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  1. 1. IgalleryX: iTunes Cover Flow Gallery RimV trieuduchien@gmail.com Description: If you fall in love with the famous iTunes Album Cover Flow and want to own that slick gallery in your website, this file is what you are looking for. IgalleryX displays a stack of multiple photo with reflection and perspective effect. All photos can be accessed by a skinable scroll bar, mouse click or flipping by mouse wheel. You can also turn on full screen mode, which covers the entire screen with the gallery. Data is completely driven by an external XML file and inside the Component Inspector. Key Features: • Flash Component • Auto Slide Show. • Scroll bar, black glossy skin. • Flipping through photo by mousewheel, mouse click, or scroll bar. • Caption effects: Fade, Blur, Scale, All. • Completely customize Reflection with 7 parameters available. • Full Screen Support. • Full Events support. • Update the photos easily by Component Inspector or XML files. • Customize spacing between each photo, easing speed, scaling factor of each photo. • Option to modify the transparent value of each photo. • Skinning: scroll bar, caption, preloader. • Completely customize Perspective with many parameters supported. • Penner Easing Equation. • Link embedded in each photo. Properties: • Screen Width (Number): Width of the gallery. • Screen Height (Number): Height of the gallery. • Photo Width (Number): Width of the photo. • Photo Height (Number): Height of the photo.
  2. 2. • Photo Space (Number): Spacing between each photo. • Center Space (Number): Spacing between the center photo and 2 adjacent photos. • Hpers 1, Hpers 2, Vpers, Delta 1, Delta 2 (Number): parameters for setting perspective, see below: • Scale Factor (Number): from 0 to 1, scaling parameter of the center photo. • Ease Factor (Number): Easing parameter. • Reflection enable (Boolean): true if you want to turn on reflection. • Intensity 1, Intensity 2, Density 1, Density 2, Vertical Extend, Horizontal Extend , Ref Distance (Number): 7 parameters of reflection, make experiment with them to get your effect. • Photo Alpha (Number): alpha value of each photo. • Caption Enable (Boolean): true if you want to enable caption. • Caption Type (String): Fade, Blur, Scale, All. • Easing type (String): easing type of caption effect. • Duration (Number): duration of caption effect. • Blur X, Blur Y (Number): parameters of Blur Caption Effect. • XML path (String): path to xml file. • Use Link (Boolean): true if you want to embed links in each photo. • Open Method (String): _blank, _self, _top, _parent. • Slide Show (String): true if you want to have a slide show. • Delay (Number): delay between each interval of slide show. • Auto Start (Boolean): true if you want to create the gallery instantly(without Actionscript). Events: • onPhotoPress: Trigger when a photo is pressed, return the index of that photo. • onPhotoRelease: Trigger when a photo is released, return the index of that photo. • onPhotoRollOver: Trigger when a photo is rolled over, return the index of that photo.
  3. 3. • onPhotoRollOut: Trigger when a photo is rolled out, return the index of that photo. • onMouseFlip: Trigger when mouse flipping through photos, return the current center photo. Install and Usage: • Open the file: “IgalleryX.mxp” to install a new component. You’ll need to restart Flash to take effect. • Create a new file, Window – Components or Ctrl – F7 to open the Component library. • A new component has been installed under XComponent library. Drag “IgalleryX” component to the stage. Place the component in original point ( x = 0, y = 0). • Give it an instance name, whatever you like, for example: Igallery. • Data is driven from xml file or inside Flash (by Component Inspector or Parameters). To load items externally, open “data.xml” and change the source and name of your photos. • Otherwise, you can customize all parameters by the Component Inspector: Window – Component Inspector or Shift/Alt – F7, to start the studio instantly, set the Auto Start property to true. • Set Screen Width, Screen Height equal to the width and height of the stage. • Set Photo Width, Photo Height equal to the width and height of each photo. • Try to make experiment with other parameters, open the preview file included in the download to see a sample. • Actionscript: You don’t need to place an instance of the component on the stage. Instead, you can use attachMovie to place an instance dynamically, after setting all the properties by script (see below), use the method: Igallery.Init(). Adding events: var mylistener:Object = new Object(); Igallery.onPhotoPress = function(ob):Void { trace(quot;press: quot;+ob._index); } Igallery.onPhotoRelease = function(ob):Void { trace(quot;release: quot;+ob._index); }
  4. 4. Igallery.onPhotoRollOver = function(ob):Void { trace(quot;Rollover: quot;+ob._index); } Igallery.onPhotoRollOut = function(ob):Void { trace(quot;Rollout: quot;+ob._index); } Igallery.onMouseFlip = function(ob):Void { trace(quot;mouse flip: quot;+ob._index); } Igallery.addEventListener(quot;onPhotoPress,mylistener); Igallery.addEventListener(quot;onPhotoRelease,mylistener); Igallery.addEventListener(quot;onPhotoRollOver,mylistener); Igallery.addEventListener(quot;onPhotoRollOut,mylistener); Igallery.addEventListener(quot;onMouseFlip,mylistener); If you have any trouble, please send a query to my email address: trieuduchien@gmail.com