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Vibeke Dank's recent presentation re fundraising and strategic partnerships via the binational fund offerings.
Ranana April 14 2010

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  • Binational funds abc

    1. 1. Bi-National Strategic Partnerships & Funding Presented by Vibeke Dank April Business Consulting Executive Forum 2010
    2. 2. Agenda What are binational funds ? Principles & characteristics Process & agreements List of funds & examples More international funding options Summary
    3. 3. Funding Binational fund, each OCS allocates budget to the fund Bilateral agreement where each government agrees to fund joint programs
    4. 4. Principles Fund gains no equity in either company No intellectual property rights to fund Funding is repaid via royalties from commercial sales Foreign partner also gets parallel funding As with OCS, requires matching funding from other source
    5. 5. Characteristic Funding up to “commercial readiness” of project preference to R&D larger company product definition and specification, sales, and service smaller company product development and some manufacturing
    6. 6. Characteristic No service payment to binational fund Foreign partner may be shareholder in Israeli company most funds have positive cash flow Wide variety of markets and fields
    7. 7. Process Choose a “partner” country Identify the relevant fund and its timelines Identify a local partner Agree with local partner on joint proposal and project principles Submit proposal to fund (jointly)
    8. 8. Agreements After funding award, 2 related agreements trilateral agreement between fund and both partners standard bilateral agreement between 2 partners, including commercial arrangements flexible , no fund involvement
    9. 9. Country List EUROPE • Spain • Taiwan • Belgium • Sweden • Australia • Britain • Czech Republic (Victoria) • Denmark • Switzerland • Singapore • Finland • Turkey • South Korea • France • Coming Soon • AMERICAS • Germany • Hungary • USA • Holland • Romania • Also: Maryland • Italy • APAC & Virginia • Portugal • China • Canada • Russia • Hong Kong • Also: Ontario • Slovenia • India • Argentina
    10. 10. BIRD: US/ 20 projects annually cumulative sales exceeding 8B$ Project type $$ Schedule Fund Approval by: Full scale ~400,000 2/ year Board of Governors project USD ~200,000 Mini project ongoing Executive Director USD
    11. 11. SIIRDF: Project type $$ Duration duration up to 3 years, 100,000 -750,000 Full scale project not more than 500K per USD year duration up to 1 Mini project ~100,000 USD year Feasibility Study 30,000USD
    12. 12. CIIRDF: Project How long to Project type $$ Schedule approve? Full-scale ~800,000 up to 3 6-8 weeks Project CAD years Feasibility ~20,000 6 months ~ 2 weeks Study CAD
    13. 13. Other Multi-lateral programs, such as FP7 (ISERD), Eureka, Galileo, SESAR, Eurostars Multi-national enterprise cooperation together with the OCS
    14. 14. Multi-national 2 parallel sources of funding: OCS & multi- national enterprise “No limit” on funding amount OCS will match multi-national investment (up to 50% of approved budget, not exceeding multi- national investment value) Multi-national funding in cash or cash-value (goods, services, licenses) Purpose: Product development or adaptation
    15. 15. Enterprise Alcatel Lucent Merck Arkema Microsoft Braun Novozymes Coca Cola Oracle Deutcshe Telekom Renault GE Sun Micro Systems HP IBM Intel  
    16. 16. Summary Fast track funding for mini projects Periodic funding for large projects Strategic foreign partner who also gets funded No equity to fund No IP rights to fund Monetary obligation contingent upon actual commercial sales
    17. 17. Thank you