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  • 1. Sketches Filled in & photos ready for use in video premier pro…
    Walks Of Life Detailed Storyboard
  • 2. The pictures of the characters will come into the shot from either side, the cap and crown will come down and tilt on their head.
    These pictures will be falling in the background as the above is going on. I’m going to use a solid background I’m not sure what colour I’ll see which looks best on video premier pro. My general idea is a light purple or pink though as this won’t be to overpowering.
  • 3. I’ve used the comic sans typeface for their names as it is sans serif it makes it look less formal. I have added a squiggle and dots on it to tie it in with the sketchy cartoon effect. These will also slide in form either side as the pictures did. This connotes to the viewer that they come from different ‘sides’ of life. You could say this is the establishing shot as it introduces the characters, their names and their class.
  • 4. These are the separate pictures from the video Apryl and charlotte 8 below. This will be the next shot, this will connote that they are friends. The background will be taken out so I can have a solid colour. I may not use all of them depending on time and how effective they
  • 5. I’ve took the background out of these three so far, it is very time consuming. I’ve also added the ‘squiggly edge’ not just for style reasons it also means that the rough edge is covered where I’ve cut them out, as this was a problem I came across.
  • 6. The words best friends will come up and stay on the screen as the pictures are moving in the background. Best will fall from the top and friends will come up from the bottom.
  • 7. BUT will slide from the right and push the picture and type out of the way.
  • 8. I have decided to draw my own houses as it fits in with the whole illustrational style. I was also finding it difficult to find appropriate houses to take photos of.
    The houses will fall from the top and stop at the bottom then the text will appear by getting bigger.
  • 9. The logo will then appear by getting bigger and covering the last frame. It will then reduce in size and fade into what would be the TV programme.
  • 10. Transitions I like on
    Video Premier Pro…
    I have been experimenting with the transitions on video premier pro as I will need to use them to make it more interesting ,to add more movement when it goes from shot to shot, and also when changing the colour in the background. The ones I think will be most suited are…
    *Band wipe..this give a striped effect across the background to reveal the next shot.
    *Paint splatter…this reveals the next shot with splats
    *wipe..the objects slide off the screen
    I’m going to try to stick to only a few transitions as looking at my research this is what TV programmes do, and I want mine to look as professional as