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HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010
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HBS Outdoors Club - Puerto Rico 2010


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  • 1. HBS Outdoors Club2010 Spring Break Info Session
    Luis Robles (
    Dan Pasko (
  • 2. Trip Goals
    Sun, beaches, and good company
    Outdoor activities – especially Kitesurfing and Surfing
    Diving, hiking, biking, and maybe camping are potential day-trip / optional activities depending on group interests
    Flexible itinerary
    ~3 days of kitesurfing lessons + 2 day trips planned
    Other days open for personal travel, relaxation, or other group activities you want to propose
    Several destinations considered:
    Cumbuco (Brazil), Florinapolis (Brazil), Isla Margarita (Venezuela), Bahia Salinas (Costa Rica),Cabarete (Dominican Republic)
    Current thinking: San Juan (Puerto Rico):
    Seems to be the best Caribbean spring break kitesurfing + multi-activity destination
    Will proceed with planning based on serious interest after this info session
  • 3. Puerto Rico Trip Summary
    • Seems like the best option across the following criteria:
    • 4. Wind conditions: Good
    • 5. Group lessons: Confirmed and group discount obtained (~$640 for 3-day, ~15 hour beginners package is a good deal, normally $750)
    • 6. Other costs: wide range of flight + accommodations options suitable for both thrifty & luxury travelers
    • 7. Convenience: Jet Blue flies direct, maximizes vacation time
    • 8. Nightlife: San Juan is a relatively safe city with lots of options
    • 9. Other outdoor activities: surrounding areas & beaches are great for just about anything
    • 10. Estimatedtrip cost: around $1600 - $2000*
    • 11. *Highly dependent on individual & group preferences *
    • 12. 3 day intensive kitesurfing course is optional but highly recommended
    • 13. Flights from Boston to San Juan subject to price fluctuations (~$500)
    • 14. Variety of shared accommodations range from $50 - $100 pp/night
    • 15. Food not included, optional day trips and activities will depend on group interests and preferences (i.e. rental cars vs. group vans, overnight trips vs. day trips)
  • Tentative Itinerary Planned
    • March 13 & 14:
    • 16. Open days, in or around San Juan
    • 17. Possible to start kitesurfing lessons these days if wind is good
    • 18. March 15 - 17:
    • 19. Kitesurfing lessons in San Juan (ocean park beach)
    • 20. Surfing at a different beach if wind is light
    • 21. March 18 - 19:
    • 22. Day trips or overnight trips around the island
    • 23. Isla Culebra & La Parguera seem awesome, other suggestions welcome
    • 24. March 20:
    • 25. Heineken International Sailing Regatta & Kiteboarding Competition 
    • 26. Humacao, located on the southeastern coast of Puerto Rico
    • 27.
    • 28. March 21:
    • 29. Fly back to Boston from San Juan
  • Kitesurfing in Puerto Rico
    • Info from:
    • 30. Kiteboarding PR  is the first kiteboarding school in Puerto Rico, established in 1998 and IKO certified, with over 4000 students worldwide and 100% safety record. 
    • 31. Offers lessons, gear sales, gear rentals, camps, tours and multiple custom adventures.
    • 32. From the first day KiteboardingPR  chose Ocean Park Beach as our main training area for its clean wind and wide sandy beach which are key factors for a safe training area.
    • 33. One of the best beaches in San Juan, good neighborhood near downtown and other good nightlife areas
    • 34.  Boats & JetSkis available for downwinders
    • 35. Goal is to get most of the group proficient in the basics to enable day trips to other beaches and islands later in the week
  • Isla Culebra
    Spending time on the water in Culebra is a must!
    You will find white sandy beaches, coral beaches, dark sandy beaches, shallow and deep coral reefs and many rocky points surrounding Culebra.
    Many military relics, including tanks, remain in the area.
  • 36. Bioluminescent Bay in La Parguera
    If you happen to be visiting Puerto Rico during a moonless night, you absolutely MUST find your way to the small town of La Parguera to see its bioluminescent bay
    The water sparkles like a billion fireflies, darting here and there. Step off the boat for a swim and watch your entire body light up in a neon blue-green outline, flashing and sparkling with every movement
  • 37. Other Puerto Rico Info
    • Info from:
    • 38. “Surrounded by the crystal clearCaribbean Ocean, with stunning sandy beaches fringed by swaying palm trees, Puerto Rico is a primetourist destination attracting water-sport enthusiasts from all over the world. Surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing are offered at many of the beaches around the country.”
    • 39. “Puerto Rico has some incredibly beautiful spots to enjoy kite surfing, with different surf conditions offering varying degrees of difficulty. Some of the best flat-water kite surfing in the Caribbean is found around the three islands of La Parguera de Lajas – Cayo Caracoles, Cayo Enrique and CayoMajimo. The islands are connected by reefs that block the wind in a manner that causes the water to be smooth… these conditions are ideal for beginners and for those who want to work at perfecting their kite surfing skills.”
    • 40. “Certain beaches which are perfect for surfing. In fact, Puerto Rico enjoys good quality waves for most of the year because of the tropical storms and low pressure areas which are common around the island. Surfing season starts in October and ends in April…”
  • Next Steps
    • Finalize group by Friday 2/26:
    • 41. Collect deposits for kitesurfing lessons
    • 42. Flights and accommodations in San Juan purchased individually
    • 43. Other Questions?
    • 44. Feel free to contact Luis Robles or Dan Pasko with any questions
    • 45.
    • 46.