Native Trees In Indiana
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Native Trees In Indiana



This is my power point presentation for the class.

This is my power point presentation for the class.



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Native Trees In Indiana Native Trees In Indiana Presentation Transcript

  • By Mr. Cottrell
  • Tree Categories
  • Hardwoods
    • Cherry Tree
    • Oak
    • Hickory
    • Walnut
    • Ash
    • Maple
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  • Hardwoods
    • Found very abundantly in Indiana
    • State parks contain a high number of hardwoods
    • Nut bearing trees
    • Non coniferous
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  • Soft Woods
    • Pine
    • Cedar
    • Hemlock
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  • Soft Woods
    • Coniferous trees
    • Grows cones instead of nuts
    • Often time grows where hardwoods cannot grow
    • Not as abundant as Hardwoods
    • Easy to work with
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  • Uses
    • Soft woods are often used for cheaper furniture
    • Hardwoods are preferred for people that burn wood for heat in furnaces and in fireplaces because they produce more heat and burn longer
    • Hardwoods used in furniture making, flooring, and cabinets
    • Softwoods like pine is used in residential construction framing
    • Pine tree are used for Christmas trees
    • Cedar can be made into shingles for homes
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  • Quiz
    • 1. True or False
    • Hardwoods are nut bearing
    • Which tree is a soft wood?
    • A. Oak
    • B. Pine
    • C. Hickory
    • 3. True or False
    • Hardwoods are used for framing
    Main Menu Sources
  • True
    • Hardwood trees are nut bearing
    • Back to quiz
  • False
    • Please try again
    • Hardwoods do grow nuts
    • Back to quiz
  • A
    • Please try again
    • Oak is not a soft wood
    • Back to quiz
  • B
    • Correct
    • Pine is in the soft wood category
    • Back to quiz
  • C
    • Please try again
    • Hickory is considered a Hardwood
    • Back to quiz
  • True
      • Please try again
      • Hickory is not used for framing
      • The answer is false
      • Back to quiz
  • False
    • Correct
    • Hardwoods are not used for framing
    • Back to quiz
  • Sources
    • tree lists
    • tree map
    • hardwoods
    • uses of trees
    •,%20Cherry%20Tree.jpg cherry tree picture
    • pine tree
    • cedar tree picture
    • black oak picture
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