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  • 1. Mercury pollution Mikako tokahashi Miyuki kashiwagi Mari matsumoto
  • 2. contents
    • What is the mercury
    • About fishes take in mercury
    • Distribution and excretion of mercury
  • 3. What is the mercury
    • Mercury is made use of a thermometer, a fluorescent lamp, fluorescence mercury lamp etc.
    • Mercury is between “Metallic mercury”, ”Inorganic mercury”, ”Organic mercury”.
  • 4.
    • Metal mercury
    • 金属水銀 画像
    •   www.forest.impress.co.jp/.../03/31/blobgl.html
    • Metallic mercury is used in thermometers, in fluorescent lamps and so on. Metallic mercury is used in gold mining in the Amazon. This causes environmental pollution.
  • 5.
    • Organic mercury
    • 有機水銀 画像
    • www.amgyoren.or.jp/fish/maguro.html
    • Methyl mercury a kind of organic mercury made inorganic mercury about microorganism in the nature. This accumulates fishes and shellfishes in a food chain.
  • 6.
    • Inorganic mercury
    • 無機水銀 画像
    • d.hatena.ne.jp/kureha/20080113/p1
    • Inorganic mercury contains mercuric oxide used antiseptic .And inorganic mercury contains mercury sulfide the most part of mercury in nature. This is used lacquer ware and paint of Shinto shrine for materials for Chinese red
  • 7. About fishes take in mercury
    • Mercury is released from a volcano and so on, in nature.
    • And, methyl mercury is always made by microorganisms, so certainly fishes contain methyl mercury.
    • The highest concentration of mercury are a swordfish, tuna and large-sized fishes, deep-sea fishes, and whales.
    • Methyl mercury are stored into their body by a food chain, so these is high level.
    • However, for the general public, if we don’t eat plenty highest fishes continuously, our level of mercury don’t become high.
  • 8.  
  • 9. Distribution and excretion of mercury
    • The absorbed mercury, in the body, distribution for diverse organs. Especially, a liver and a kidney.A hair that containing many amino acid (cysteine) embed methyl mercury. And the methyl mercury to be an index of methyl mercury quantity. The brain have mechanism which blood-brain barrier defend a poison. But obstracles methyl mercury coupled with cystine can through this obstacles easily and enter the brain.
  • 10.
    • The methyl mercury that containing in body slowly discharged for urine or stool. A period that quantity of methyl mercury to be half (half life) are generally 70 days (a half life of nursing women to be short about 45 days). It figured 3% of methyl mercury which contained in body are staying after a year. So, the methyl mercury stay long time in body if it once contained.
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  • 12. END
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