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Solution4 V5

  1. 1. Solution4  Looking for more efficient ways to manage your Citrix and Terminal Server environments? Wishing you could be more  Version4  productive and proactive? Solution4 may just be what you are looking for. Solution4 = Login Consultants’ Solution4 is an automation framework for the man- agement of centralized Windows environments, designed to automate • License free software product the management of change intensive XenApp or Terminal Server envi- • Full Spectrum System & Application Automation ronments. The framework can also be used to deploy infrastructure • Organized Customization servers or automate the building and maintenance of master images with VDI or Provisioning Server. • Flexible Solution4 Manager • Future Proof Powershell Fundament The primary purpose of Solution4 is to automate 100% of operational • Transparent Maintenance Window Automation change. This automation does not only cover deployment of an individ- • True Enterprise Data Center Support ual system or application updates, it is possible to automate every other configuration aspect of the system or application. The objective • Light Weight Back-end is to simplify automation where possible, and as a result, manual con- • Designed to Integrate figuration can be limited to an absolute minimum. Solution4 Instant Benefits Empower your IT-staff • Full Spectrum System & Application Automation Reduce technical incidents • Since Solution4 manages all aspects of application integration, it is pos- sible to completely eliminate manual configuration of a regular change. Reduce maintenance hours • Every single aspect of application and Windows system integration can Lower DTAP overhead be managed and automated with Solution4. •
  2. 2. Organized Customization The open architecture of Solution4 Version4 allows everyone, with reasonable PowerShell knowledge, to expand or customize the frame- work to the specific needs. Technically, the only limitation is the Pow- erShell architecture itself. However, this can be considered almost limitless since PowerShell integrates very well with .NET programming libraries. Unlike most management technologies, Solution4 is a innova- tion platform that can adjust to any situation or requirement. Flexible Solution4 Manager The Solution4 Manager is the main administrative application for Solu- tion4 with easy customizable functionalities. The Solution4 Manager is essentially a real-time view on the Solution4 scripts stored in a central “Login Consultants understands the obstacles share. Although the Solution4 Framework is completely based on to an implementation and has the expertise to PowerShell scripts, the configuration is completely performed from the dynamic Solution4 Manager GUI. rapidly analyze situations. They have captured this in a blueprint for the best solution which Future Proof PowerShell Fundament they call Solution4.” 100% of the framework core is based on Windows PowerShell. This is the newest scripting language for Windows. PowerShell has been spe- Reinoud Fischer, Computerization & Auto- cifically created as the successor of Visual Basic and Windows shell mation Manager, Queen Beatrice Hospital scripting. It is commonly regarded as an extremely powerful platform and is widely adopted by all vendors as the most important automation method.
  3. 3. Transparent Maintenance Window Automation Solution 4 automates on a SYSTEM level: • OS deployment with MDT* Solution4 fully supports change management processes, as individual • Application component installation changes can be stored in single a container which be applied in multiple environments like test, acceptance and production, without manual • Infrastructure component installation reconfiguration. The ability to predefine specific environment parame- • Installation of fixes, service packs and updates ters ( e.g. database name, group name, passwords, OU location) simpli- • Dynamic (re-)configuration of system settings fies the technical process and reduces the risk of manual input errors considerably. As a result, Solution4 components can be re-used in any • Configuration of local and AD groups environment, only the configuration parameters might need to be • Dynamic (re-)configuration of permissions changed. • Local/AD service and test accounts configuration • Clean-up and daily maintenance tasks *Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Solution4 automates on a USER level: • Immidio Flex Profiles configuration (profile virtualiza- tion) • Configuration of Windows and Application settings • Configuration of user settings within virtualized/ streamed applications • Start menu & Session Printer management Clean-up and profile maintenance Solution4 automates on a FARM level: • Transparent 24x7 environments maintenance window True Enterprise Data Center Support • Fully dynamic configuration of published applications • Farm Settings Configuration Solution4 allows you to implement a fully automated reboot window which automatically becomes the maintenance window as changes are applied during startup. The configuration of the reboot window makes it possible to alternate Solution4 automates on a PROCESS level: the reboot in phases, so the application(s) remain available, even in a • DTAP build and automation processes 24x7 environment. The Solution4 maintenance window can be made transparent to end-users, as they can finish their work before the • Disaster recovery (re-)builds server is entering maintenance mode when scheduling smartly. • Technical Documentation Light Weight Back-end Solution4 version4 does not require any specific back-end infrastruc- ture, except for a basic file share, where NTFS permission can be con- figured. The original source binaries may be stored in a shared loca- tion, allowing a very small footprint of the Solution4 files. This simpli- fies back-up considerably, and the total configuration of an environ- ment can be easily compressed into a highly portable file format.
  4. 4. quot;With Solution4 for the fully automatic installa- Designed to Integrate tion and management of our Citrix farm we Solution4 version4 is designed to integrate in any environment and with existing Windows management technologies (e.g. SCCM, SCOM, have an outstanding tool which simplifies our Altiris, AppSense, RES Software). Solution4 extends their automation work and ensures its quality.quot; capabilities, and raises the change process support ability to an enter- prise level. Stefan Krämer, Leitung Solution Services, PHOENIX Pharmahandel Aktiengesell- schaft & Co KG Real-World Solution4 Cost Saving Results Solution4 is different 50% Higher Effectiveness IT staff • Standardized Change Automation Toolkit • Continuously Improved through the Solution4 community • A GUI on top of a powerful PowerShell engine • Solution4 adapts to the customer • Minimize documentation requirements • Designed to complement well known management solutions • Built for Innovation 90% Reduction of technical incidents • Focus on change and administration processes • DTAP Process quality through environment uniformity • Covers all aspects of application integration and system automation • No more un-documented/hidden changes in a portable format • True and long term server consistency • 100% Automation: Build to Empower IT Administrators 90% Maintenance reduction outside business hours • Fully automated maintenance/reboot window • Specific 24x7-environment maintenance schemes • 100% automation of regular change For further information please contact us: 75% Lower DTAP maintenance overhead • Environment independent automation • Versioning Enabled Automation De Entree 11-13 • DTA maintenance through synchronization 1101 BH Amsterdam +31 (0)20-3420280