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Here's My College Admissions & Financial Aid Stuff Here's My College Admissions & Financial Aid Stuff Presentation Transcript

  • Here’s My Here s College Admissions Just call me “Paul.” & This is going to take no time at all. Financial Aid Stuff Paul Lloyd Hemphill au L oy H mph
  • Here’s a really short Here s version of my seminar… Let’s talk about getting into college…but I won’t bore you with all the negative ’t b ith ll th ti stuff about getting in. So the question is, “How do I get in?” How in? Here’s what every student, even the most super, supreme, ultra, and mega-talented p p student is up against. And it’s so obvious that no one ever sees it! I call it…
  • SAMENESS Here’s what happens when you apply to colleges: you’ll apply to th same schools and compete with students with the same the h l d t ith t d t ith th GPAs and same test scores. That’s because some wise person told you to apply only to schools where you’ve got a chance of g tt ng n. ght? getting in. Right? Now comes the killer question: Why should any college accept you?
  • Because you’re cool! l Right? Well, what’s “cool” really mean? It means to be committed to Well what s cool something that you really enjoy. The colleges don’t care if it’s soccer, butterfly collecting, DECA, working at a real job, playing guitar, football, or singing (sorry, video games don’t count). Be i t b t h t passionate about what you l love, or be committed to d i j t one b itt d t doing just thing! It’s your ticket to getting in. But you need some strategies that create a direct path to that c ll nt nc ith college entrance with your ticket in hand. There are l ts of u tick t h nd Th lots f strategies, and here are 2…
  • 1. Have a telephone relationship with 1 someone in each admissions office. 2. Have 2 teachers write a story about one of your character traits for 2 great letters of recommendation. Okay…I listed just 2 strategies, and I didn’t say how or why. I’m sorry, but I had to keep this short, and there are at least 14 more strategies (with very detailed instructions) that I use with my own students. And a few more are found in my fast-read and fact- filled book. There isn t time or space here to keep book isn’t going on the admissions issue. So, let’s discuss…
  • Fi Financial Aid i l Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but there are some you re very practical no-cost ways to afford college. And one of my strategies, which you’ll never see at a high school financial aid night, is how to save a minimum of $32,000 g in college costs. And that’s PER child without the parent ever borrowing a dime. Here’s 1 strategy i 3 easy steps… H ’ in
  • Easy Step #1: Have your student spend 15 weeks each summer before each school year at a real job and bring home $150 a week. That’s all! Over 4 years, that’s $9,000 you did not spend on your child’s expenses at school school. I may be way too conservative with my numbers here. Easy Step #2: Have your student sign up for college work-study. At a minimum of $500 per semester, that’s $4,000 over 4 years. Work-study can pay as high as $2 000 per semester. Not bad! $2,000 semester So far, we have a savings of $13,000 over 4 years – that s that’s adding the 2 figures above: $9 000 + $4 000 $9,000 $4,000. Now…roll the drums for the BIG ONE…
  • Easy Step #3: Have your student take out a government Stafford Loan through the h l th school each year for 4 years. Guess h f G how much your student receives that you NEVER sign for? $19 000! $19,000! And pay nothing on it until after graduation. Let’s add it up: 1. $9,000 from 15 weeks of work each year 2. $4,000 of work-study, and 3. $19,000 of one kind of college loan Total: $32,000 that remain in your retirement account Okay…you’ve seen just 1 of the most practical 27 strategies you can use. Really good stuff. They’ll save you thousands of dollars. Yeah, I know this reads simple, but simple is all I understand how to do. My clients use these strategies everyday. Now what?...
  • Go to my website where there’s a surprise waiting for you.You’ll see something so good for your student that you may use it yourself. HINT: it’s About U… P C ll P And thanks for your time!