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brittany cappella


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Greece Brittany Cappella The first Olympics were held in Olympia in 776 BC.
  • 2. How they became independent
    • The Greek war of independence started in 1821.
    • About 6 years later Greece won the war.
  • 3. Their Flag
    • The blue color on the flag represents the Greek Ocean.
    • The white color represents the sea foam of restless Greek waves.
    • The cross on the flag shows the people’s strong faith .
  • 4. Greece Map
    • The Capital of Greece is Athens.
    • Kythira- There was a lot of artifacts found. They donated them to the University of Pennsylvania Museum.
  • 5. Continued
    • Kavala- They were doing a project that included the military port, this was a great significance for the alliance.
  • 6. The Renaissance Reformation 1300-1650
    • The Reformation started in the German areas of Europe because of a monk named Martin Luther.
    • He began to preach and condoned the church's offering of Indulgences.
    • He moved around Europe so he could spread his message.
  • 7. Age of Absolutism 1550-1800
    • The Age of Absolutism was a period where national monarchs wielded absolute power.
    • By the 18 th century some national monarchs could afford to have armies or go to war without the help of the merchant and financial classes.
  • 8. Industrial Revolution 1800-1914
    • The Industrial Revolution affected the working class by replacing people with machines.
    • Families were also separated because they had to go away to find jobs.
  • 9. World War 1 1914-1919
    • Hitler wanted everyone to have blond hair and blue eyes, if they didn’t he would send them off to concentration camps.
    • This also included Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and Communists.
  • 10. World War 2 1939-1945
    • The Americans got involved in World War 2 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
    • The war ended in Europe when Germany was invaded and finally collapsed.
  • 11. The Cold War 1945-1991
    • During this time many people were scared and even went into hiding.
    • People lived in caves just so they could be safe.
  • 12. Relationship with The United States
    • The United States and Greece share fundamental values of freedom and democracy.
    • Greece and the United States have been allies in the great 20th century struggles against Nazism, Soviet Communism, and Iraqi aggression.
  • 13. Tourist Attraction
    • Athens
    • They have museums there that are renovated
    • They are bigger then ever and more displays open every week
    • They also have really nice beaches in Athens
  • 14. Important Person
    • Aristotle
    • Aristotle was born in 384 BC .
    • He was a philosopher.