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Technology In The Science Classroom
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Technology In The Science Classroom



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Benefits of Virtual Dissection
    • Virtual dissection most benefits high school students. However, with the use of virtual dissection it can ethically be introduced to younger students.
  • 2. Reduce unnecessary waste of life
    • Animals don’t need to be killed so you can learn about science.
    • Some virtual dissection software uses animation instead of real animals.
  • 3. Students learn at their own pace
    • Students can stop at anytime and start again whenever it is convenient.
    • Students can review the dissection as many times as they need.
  • 4. Test their knowledge at each step
    • On screen help will describe all the steps and even quiz you on the anatomy of the animal.
    • Opportunity to review the material if you can’t pass the quizzes.
  • 5. Can be used with little supervision
    • Software is self-guided
    • Students aren’t using sharp instruments that a teacher would have to monitor.
  • 6. More cost effective
    • Software can be reused year after year
    • Software can be shared between classrooms
  • 7. Religiously more accepted
    • Since your not killing animals or touching certain animals, it is not generally violating any religious beliefs.
  • 8. Additional benefits
    • Students are able to benefit from the dissection process, rather than suffer emotionally.
    • Some software doesn’t partake in inhumane treatment of animals. The utilize animated animals.
    • No health risks from exposure to formaldehyde.
    • Students are more comfortable.
    • Students rights are protected.
    • Some of the animated models may prove to be more educational. For example some show how the heart pumps blood throughout the body.