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    Places Of Worship Places Of Worship Presentation Transcript

    • Places of Worship By Emily Cheng
    • Po Lin Monastery
      • The Po Lin Monastery (Precious Lotus Zen Temple in Chinese), is located between the Lantau Peak and Lei Nak Shan.
      • It was built in 1906 by three Buddhist monks, Da Yue, Dun Xiu and Yue Ming. Arriving at Ngong Ping, they found a stretch of flat land, a perfect site for a monastery.
      • They built a small stone house, which soon flourished into a big hut. It was therefore known as the “Big Hut”.
      The Big Hut
    • Po Lin Monastery
      • Today, Po Lin Monastery has grown into a full fledged temple, complete with the gigantic bronze statue of Buddha, the Tian Tan Buddha.
      • It is the biggest temple in Hong Kong and many people visit it daily.
      The Tian Tan Buddha
    • Canterbury Cathedral
      • Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and most well known cathedrals in England.
      • It was founded by St. Augustine, an abbot, in 597 AD.
      • In 1170, the archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered inside the cathedral.
      Canterbury Cathedral today
    • Canterbury Cathedral
      • Canterbury Cathedral is a popular place for Christian pilgrims. It is a place where they believe is associated with St. Thomas Becket.
      • It is surrounded by many medieval buildings and ruins, Many parts of the original buildings have survived, including the water tower, the granary, bakery, and brewery.
      Inside the cathedral
    • Westminster Abbey
      • Westminster Abbey was built over 1000 years ago, by Edward the Confessor. It began as a small stone abbey.
      • Benedictine monks were the first to come here in the middle of the tenth century, establishing the tradition of daily worship.
      Westminster Abbey
    • Westminster Abbey
      • The Westminster Abbey is a traditional place of coronation and burial for English monarchs.
      • Isaac Newton; Jane Austen, Winston Churchill; Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I were among the ones buried there.
      Inside Westminster Abbey
    • Thank You for Watching My Presentation