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Abbreviated Powerpoint Final Presentation

Abbreviated Powerpoint Final Presentation






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Abbreviated Powerpoint Final Presentation Abbreviated Powerpoint Final Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Institute at the Golden Gate Marketing and Business Development Plan Final Presentation May 7, 2008 Hans Cole Morgan Clements Jason Goldman Jamie Hall Emily Poague
  • Our Recommendations Centered on the Institute’s Current Brand Positioning *See appendix for more detailed descriptions
  • Enhanced Program Offerings Will Help Build the Value Proposition and Expand Audience
    • Current Offerings in Development
    • Signature Programs
      • International Youth Leadership Program
      • Climate Change Leadership Forum
      • Urban & Cultural Protected Areas Symposium
      • Designing the Parks Conference
    • Unique Meeting Models
    • Lecture Series
    High quality and high cost per client Event-specific content Reaches selected clients
    • Our Recommendations
    • Green
    • Technology
    • Affiliation
    Generic/non-specific content Lower cost per client Reaches all clients Engages wider audience + = IDEAL OFFERING MIX and HIGH VALUE PROPOSITION FOR ALL CLIENTS
  • IGG Can Add Value Through 3 Types of Program Offerings
    • Green offerings and communications
    • Attract environmentally conscious organizations
    • Make IGG stand out from competition
    • Educate public and potential clients on environmental initiatives
    • Other offerings
    • Affiliation Programs
    • Unique Meeting Model and Programming Elements (in development by other IGG staff)
    • Interactive Web Presence
    • Connect with public and clientele
    • Extend “shelf life” of events
    • Keep up with digital world
  • Recommendation: Develop a cutting edge technology and web strategy for IGG
    • Why?
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Fulfills IGG goal to create and enhance dialogue between client organizations
    • Forum to engage the public in IGG action and dialogue
    • Technology can increase audience without increasing carbon footprint
    Why Focus on a Technology and Web Strategy? Why Focus on a Technology and Web Strategy? Competition Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0
  • Web Trends Have Progressed through 3 Stages of Development WEB 1.0 WEB 2.0 WEB 3.0 Website, text / graphics based Two way web, blogs, video, podcast, personal publishing, 2D Portals 3D Portals, avatar representation: all media in virtual worlds 1995 2000 2005 2010 10mil 100mil 1bill USERS TIME
  • Web 1.0 Basic Website Web 2.0 Networking & Dialogue Web 3.0 3D and Interactive IGG Should Also Consider Moving Through All Phases of Web Development
    • Website content management
    • Email marketing
    • Events & program registration
    • Program updates
    • Online press room
    • Volunteer recruitment
    • About section
    • Calendar
    • Personalized pages for staff, clients, and the public
    • Social Networking
    • Blog and News
    • Forum section
    • Multimedia content
      • Transcripts
      • Audio
      • Photos
      • Video
    • Virtual Conferencing
      • Webinar
    • Virtual Worlds
      • Second Life
    Specifically, we recommend that the Institute strongly pursue Web 2.0 and do further research and cost analysis on Web 3.0 elements.
    • Develop Content
      • Capture events and meetings
      • Record interviews, lectures, speakers
    • Facilitate Virtual Conferencing/Social Networking
      • Pose questions and moderate dialogue
      • Update content: must be fresh
    • Build a Virtual Community
      • Launch IGG presence into a Virtual World
    Implementing a Web 3.0 Strategy Requires 3 Main Tasks Implementing a Web 3.0 Strategy Requires 3 Main Tasks
  • There Is Significant Opportunity for Website Content Development
    • Al Gore: Stream key note IGG Launch speech online
    Other Opportunities for capturing and building content IGG Launch Task: Capture relevant speeches, lectures, and events and host them on IGG website. Nancy Pelosi: Provide commentary segment to Gore’s IGG launch speech online
      • Ambassadors: virtual meetings
      • CEO: social networking
    There Is Significant Opportunity for Website Content Development
  • What is a Green Meeting? The "greenest" conference is one where participants minimize their carbon footprint. As pioneers of virtual conferencing products, IGG will become the leader in green conferences and capture international dialogue. A green meeting is a meeting where I don’t have to travel anywhere.. Prof. Dan Kammen Professor of Energy and Society (ERG) Professor of Public Policy in the Goldman School Professor of Nuclear Engineering Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory Energy and Resources Group (ERG ) Virtual Conferencing Is an Exciting Opportunity Virtual Conferencing Is an Exciting Opportunity
  • Virtual Worlds, such as Second Life, Are Becoming Prevalent
    • Real World individual represented by a virtual person known as an “avatar”
    • Set up in 2003 with 13 million residents
    • Daily trade worth $1 million in Linden Currency which has variable exchange rate with the US $
    What is a Virtual World (Second Life)?
    • Challenges
    • Large investment
      • Capital
      • Staff
      • Time
      • Resources
    • Building audience/user-base
    • Maintaining site over time
    The Institute has an opportunity to become the “TED of the environment”. However, it must also consider the following challenges.
    • Benefits
    • Enhance Dialogue
    • Engage With Public
    • Competitive Differentiation
    • Leader in “Green” Meetings and retreats
    • International exposure
  • Mckinsey & Company on Second Life
    • Virtual worlds are on the cusp of a major expansion – particularly as a way to reach younger customers – and that companies were “ignoring them at their peril”
    • Senior Consultant: “Our clients are telling us they’re not able to reach out to the video-game generation the way they have to newspaper audiences, say, and that they want to distinguish themselves in the digital space”
    • IBM, Sony, BMW, Coca-Cola, and many more have a presence in Second Life
    • Second Life is criticized for being difficult to use and for failing to deliver any tangible benefit to companies doing business in it – which to date has been mostly marketing
    • 3D web “next major wave of internet’s evolution”
    • $1.5 billion has been invested in companies developing tech. in virtual worlds
    “ IGNORE SECOND LIFE AT YOUR PERIL: Companies which do not embrace virtual worlds risk missing the next wave of the web's development”
  • Web 1.0 Basic Website Web 2.0 Networking and Dialogue Web 3.0 3D and Interactive
    • Fast connections enable more vibrant content
    • User generation of content
    • Key words enhance search engine
    • Social networking sites – MySpace, YouTube, etc. – create online communities and online marketing (including viral marketing)
    • The semantic web
    • 3D virtual worlds
    • Ubiquitous connectivity
    • Open technologies and applications
    • World Wide database (distributed database)
    Increasing Capacity of Web Functions
    • What is a community member?
    • Receive info about / access to:
      • Events registered for
      • Other events
      • News
    • Member Profile
    • Picture
    • Email
    • Biography
    • Events attended and registered
    • Blog
    • Access to discussion and forum
    • Share media, video, audio, and photos
    • Users
    • Clients
      • Academic
      • Government
      • Non-profit
      • For profit
      • Cross-sector
    • Public
      • Media/Press
      • Thought leaders
    • Participate :
      • Events
      • Speakers
      • Clients
      • Existing Networks
      • Leads to organic growth of the social network
    Building a community of users
  • Virtual Meeting Products Products Offerings
    • WebEx Inc. is a Cisco Systems, Inc. company
    • Provides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and video conferencing applications
    • Variety of packages
    • Reputable brand within the business community
    • Located in Santa Clara
    • Designed for creating live presentations that can be replayed “on demand”
    • Product is entirely Adobe Flash based
    • Recommended database back-end support is Microsoft SQL server
    • Adobe Acrobat Connect is a product of Adobe Systems (formerly Macromedia)
    • OS Compatibility: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux
    • Can be licensed as an installed product
    • GoToMeeting is a Citrix Online Product.
    • View any application on a participants PC
    • Flat fee for hosting meetings with 15 people at any duration
    • Editors Award by both PC Magazine and Laptop Magazine
  • Virtual Worlds: Second Life (cont).