El Silbon


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El Silbon

  1. 1. EL SILBON<br />It is, according to legend, a young man who killed his parents and doomed to wander forever with a bag full of bones of their ancestors. It has a signature whistle that resembles musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, in that order until fa louder and then down to the note itself. It is said that when the whistle is heard no danger near, as the Eurasian is far away but if you hear it because it&apos;s close. It is also said to hear his whistle is an omen of death itself. <br />
  2. 2. Eurasian legend started in the mid-nineteenth century and some scholars believe it was a form of social control that the tradition established to prevent men&apos;s infidelities. Legend has it that the Eurasian region llanera travels with a whistle that shudders when hearing him. Confusing, because when you listen closely it is not far away, and vice versa.<br />The signal confirming that the spirit round the neighborhood is a characteristic sound of bones collide with one another. <br />It is believed that carries a sack over his shoulder. Some think they are the bones of his latest victims, others belonging to his own father.<br />
  3. 3. For when you can hear the &quot;crack-crack&quot;, but maybe it&apos;s too late.<br />They say that there was once a young man who discovered that something strange was going on between his father and his wife.<br />Some say that the old man hit the girl. Others claim that he raped her.<br />&quot;I did it because it is a gift,&quot; was the explanation that the old man gave his son. The legend continues with the young man burst into fury, and plunged into a death match with his father.<br />Of the two, the father took the brunt. The young man struck a heavy blow on the head with a stick, which lay on the floor where the child is rushed and hanged himself.<br />
  4. 4. The grandfather of the girl, who heard the fight, went in search of the victim, for all purposes, his son. Grandpa swore to punish the boy, his own flesh and blood, for the heinous crime he had committed ... against their own flesh and blood.<br />Was not long in finding it. Then tied him and gave him a barrage of lashes with a &quot;neck-sending&quot; typical of the plain. &quot;That&apos;s not being done to his father ... Damn you, pa &apos;toa&apos; life,&quot; he said.<br />To complete the sentence, pepper rubbed into wounds and took the dog to Turéco name after him. Until the end of time bite his heels.<br />