ESPN and Armed Forces Bowl
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ESPN and Armed Forces Bowl






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ESPN and Armed Forces Bowl ESPN and Armed Forces Bowl Presentation Transcript

  • General Information
    Satellite office of ESPN Regional Television
    Office of Five people
    Brant Ringler(Executive Director)
    Anne Rector (Supervisor of Operations and Events)
    Hope Lockett (Supervisor of Sales and Marketing)
    Trisha Branch (Ticket Manager)
    Adam Powers (Project Event Assistant)
    Based in Charlotte, North Carolina/Reports to Bristol, Connecticut
    Founded in 2003 Plains Capitol Fort Worth Bowl and in 2006 became Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
  • General Information
    ESPN Regional Television has multiple events
    6 Bowl Games
    Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
    Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl
    Sheraton Hawaii Bowl Bowl
    New Mexico Bowl
    St. Petersburg Bowl
  • General Information
    -Anaheim Classic ( -Old Spice Classic ( -O’Reilly Auto Parts Puerto Rico Tip-Off ( -Pizza Hut Big East/SEC Invitational -O’Reilly Auto Parts All-College Classic -ESPNU Women’s College Basketball Invitational -Dick’s Sporting Goods Spartan Clash -ESPNU BracketBusters
  • General Information
    -Champions Skins Game -ESPN National Golf Challenge presented by Callaway -Par-3 Shootout -Skins Game
    Olympic Sports:
    -ESPNU Invitational Series presented by ConocoPhillips
  • Organizational Structure
    Executive Director- Oversees 20 volunteer committees (of over 220 people)
    Main Role-
    to maintain relationships of sponsors during the offseason
    taking care of them during bowl season
    Works with the pentagon to bring in military members of every branch which they honor during the game
    Puts together the game day script for operations & television
  • Organizational Structure
    Supervisor of Operations & Events
    Main role-
    to help out in dealing with different teams & their sports information directors
    Orders bowl gifts for players
    Does accounting & budgeting for bowl
    Helps with activation of sponsorships
  • Organizational Structure
    Supervising & Marketing
    Main Role-
    Handles the execution of sponsorship of main packages
    Gets 80 sponsorships per year
    Maintains the website & makes sure all the sponsors are displayed properly
    Works to create program ads, video board specs for the game
  • Organizational Structure
    Ticket Event Manager
    Main Role-
    Decides where everybody is going to sit in the stadium
    Prints the tickets
    Involved with free tickets to active duty armed forces members
    Groups the individual & corporate sponsors
    Oversees the “Ladies Day Out Committee” for the coaches wives & children
  • Organizational Structure
    Project Event Assistant
    Main Role-
    To assist anybody in the office that needs assistance
    Veteran & charity tickets
    Execution of game day operations
  • Organizational Structure
    Overall Goal-
    Each position works together to make the bowl game successful & honorable.
  • Organizational Structure
    Executive Council:
    Made up of city leaders, such as former State Senator Ken Brimer, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, & other high ranking leaders in the city of Fort Worth.
    Help get the word out about what the Bowl is doing on a monthly basis
    Meets once a month from September to December
    Board of Directors:
    Board of directors is made up of a lot of volunteer committee chair
    Main purpose: communicate with committees to make sure everything is according to plan
  • Organizational Structure
    20 different volunteer committees
    Set up suites on Gameday
    Make sure 10 Cars per team
    Women’s day out
    Children’s hospital visits with players
    Welcome Home Hero
  • Organizational Structure
    Formal or Informal?
    Both (In Fort Worth office)
    A lot of informal face to face communication with in the office
    Formal interaction through e-mail to keep track of information incase something comes up.
  • Organizational Structure
    Formal Communication
    ESPN: Charlotte Office
    Boss visits 3-4 times a year
    Updating on ticket sales, etc
    Trust has developed over the years so no micromanaging
    Very formal but more relaxed with familiarity over time
    Phone calls and follow-up emails
    Fly in representatives for meeting to discuss the process
    Email committee chairs
  • Organizational Culture
    Internal Conflict
    There’s not much of it
    Open-door, open-communication policy
    Act as a small family
    Big issues are rare but will have group meeting if necessary to work it out
  • Organizational Culture
    External Conflict
    Not much conflict
    Some time delays
    Very easy to work with
    Sometimes have to micromanage but for the most part the volunteer chairs handle situations
    Have to stay on top of them to get paper work and site visits pre bowl game.
    Stay in constant communication with them during bowl week to try and combat any issues
  • Organizational Culture
    Changes Over the years-
    This will be the 7th year of the bowl’s existence
    Moved from 2 different office locations to 1
    Change in management positions in Charlotte
    Management style has not
    Built multiple relationships with different people
    Have a micromanage style/ lets the Ft. Worth office make own decisions as long as they are in formed with big ones
  • Organizational Culture
    1st 3 years was called the Fort Worth Bowl
    Plains Capital Bank was the title sponsor
    2006 Changed to the Armed Forces bowl
    Bell Helicopter became the title sponsor
    No positions changed
    ESPN had to get comfortable after investing 3 years of the Fort Worth Bowl
  • Organizational System
    Once a month, from September through December, meetings are conducted
    Executive council
    Board of directors
    Scripts are made to conduct the meeting
    People who sit-in on these meetings relay the information to the appropriate persons.
    Volunteer committees
  • Organizational System
    When asked about organizational communication change…
    Feelings of fortune came to mind about the employees & volunteers
    Because of the open door policy in place, everyone has free reign to suggest change
    open communication allows them to know what works & doesn’t work
  • Organizational System
    What makes ESPN unique to work for?
    Working for a company like ESPN is awesome!
    Unprecedented benefits are given to employees
    Apart of the Disney corporation
    “Sports is something that usually gives people hope and something to be happy about. At a time, when our economy is in turmoil it is good to know that we can provide others a scapegoat, while honoring our patriots overseas at war.”