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Engage Your Employees

Everyday your employees are making business decisions, interacting with customers, designing your next products, BrightSpark enables you to harness this invaluable resource.

Be it a Eureka moment or a seemingly simple idea that could in fact double revenue overnight.

Without BrightSpark these ideas get lost or even worse, not discovered at all!

A Culture of Innovation

BrightSpark assists in promoting a culture of openness and sharing, by providing valuable recognition to idea creators and contributors.

Give your employees an opportunity to share their Ideas, in an open and transparent way, with the credit and recognition they deserve.

Many companies have layers of management that can discourage openness and sharing of ideas, BrightSpark breaks down these barriers.

Ideas Make a Difference

It's usually the simple one's that make a difference, but every now and then a great big one comes out of nowhere and changes everything.

Can you really afford to leave this to chance? Let BrightSpark manage your Idea capture process allowing you to concentrate on implementation.

BrightSpark allows you to create targeted idea campaigns, be it Revenue Generation or Employee Productivity, BrightSpark has got you covered.

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BrightSpark Idea Management

  1. 1. Component Workshop Limited<br />Executive Summary<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />About Component Workshop<br />Our Core Team<br />What is BrightSpark Idea Management?<br />Why BrightSpark<br />Idea Cycle<br />The BrightSpark Advantage<br />The BrightSpark Look<br />Demo<br />
  3. 3. About Us<br />Component Workshop provides IT consultancy and software development services<br />Our highly experienced in house development team can solve complicated business problems with innovative software solutions<br />With over 10 years of experience in a broad range of sectors<br />
  4. 4. Core Team<br />Our team includes<br />Management Team<br />Development Team<br />Marketing & Sales <br />Our senior management are represented as:<br />Kerry Browne<br />Business Development<br />Clair Andrews<br />Operations Officer<br />Adrian O’Connor<br />CTO<br />Floyd Price<br />CEO<br />
  5. 5. What is BrightSpark Idea Management?<br />BrightSpark is an idea management system facilitating direct engagement from employees and customers.<br />BrightSpark is a tool that enables individuals innovative ideas and constructive feedback to be real and visible.<br />All Ideas, solutions, feedback and votes are all tracked, ensuring details are not lost and allowing appropriate reporting.<br />BrightSpark allows transparency to ideas giving the creator visible recognition.<br />A variety of reporting options allow companies to evaluate ideas.<br />Cost effective, timeline, relevance, impact.<br />BrightSpark enables you to leverage your most valuable assetYour employees, to encourage creativity and innovation.<br />
  6. 6. Why BrightSpark?<br />A cost effective, technology driven approach enabling virtual collaboration across, teams, departments and companies.<br />Complete customisation allows you to embed your business values into every idea ensuring that new ideas are aligned to your business mission. <br />BrightSpark can run multiple idea campaigns across the business as well as restricted campaigns.<br />It&apos;s finding those innovative ideas that can set you apart from your competitors and deliver a quick return on investment.<br />In today’s climate a competitive edge has never meant more.<br />With an idea management system great ideas will organically rise to the top.<br />BrightSpark promotes the sharing of ideas in a corporate environment.<br />
  7. 7. Idea Cycle<br /><ul><li>The BrightSpark idea cycle consists of a simple 4 step approach.
  8. 8. PlantSubmit your idea
  9. 9. CultivateShare, Grow & Develop your ideas
  10. 10. EvaluateAssessment of idea and conclusion determined
  11. 11. ActionImplementation plan</li></li></ul><li>Idea Cycle<br /><ul><li>Alignment to business strategy
  12. 12. Automated submission process
  13. 13. Focused categories
  14. 14. Impact & required action</li></ul>Idea:<br />“Why don’t we partner our brands for marketing?” <br />For example: <br />Bisto Gravy <br />& <br />Paxo Stuffing<br />
  15. 15. <ul><li>Encourage participation to the idea:
  16. 16. Vote/ Rate
  17. 17. Feedback
  18. 18. Help promote and develop an idea into a real concept
  19. 19. Share your idea with a specific audience</li></ul>Idea Cycle<br />Good cost savings idea, 2 for the price of 1 in terms of marketing, albeit a bit more effort.<br />Sounds good in principle, but a logistical nightmare getting the brands to agree.<br />“Great idea, why haven’t we done this sooner”.<br />
  20. 20. <ul><li>Integrated into internal processes
  21. 21. Project Groups
  22. 22. Steering Committees
  23. 23. Business Forum
  24. 24. Scorecard evaluation
  25. 25. Benefit assessment
  26. 26. Cost considerations
  27. 27. Sign off levels
  28. 28. Risk assessment
  29. 29. Average voting
  30. 30. Improvement or innovation</li></ul>Idea Cycle<br />A lot of ideas create good ideas!<br />
  31. 31. <ul><li>Implementation Plan
  32. 32. Communication
  33. 33. Recognition
  34. 34. Project update
  35. 35. Idea bank</li></ul>Idea Cycle<br />The greatest source of competitive <br />advantage is creativity!<br />
  36. 36. The brightSpark Advantage<br />Idea Management Systems will greatly improve your ability to encourage creative and innovative ideas from all areas of your business. <br />BrightSpark stands above the rest by leveraging the expertise that we at Component Workshop have for Idea management and targeted idea campaigns. <br />When you enter into a relationship with Component Workshop you not only get a great software package, but access to a proactive team of UK based Idea Management Consultants and Software Developers that will assist your company in getting the most out of your investment.<br />Product Development Consultancy<br />