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informatii despre droguri !!!

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  1. 1. Drogurile 1 Cases of drug ... drugs and those with family problems and those without such problems, and those who have money and those without financial opportunities, and those studies, and those without. . . The causes are complex drug. Do not take any education level or physical situation. . . However, one can distinguish some of them: - curiosity: the desire to try something new, are but so many other things, sensations experienced in life, do not choose one that you can lose your life - boredom: we live in a society we offer many possibilities of spending time, from sports and music, internet AND. of. Are we so little in our lives that we stop this temptation to do so much harm, both consumer and family and those around? - Teribilismul: drug may be considered provocative, precisely the risks involving. But you can stand out in a positive way without drugs! Find healthy alternatives! - Pressure group of friends, the "gang" is important to know how to say "NO", proves that you are strong, try to be yourself, even if those around you have different opinion! And not only do nothing to impress' head gang, be yourself and you will be much appreciated! There are your friends who urges you to do something that you will be sorry! - Problems (family, school, friends): Some young people are tempted by drugs to escape / forget problems (parents' divorce, abuse, poor school performance, emotional problems, etc. Plan). But drugs do not solve problems, the contrary, aggravates them! - Neintegrarea the community and society: some believe drug response to loneliness, problems of integration in the community. But drugs do nothing to get away from family, colleagues, true friends, they will help only to be even more alone! It is important to have friends with whom you stand to the difficult moments, to go over problems without drugs recurgeţi. If you will ever prowl the temptation (to you or someone near you), think well how do you want to your life, because it's the only one you have! Drogurile 2 People receiving drugs to change the thinking, behavior and senses. These types of psychoactive substances are known and include alcohol and tobacco as drugs and natural and. In the past, most drugs used were natural herbal products, so coca bush for cocaine, opium poppy cultivation for heroin and cannabis for hashish and marijuana. More recently, drugs like ecstasy and LSD began to be produced synthetically by various chemical companies. People who use drugs from all walks of life, although statistics show that perhaps some social strata using drugs more than other beds. For example, the likelihood of drug use is higher in men than in women, the unmarried than in married men in cities than in rural residents, the young than the elderly. Prisoners and street children, too, demonstrates a high frequency of drug abuse. Recent data on the general increase anxiety drugs increased among young people from around the world. Available data demonstrates that young people tend to be spread among three or four times higher than the spread among the general population.