rft) er u( I G) roomfr qr qrra3is qo3{rsfu{ r sK E3n d qmqarfr sisitd ga {wr ss d'lr-d-A t 83cErrrqrr v& qq ft*rftrg , *o 5. ftqfrtut srid * sdlsstu a i t 6}+S *"ff eFr6f+E{uRfi-d (r,ar:auie) t I )z+ *ot x' *ufr,v, ,"-t a 6 25-30 15 20 35-40 18 30 40-45 13 t2 45,50 9 0 6.. (e{)q$ qins$q €T{ricr ymq fun sfies s,fri vgt as* frfts qrd d iFn d&q r (4) sR Tfuqd rso.os s+i qrFa-o t rss.est, d qqid{qrq * Te +r umo+div< r 4+a ECO-7 P.T.O.
  52. 52. BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMME Term-End Examination December, 20O5 ELECTIVE : COURSE COMMERCE ECO-8 ; COMPANYLAW Time : 2 Hours Maxlftum Morks: 50 (Weightage70Yo) Note: Answerony flu€ queslions. l. (a) What is meantby a companylimitedby guarantee? {b} Enumerate ,our impodatt disfinciions behreen a plblic companyand a pnvatecompany. 4,6 2 . What do 9ou understandby 'Preliminary' conkacts ? Dscuss the position oI a company in reiation to the preliminarycontracts. )0 3 , "tt is compulsory everycompangto registerits Atticles for of Association."Commentand discuss resficlions on the ihe alterationof Articlesof Association. 5, 5 OR ECO-8 P.T.O.
  53. 53. Explain the rule taid doq.n in Royal British Bank !,s. Turquand.Are iher€ any aceptionsto this rule ? 4,6 4. (a) When can a compaDy issueshar€wa ani ? What is the eftect o{ the is$reof shareq,arants ? {b) Dsiinguish between transfer and transmissionof 5. Discuss legalpositionof directors. the 10 6. (a) What is tbe purpose ol holding an annual generaj rneetiDg Whal business usuallytransacted this ? is ir meeting? (b) Wrile an explanaiory on 'Proxies. note 6,4 7. (al Distnguish behreen member'svoluntarywinding up and creditor'svoluntargwindingtrp. 'Special {b) What is a R€solutio$' ? Enumerate the purposeswhich requirea sp€cialresolution. 5,5 a. la) Explain briefly the procedurefor alteraiion of the capital clauseof a company. (b) Write a note on statement lieu of Prospectus. in 5,5 ECO-8
  54. 54. trir.6, 3Cr& 6r{rF,7 F?ii'qtft' tqqr, zoos Qfu'owqrsc: srfirrq ,c,sfr fr& f.rft.anl.-a gqq;2ryl etfu6d4ii6 : 50 (?a 4r ToYo) ffi 4fs w+ # rar d&q I r. (s) IRo-E {Frd 6q-fr i ffi rrrsrq ? dnr i (@)sl&i{6 qr{fr si f{fr sqfi + qR rl-{frTui srfiii 6r ;ds dfuq r 4,6 z. 'crifu6' 3r-fc-*ii qTqqqi qr{t d ? crtFr6 n er5'-*ti + lTq*I ii sE+ qi ftefr ar ffiqa d&q r u s. "T+s 6q4 + ftq q-<fiqqqvl-Sa ornr .:frqd € t" tqe+qqifuq aqr l'afisdi n qffii fii + qidq$t q1 qqi dfss I s,s eNlst ECO-8 P.T.O.
  55. 55. t{d hE{r *+ q-+qer*e * *q d f4qffta f{qq d q€qt dliq I qr qs frqq * *{ sq-crc i a,o t 4. (q) 6qfr iqr erte6q qrfrfus sr Fde t ? irq{ sr€ qrfr 6{i *r wr rqrs ddr t ? (q) lMt + €RidtoT!:i qftqq i :i-<t q<=rqq t 5, 5 ftt{di d ff{S Rqfr si qqi dfs r io 6. (q) qr$s gltTRur ondka s{+ sr f,r s*q e.n t I qs q,Tr qtq;€r qd fss slt t ? lt (€) 'ffi' q{ qrqrirm frqsft ftf€S | 6,4 (s) $qdi gRr dlss qTIFFI dqr ffi em t*fu-q {qrq{ d smfq dfrs t (s) 'f{is {qrd Rr d ? sc secd qr scdq dfqs Cra+fos ffis rRrs enq[{6 t r s,s E. (6) sq$ * t# ou-sd cfiqfi-f,6ti d Ffq 6 dfrq i qrqr dtrq r (s) 'Yft-flq* +s|{ c{ kq{ur'qr Eq0fi ftfuq t s,s ECO-8 5,000
  56. 56. BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGBAMME Term-End Examinafion Decembet, 2OO5 ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : ECO-9: MONEY. BANKTNG F|NANC|AL & INSTITUTIONS TIme : 2 hours M@dmumMorks: 50 (Weightage7Uk) Note t The paper contoins three sectionsA, B ol,d C, NecessoryInsfructionsarc giuen in eoch section. < SECTION A Answer any two questionst'rom fhts secnon. l. Explain'specdativg'demand moneyand its relatiohwith for the mte ot it*erest. 12 2. What is money market ? Explain the strucfureof lndian money nrarket. 12 ECO-9 P.T.O.
  57. 57. SECIION B Ansuer ony turo quatians ltum this secron. Explain Fisher'sQuan$tyTheory of Moneg. 6. Explainthe developmental the prornotionol and functionsof the ReserveBank of lndia. 8 Explainthe functionsof developmeNal bank. 8 8 . What arc the main objectives the internationalMonetary of Fund ? ECO-9 P.T.O.
  58. 58. sEcnoN c Ahswer both questions. brtelly an9 irr:o of the follouing : 9. ExpLain {a) Conceptol near moneg (b) Dstinciion behrreen central bank and a banls (c) banksas a sourceof rutal titnitations ol commercial credit {d) SpecialDrawingRights(SDRS) lO. Wrlte short notes ol) any ol the following : (a) Eliectsol inllation on production (b) Open matket op€rationsas an instrumenfof credit (c) Evilso{ mon€ry (d) Capitalmarhet ECO-9
  59. 59. {{ftr6 wrfr i5.r{!6,q seid qtqr frsqr, eoos tffo qrqq-sc qfsrq : f.qLsn-s, g*, dFir e ffiq {rqrE gq4 12qd qfusas : so ri6 (Sd +rzou,1 F cie: !€ wtwtq, saqrrtAi@oed t{d6 grcd3nd{ir6fiErrfu'tgdr grg i5' gv aue' d A a-6 qi rr4- * -tr{ ft&s / r.'sy * fss 5s{d qiq <q q|q d < i sss qr{q qi EarsrdRg r 12 z. gfi srqR i et ars4 e 2 t{r.,ftqgdr srvn d {r+* d qlqr dRq r 12 ECO,9 P.T.O.
  60. 60. go:g q Fe sve t * nr6 ql r+-## rrr &zbe r fun * gqr* qftqmlsqin qi qr€qrdfuq I s 6. fis4 +s $s Etrsqr* f+*rsrqq nsr y{.t{ qq-d qrit f{6rs +d * 6Rif q+ qroqr dfuq | 8 a. entdgv *u * g* vis m t ? gr s ECO-9 P.r.o.
  61. 61. gfg I| drq)' s?&qt Yl.+ e. Frqldf€d + ffif Eid {frq ii etgr dtsq : n (3r) gfltlf, (near money) d {sW4I (s) *-*c mr qqlft-6 *d i rat (s) ctfiqr gls +.+d * sq t qrqricq &ii d dqrq 3IFI{R(sDRs} (s) fris iqtE{vr ro. ffitun q i ffif Eiq{ {Rrq ffif lctuS: (3T)Iil$fd + 3-ffEq !'{ x'qrq (q) {T€ f{t 'r + sq+rq* sq t €-d ET-qR f6qr{ (s) 5(t+ is (s) {S srqn ECO-9 5,000
  62. 62. BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMME Term-End Examination December, 2OO5 ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : ECO-IO: ELEMENTS COSTING OF Time : 2 hours MaximumMorks. 50 (Weishtoge70Yo) Note t Attempt ony h.o questions Jrom Sectibn A and any 'rto questions Jrcm Section B. SECTION A l. What do you mean by cenhalised and decentralised purchasing sgstems Mich system you recommend ? will for a large manufacturing organisation why ? and 10 2. (a) Explainth€ accountingtreatrnentof Nofmal l-ossand Abnormal Loss in piocesscosting. (b) Differentiate bet reen cost accormting.and financial 5,5 ECO-10 P.T.O.
  63. 63. SECTION B 4. (a) The productiondepartment a factory furnishes of the following informationlor the month of May 2005. Particuiars Rs. Horrs Materialsused 1,08,000 Direct wages 90,000 Overheads 72,000 l-abou hours worhed 30,000 Machine hours worked 25,000 For an orderexecuted the department by dunns MaV 2005, the relevantdata is as follows : Particulars Rs. Hours Materialsused 12,000 Direct wages 6,400 Labour hours worked 2,500 Machin€ hours worked 2,100 Compute the overheads chargeable the job by : to G)DA€ctmatertalcost method,(ii) Direct laDourcosr m€thod (iii) l-abourhour rate, and (iv) Machmenour ECO-10 P.T.O,
  64. 64. preparea cost sheet: (b) From the followtngpartrculars, Rs. Prime cost 2,19,200 Factoryoverheads 48,000 Closingstock : Finiahedsoods (2000 '.mi9 32,000 Work in progress 20,000 Openingstock : Finishedgoods(1000 unitsl 15,000 Work in progress 4,800 Administrativeexpens€s 4,000 Sale of linishedgoods 2,99,000 Seilingexpenses Re. 1'00 per utit. @ 16,000 units were produceddulng the pedod S' 7 5. Contracts Ltd., commencedits businesson 1$ January, 2004. Ih" foilo*tttg lnf,crmationhas b@l extractedhorn Its bool.,s relationto a contract. in Rs. C.ashreceivedfrom contractee 1,20,000 terial hom stores 3,000 Direct materialspurchased 47,000 Dbect labow 45,000 Expens€s site at 2,000 Ma€hinery(at cosD 30,000 Fuel and power 2,500 ECO-10
  65. 65. The contractpricewasRs.3,00,000 and the work certilied Rs. 1,50,000. The cost of work done but tmcertifiedwas Rs. 10,000. Ma.hinery costingRs 2,000 was returnedto storesat th€ end of the War. Of the materialschargedto the contraci, materialswhich cost Rs. 2,000 wer€ lost. Stock of mat€rials at dte on 31-12-2004 was worth Rs. 3,000. Depteciationon plant r4/as be chargedat to 10% per annum.You are requiredto show what p{o{it or Ioss wor.rld taken into the accountfor the year ended be 31--12-2004 and show how the work-in-progresswill appear in th€ BalanceSheetas on 31,12-2004. 15 6. (a) Dffer€ntiatebehre€nJob costingandproc€sscosting. {b) From the lollowing information, stat€ the value of Closingstock at the end of May 20O5 iI issres are priced by the (a) weightedawrage method, and (b) LIFO method. Al the beginning May 2005. the company of had in stock 10,000 uniis lblued at Rs. 10 per unit. Pr.rchasesand is$Es were made during the month as follows : Purchases : 7th May 4,000 units @ Rs. 12.50 14inMay 6,000 units @ Rs. 15.00 24s May 8,000 units @ Rs. 16.50 Issu€s: 16s May 16,000units 28$ May 10,000untts 5, 10 ECO-10
  66. 66. FF5:1ol qrit-6, 3qr& i6,r{6c uainwfr6r tqq{, zoos {fua vqua.r : qforsl {.fr.efr.-ro,qr.rctsl * {e n-a €4s : 2 St) etfu$dsai6 : so (w67wo, slz: o.c o C 0 *id S ai rr+ eit orgs f * *H ei r{"{ *??q I goii i5 l. *d5o avr tridf-r *q cqtuit t wr drtrd e ? Ed n snqql'ffi cund q1 Cs s-9 frFTqfufr €qa{ * fds ffi{r 6ti sft d ? 10 - 2 . 1er;lB+ oq6 i+ri{q c-<ldd {rcfq dfr aqr arsrqrq + fu6q sl qisr dfrq r erfr (q) erra i'er aqrf{€-q+€r it qq dfqs I s,s ECO-10 P.T.O.
  67. 67. Erugq 4. (3T)q{ 2005 frq qq i€S + smcq fqlTrrr + i fhafofi*o q*+ sc-{r*rfid r kflur €. Ea eiqfi sr sqfu 1,08,000 Ieq qfs 90,000 sqftqq 72,000 4q € 6rq 30,000 qvfc Ti) drq 25,000 q$,zoos st{rc * ft"{rq i go +fidr +r+ } +r T{rf6qrrs+ {idFrdeisS ftqftfud t . fq-4{qt qrqfr 6r sq+rl 12,000 IesT c-f$ 6,400 sq lia srq 2,500 ecft-{ qrc ria 2,700 W {rq (frs) qi eFn d {flFrdd sr} qrd 3qR-qcd riRrd 1n rtaq qwfr qFreFFr, (it seq] s{ arrrdfrfu, (iit qq ria <, aqr ('v)cctc ricr q{ + rf,3sRrrqcl dfuq r ECO-10 P.T.O.
  68. 68. ffi t qq eprc f*qiq ?qn o. 2,19,200 {1 eFrd imt sqReq 48,000 Brfuqd-6 : fifta qre (zooog*rt) 32,000 srdfrftd qrd 20,000 3{RFq6 d'6 : frfta qre (roootqr{) 15,000 qdtcfi-d qrd 4,800 c{rsfqs qq 4,000 frfta qraw &-*q 2,99,0O0 fr*q qq Eor{d < i e$ ge t qs qqfr t gffi 16,000 {*rqii qr s'qrfi '| 8' 7 €:r s. ,i-# fr. i r q+sQ,zooad qrqn EF fuql I s. :+ * eq*i t s+fr SKdi i irefdfu( ehT flRr g3{ | i*-qnr t crq {rRT 1,20,000 dd i srq {Hfi 3,000 Teq srqfi nq ql 'r{ 47,000 r-eq rqEt 45,000 fidq {qd ci Eq qq 2,000 q{ffi (qFR q{) 30,000 {tr-t aq qrqr 2,500 ECO-10 10
  69. 69. i* *t ts 3,oo,ooo qr nqrccrFn6d sr {. Ts r.s0.000 q1 1 3$qrF1a u. AEc St fsS 'rq *Fi ei dFrd ro,ooo arid 'r{ r q{-+ 3i-<t r. 2,ooot. d ffrrd S q{ffi dS d qrcs +s . {'ri t }+ * frs dq+,r srd srctuiit t ai 2,000 si erqfi ic d rr{ r firqfur c{ qa r. ero g{ srqfi 6r Ts 3.000 cn I wie c{ r0%cfr F. qq d Et i {.{drs drr|qr q|qri r 3n!rdqd Tr{ r'+ B fq sr-rz-zooq sclq A+ qrds{ * ids d drE-tfi d ffi {fu flq-dtr €r} qn srnftd d q+ ? oQIr Frqtqrdr614fr qpra gr-rz-zoo+ qt d'$q {frd d ftq r$R ftiqd qrs'fr I fi 6. (sr) ffi dFrdfdqftqqaft aqrcf6-ar qFTdfufror rafr ii erfl q-a6q1 1q; frqfrfud {r+r * frt qrR-cr eisa r<fr cqr 1i1srfu+ enma q6d f#qr urot qqfr * eI{qRq{, zoos* :r< i 3rFnq €is sr {gTndFst rr{ zoos nRE{ 6rcfi * qrs d+ d qHfi S it d to,ooo *tad q1ifisr {iq ro t. cft {6d enI E4 aqrf{4q" {i + etm Aqp"6" q . z q{ 4,ooo d. {+rq4 12.s0 cfr F{r{ 14 rr$ 6,000g*6+' rfr r*r.$ 24 d s,ooo t6Ed 16.50 cfr Fsr$ r. tuiqq. 16 c'i 16,000{fiqqi zs q{ ro,ooo {6r{qi s,lo ECO.10 11 5,O00
  70. 70. BACHELOR'SDEGREEPROGRAIVI'E Term-End Examinatlon December.2OO5 ELECTIVE : COURSE COMMERCE ECO-11 : EI-EMENTS INCOMETAX OF Time : 2 hours Moximum Morks: 50 (tAleightoge 7@/o) Nole: Attempt ony tour questions includlngQ. No. l, rrhich ls comp{lsory. 1. Mr. Guptahasthe {ollowingincomedurlngthe previous year 2002 - 03 : {i) Salary:Rs. 1,10,000 (ii) Dearness Allowance (formlng part of sahry for r"tir€menr ben€lits) Rs. 12.000 . (iii) MedicalAllowance, Rs. 6,000 (iv) Education Allou,ance three c);ldreri: Rs. 5,200 llor {v) B€nt free housein DeJhifor which hG employerpaid Rs. 5,000 as rent per month. The houseis equipped wlth rentedfumiture.The rent of lurniture is Rs. 300 p.m. I I ECO-11 P.T.O. i
  71. 71. (vr) The employer spent Rs. 2,500 on his r€freshet (!t0 The employerpaid hls tel€phonebills o{ Rs. 2,200. {vtii) He paid a profeesional of Rs. 1,200. tax (ix) He earnedbanhinterestof Rs. 6,000 and divtdendof Rs.2.000 on ITC shares. Compute his taxable income for the assessment year - 2903 14 91r 2. (a) Ananthaoov,,ns housein Delhi.From the particulars a given below computehis taxableincornefrom house prope8r for the ass€ssmeni 2003 - 04. yeat Rs. MunicipalValue 2,00,000 Fair Rent 2,52,000 StandardRent 2,40,000 Achral Rent 2,76,4O0 Municlpaltaxespaid 20% of the mtrnicipalvalue Expenditure ref,airs on 20,000 lrlsurdncepremilun paid 5,000 Ananthan had borrowed a srm of Rs. 10,00,000 @ 12 per annumon 1-7-2002and the construcflon was completedon 28-2-2002. ECO-l1
  72. 72. {b} Define agricuhlral income. State whether the Iollowing,hall be treatedas agricultural incom€or not for incometax purposes : (i) Income{rom growing flowers (ii) Incomefrom poulty farming (ii0 Inco$e frorn brick mahng (iv) Compensation received from ar .-m$rmnce companyon accountof damaliaciuS€dto crops . 6,6 3. (a) Canesh sold a residenrialnouseon 2&G2}OZ for Rs. 10,00,000. He had purchased nouseon this 1-tG1985 for Rs. I.20,000 and had spent on its improrement 80,000 duringthe year 1986 - 87. Rs. He purchased a new house on 27:1.0-2002 for Rs. 3,00,000. Compute his capital gain for the assassment yeay 2003 - 04. The relevant cost ol living index is given below r 2002 - 03 - 447 1986 - 87 = 140 1985-86 = 133 {b) Whatdo you meanbg dividends per incometax law as in India and statehow far is it taxable? 6,6 4. (a) What does 'set off of loss€s'mean Can all gpes of ? losses from one sourcebe sei off againstthe income from another source under the same head of _ income? I{ not, what are th€ €xceptiong? ECO-l I P.T.O.
  73. 73. {b) Explainthe rulesrelatingto taxationol winningsfrom lotteries,card garnes,etc. 6,6 5. {a) Cofid.]lre taa}i,e lncorne flom itlerest on secudti€s from thefo owingdata: (i) 8% tax hee Relief Bonds of ReseweBank of lndiaRs- 1,00,000. (it, 8% iax hee RailwayBondsof Rs. 1,20,000. (ii,) 16% Bonds o{ IndushialDewlopment Bank of Indiaof Rs.2,00,000. (M 14% Deb€ntures of ABC Ltd. listed on Ahmedabad Stock Exchange purchased at Rs. 96 (Facel'alue Rs. 100t for Rs. 96,000. M Int€restrecerved issuedby from debentures X Ltd. listedon stockexchange, 29,535. Rs. (u) lnterest receiv€d lrom debentur€sissued by Y Ltd. not listed on any stock exchange, Rs. 18,960. Rate of TDS rvas 105% in c?se of lided s€cwities and 21% for nonlisted s€curitles. (b) When is an individualsaid to be resi&nt but noi ordinatyresidentin lndia ? What is the scopeof total income his case in ? 6,6 ECO-11
  74. 74. 6. Write short noteson any tDree ol the followlng , 4, 4, 4 (a) Rebateto seniorciti2ensunderSectton88.B (b) Deductionalawed under Secticn 80E in respectof rcpefnent of loan taker for hjgher education {c) Taxationof l€aveencashment (d) Deductionallowedundet Section80 D in resp€ctol medicalinsurance premia {e) Sefi-asse$sment ECO-11
  75. 75. HtFs' 3C& 6,r{'5.C ' veicqfrelr Gqqr, zoos Qfua vrqwe : e[&rs[ {.d.S.-rr ,:nrco-r Xn n-e * €44 : Z qd etfuadc : so ai6 (gn +r zou"1 ale: ffiwrr+)* r.n ftfuq ffi x?q, €w t tfqa d dib qaelr?crfd r r. rK s{ zooz-os * ger d erm i[ Frqfrfirdi : (i) +tr{ : 1,1o,ooo t. {ii) Tdrd EiIr(T6 3r*ffvr SfrqBi * rrorqr faq t q?rqql qFI €) j 12.000t. liit frftNr qir : 6,000 F. trt fuw qn (dtqcEii + fd) : s,zoo F. (vl trdil + Ft{?r {ffi ft-drqffi ftq ffisr s,ooo cft r. qrs-fs{ratd, t r qor+i Bns tR frqr rrcr q-.iiq{q1 f<T +, esqr qrfu6 f*rm soor. i r ECO-11 P.T.O.
  76. 76. ,.. r.-l- .1. -"-- --:'- - (vj) I{qffrf { 3*F 9dl€I{-qf€fiC (refresher course) s{ 2,500{. qq ftq t (vii) r-Rrri5r5 -.---! 53-:- , ,,. r l c d{t(h efrIs|{ cl I4sfi EI TrtilFI tdql : 2,200{. {viii) tssi 1,200 d. iY[ 6{ sr lrtdr4 fuql I (Dd ssifi +6 q|s i 6,000 dqr nc tcii c{ d. frtr*e S z,ooo d Brcg{ | r. +.{ f4"{i@i zo0s-04* ldq ssdr s{-+'q 3rq s{ qi 'FEr dtqs | )4 2- (T) :*qqq t<Ed fr C6 q+rq sr qrio-6 i r frqfufu* dt * :mR q{ 6{ frqi{"rsS 2oo3 - 04* f€q r$|r qqft"qqfi or-*.< :na + g{ ql 44cr dfcS ' u 4'Rc|ft|s TglStq 2,00,000 sFddfu{ql 2,52,O0O qn6 16{rqr 2,40,000 2,76,000 TrRqrft-{r6{, +Rqtfu6r Tgisq sr 20%? rRmr TlirFr $'q rpn q{qd q{ qq 20,000 I dqr *fuqqor Trdr+ 5,000 edEa | 1,7-2002 rzx qft s{ qM cr * 10,00,000 3sR tdS + sk q-qrq6r fflr {. 28-2-2002 Y[ €3n I !* ECO-11
  77. 77. (s) fi 3rFrqi qfufiwdfuq r W ffiEq b qrfi ftqftfun arq unar fu Tfr sTrq srq,i qrrfr' (4 T(13{r} i t} qd erq (ri) tffvroqt crwfiq (iii) ft q{ri + gd :qtq (u $cr drc-fr^t^6siii gi Erftdt ffi d s 6c q t{fi {flTt 6.6 s. (4) 2s-6-2002 .ri{ i S+ M d qqrq 10.00,000 q. it tqr r Esi T6 rFEFr 1-lo-1985 d r,zo,ooo t si-cr t. qr q"n gqi rgeo-az s$ i ss+ gfi q{ 8o,ooo qq fuq t I {. zt-to-zoozdl ssi e,oo,ooo ii qq rcr {. 116r+ €t-< frqr | 2oo3 04 6{ fiflt{ur sS + ftS ss} {-$-,ri aH d rrurqr dftq r cqq frsi6 €d qrsis fiTqfEfufr t 2002-03 = 447 - 1986 87 = 140 1985-86 = r33 (q) '{F#q 3{r+6 dra+ * qada fsfd-s t €r dffi4 t ? qE f+iqr ql-*'q t ? 6,6 4. (:q) drFrdid qft t er nrd{ t ? qr q!; *{ f g'$ aq f6R d dRii d sS rN6 + 3r<'id g"{ arq *it d eilq i Tn ftqr qr e+ar t ? ql? €, ii' is trqq * 3r{qr( Fr tr! ECO-11 P.T.O.
  78. 78. (s) dzfr, dRr erG * d< n g$ BrIqc{ st {q$ f{q,ii +1qrqt dfeq | 6,6 s. (sT)fiTqtutrd efrf€i t sft$d w ere t g* ar-2i,.,-q +1 rrurqr 3r1.q qifuq : q. (i) r,oo,ooo * qr{ffc firq4*q } aeo {. 5s-RSs dFs I (i0 1,20,000 * s% 6{ {tr ld+ sfFc I {. {iiil 2.00.000€. + qrfiq o+dFrq f{6lc +6 * 16%ertrs I {id fr. * t+",6 EUrc'+ 96 {. {h Elvlcd (qq{is 100 r. nft Eqcr) + Fusn t s;,ooo r. ti qtt i r i 3f,{TqRE !#iq t qit6 g ' €i{ (v) €i6 q#iq ci {kqd q* fr. eRr t+i&-d E rcii s{ 29.535[. qrc qi Fdqd {rRrxmg{r 1ul1 fd. 6Rr frrlFrd *qcd qrq fr sr{ 1s,e6o k{d ffir N< gt r i ffi a. {di6 qw+q n q&w rS t t $qn cfr'tfrd c{ +d c{ +t} vr} sd 6{ GDs) d gr lo 5ozo qq6 {Rqd q 6i E ffatitwqd91zr"a4t (s) S6 qF qE Er|d il Fr4rSqr srdr e f4'-{ qfqRqfiA fiqf$ (ordinary resideni) f-fi qf+ q|dl ? tR q& 41 Fe eirq 61 *d (6{ qR) +iI E / 6,6 ECO-11 10
  79. 79. 6.hqfrfudttffia?+qtqRtoffirqi l=etuq : 4,4,4 (Br)ERi8sB *:p4.1o up* iFiRql.d Ftei qd vra-+." qa d (s) rrnr * qa,la cq Rwr*.fdc, fds'rs soE Eur6i qrc$q{ Frd+ q,-*fr qr$ q{ (s) qfFit $ a6 gq-6n 6{ (<) sro 80D * s{d,td fsft-ff dliT-ffr4c + qe-q i o-*fr (q) {T{i 6{ ffilq ECO-11 5,000
  80. 80. BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGBAMME Term-End Examlnation December, 2OO5 ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : ECO-12 | ELEMENTS AUDITING OF Time: 2 hours MaximumMorks: 50 (Weightage70qd Note : Attempt ang fioe guestions. AII questtons carry equol morks, L Define auditing.What are its secondary objecti€s? 4+6 2 . What are the objectives of internal check ? Explain the position of auditor with regaid to internal check. 5+5 3. Define audit working papers. Discuss the significance of audit working papers. 4+6 4. Differentiate bet een vouching and verilication. What are the duties of auditor with regard to laluation of assets? 4+6 ECO-12 P.T.O.
  81. 81. 5, What are the provisions the Companies with regard ol Act to appointment,reappointmentand remolal of company auditor ? 3+3+4 How would you audit 5+5 {a) Sharesissred for corsjderationofher than cash,and h) Issueof bonusshares? (a) D€fine cost audit. (b) What are the limitationsof management audit ? 5+5 a. Define auditor'srgport. Distinguish betreen a report and a cerlificate. 9. Write short notes on I (a) Internal audit (b) Qualities of an auditor ECO-12
  82. 82. Fra-+sqr&i[,r{6,c wia qtqr fuqr, zoos tfuo qrE+oq srfrrq : ' ei*qur qa aa * gtFl : Z ryi aifti$ds ei6 : so (Ww7ov") tfu ffi 4iq wii * car frzr?e sd ss+-* r iio sqn t r l. si*eTur qftqsr€fss r gq*'iur st{q frr t ? qi a*6 sqiflF.+ f{is{q * mr *w f, ? aidF.6ffiHor + qq-q i :)ik6 d ftqfr +1qrqr dfrS | 5+5 g. 'ei+qur 6rdc7'qi qftqm{frq r si*sTur 6dcii * q6q +t fr$qq dfuq 1 4+6 4. srrTuFr vFrFFr qs dfss I qft'qqfr4i + nqr ii {eiqq * qqrq t ei*qq * q qfq t ? q+a ECO-12 3 P.T.O.
  83. 83. qs 6qi1 d+qq 4i Fqfm, Srftfr ner qc{id * eq+r ii 6q+ qftrF{qq qr crqEnt ? s*g*a * FTqfrfud4r ei+e{Er *'S qt} , 3Trq s+s (3T) qq Trq + srqrEr cidrd * fdq frrffud+{r, defl (q) +{q tqit fl frrtT{ (s{) dFrdsi+qur cftqMdfqs r S (q) siirr$*slsrdqffit ? 3i+ts ql ft+J ql !ft{sr dfes r qs ft+J nqr cqM qd { 3id{ qdFq I 5+5 e. trqfufuEqr {fuq ffiEi ftfuS : s+s (3r) 3ridtr63ilHor (q) 3i*6 t {ur ECO-12 5,000
  84. 84. BACHELOR'S DEGBEE PROGBAMME Term-End Examination December.2OOS COURSE COMMEBGE ELECTIVE : E C O - t 3 : B U S I N E SENVIRONMENT S Time : 2 hours Maxlmum Marks: 50 (Weightoge70o/ol Note I Attempt ony lour questions includlng quesiion no. 1 uhtch i$ cornputsory. 1. Aitempt any tout of the lollowingquestions : (a) Explain ihe relevance of ecological issr.res business to eDrtonmeni. {b) Arnlyse tbe social tesponsibility ol business towatds (c) State ihe basic objeclires o, regulating business. (d) Describ€ tfi€ basic instrum€nls ol fiscal policy in lndia ECO- 3 r P.T.O.
  85. 85. (e) Stat€ various measurcs for the preventiln and settlement the industrial of disputes. (l Explainthe thrusi areasof the new economicpolicy. 2. Discusshow does the environmentacts as a stimulantto business. Analysewhy business often doeslittle tor physical environment pres€rvation despite ihe fact that it is signllicantfor blsinessactivity. E, s 3. Analys€the fourfold role of lhe governmentin business. AIso explain in what respects role ol go€ynrnenihas the beenfed€finedin lndja during the 1990s. S, s 4. "The IndustrialPolicy of 1991 makes a clear departure from ihe Indusbht Policaof 1956." Comment. 10 Discuss t"arious the forms of foreign capital llows. Do you think entering o{ MNCSin less developedcountriesls risky ? S, s 6. Describethe recent export promotion measuresof the Gor,ernment India. of 10 7. Write shofi notes on any ftr)o ol the follow:ng: S, s (a) Poiiticaland legalen!'ironrnent business of (b) l.lehru- Mahalanobis strategyol development (c) Financialreformsin India (d) Merits ol gtobatisationfrom the point of view ot lndis s economicdeveloprneni ECO-13
  86. 86. Fff.5, 3qr& i6'r+'5.q qrin vfrqn Rerc{,zoos qfu6 qrqqmq erfttq : ii.ri.sir. - rs , qrEsns-6wiT{u gqq : 2 Svt :i6 etftdfitqt : so (gE w 70Yo) clz: fuFt* a,, ry-+- rar fufusffi x?a *. dsr t tnfre a) qq?tb ,wrM d r Ed + 1. fuqftfut i + ftii arrysii * sfr{ft&s : s,s,s,5 (q) qrqqrfu"*cqi-{ur d Efu i cRRqfd-fqnn qr{efi kcorosical) s1 $€Ft4-drsq{r{q r Tqt (q) 6ffi.ii s qid q-{fiq q qnfrro r{<rfuq 6r ffiqq dftq I (.r) Tsrq * f{qq-q* Eftqffi sll.?it d qrcqr 4IFIq I (q) TId t {-"'dqtq' efrgFrqr{df*ii qr q"ti *fr 4n-qq I gco-13 P.T.O.
  87. 87. (s) sidF$ mi s] nsi slnrq+ {qr,qq f€C * ffird rqrd d qr{r{q r (n) +{ B{ffi'6r]fr + gtiqnw M *} qc qiftq r !-{i dfqs ft qqffq * ftq cqt4{ur d{a hs fcs rrft * sq iJ arziqmr A r fu{iqsr qifdq fs ETTqE E{t fu qqfqtq qmsrft'+ ffii * tqs qt.E{"i I q-qqrq$fr6 cqf-+*q gw + tcs qqr g-d rd *i ft{nl r s, s {r|4'R 4fl q{{rq s} {fu t en-qqi-qqFr* *r ffi'r dfqs l {€ rt s{srqsfr tsso.*- s{Is ii r{Rt" RrsR {qfi ec qlq-di g{firaftn s"i t dr i rr{ E I 5,5 "rsgrsi sidtm {fu rsse sildFm n {0 d frfr (a F$.er" M dftq I ro s'. aM {si * rqrd* FFd r"titqr fq*d{ a1&qr €r 3nsvq{a d f* ere-ffi< i$f if s'$Sq t+qitsr Y+$*fgctf i ? s,s 6. qrcd qc{R* Fqtd$er6q* frc od } scFiisr q"fcdfu | rc it z. fcqf€fu-d i ffi- + Y{{RH icqtrEifrE( : 5,5 (q) E€qrqqr crs$fus derf{6!+dwr si - (s) fu$rssfl +dF Tcrilkq wffift (4) qr|d C ftfrq grII{ (q-) qrw ii 3rTfq6 f{drs a1qtr t ffis{q * X'r ECO-13 5,000
  88. 88. BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMME Term-End Exarnination. December, 20O5 ELECTIVE COURSE COMMERCE : ECO-14: ACCOUNTANCY-|| Time: 2 hours Moximun Marks, 50 Note t Attempt any Iour questionsincluding quesfion no. I which is co'I'pulsory. - l. Atiempt any three of the fo owing questions | 14 (a) Why are Departrnental Accounts considered necessary? (b) Dislingush berween Hire Purchase System ond Instalment Payment System. {c) Explain briefly ihe meihods of mainiaining capitat accounts ol partners in a partnerchip firm. (d) State the rules for redempiion of prelerence share capjlal. {e) State the uselulnessot linancial statements. E C O1 4 P.T.O,
  89. 89. 2. Chandigarh Headofficeof a company.sends goodsto its ' Delhi branchat cost plus 25%. Branchsendscashdaily to Head oflice. All expelses ol branch ate paid by Head office. From the fotlowirE particularc, prepate Branch Accountin the bookgof Head office. 12 Rs. Stock at brarrchot 1-1-2004 at invoic€price 25,600 Debtorsat bEnch on 1-I-2004 12,800 Pettycash'balance branch 1-1-2004 in on 2,O00 Branch {wnihrre on 1'1-2004 19,200 Goodss€nt to branchat invoiceprice 95,000 Goodsreturnedby branch at involceprice 5,000 Cash sent to b6nch tor Salaries Rs.2,000 p.m. 24,000 @ Rent@ Rs. 1,500 p.m. 18,000 Petty exp€nses 900 42,900 Cashsales btanch at 45,000 from debtonof branch Cashcollected 75.000 Credit salesby branch 85'000 Bad debts 500 Cash Discountallowedto debtors 800 Petty cashbatanc€in branch on 37'12-2004 2,000 Stock at branch on 37'12'2O04 (invoi@ ptice) 35,000 Depreciatefurnlture @ 10% p.a. ECO-14