Henry hudson finally finished(er)!!!!!!!


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Henry hudson finally finished(er)!!!!!!!

  1. 1. By: Alexandra and Johnny Next
  2. 2. • Born ?-1611 near London, Great Britain • Nothing known about his life before 1607 when he made his first voyage. • Historians believe that he was born between 1570 and 1575. • He was an English explorer and sea captain. • He had a son named John. Last Next
  3. 3. • Hudson was a trained sailor wanting to complete a voyage. • He later decided to look for a northern passage between Europe and Asia. Last Next
  4. 4. • Hudson made four voyages in an attempt to discover a northern route between Europe and Asia. •In 1610 he sailed the “ Discovery” through the Hudson Strait and reached Hudson Bay. •He never found such a sea passage, but he sailed farther north than any previous explorer. Last Next
  5. 5. • They had a miserable winter while looking to discover a northwest passage to Asia. • His ship the “Discovery” went all the way down the east coast where it got trapped in ice. • By summer the ice had melted and he wanted to keep sailing but his crew mutinied and left him, his son and seven loyal sailors on a small boat with no oars where they to die. • His crew fought a lot and had a lack of supplies. Last Next
  6. 6. • In August 1610 he discovered a narrow passage of water in Canada. It was later called Hudson Strait. • He went all the way down the passage of water, thinking it would take him to the Pacific Ocean, but instead took him to what is now Hudson Bay. •He also explored another North American waterway that was later named Hudson River. Last Next
  7. 7. • Hudson discovered the Hudson River for the Dutch where their settlers founded the port that became New York City. • He told of seeing many whales in the northern waters Last Next
  8. 8.  True or False In 1710 he discovered a narrow He made 4 voyages. passage of water in Canada. True False True False He was born near London, Great His ship the “Discovery” went all Britain. the way down the east coast True False where it got trapped in ice. True False He died in 1650. True False Last Next
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