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How To Run A Zoo A Z

How To Run A Zoo A Z






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    How To Run A Zoo A Z How To Run A Zoo A Z Presentation Transcript

    • How to Run A Zoo A-Z By: Tess Lutz
    • A is for Animal
      • If you don’t have any animals then how will you ever run a zoo?
      • But animals aren’t just the most important thing in a zoo.
    • B is for Bananas
      • You will definitely need bananas to feed the monkeys.
      • If you are hungry then you can probably have one too.
    • C is for Commercials
      • Commercials are one of the better ways to get business.
      • Most people watch more than 30 minutes of T.V. every day.
    • D is for Drinks
      • When people go to the zoo they usually get thirsty.
      • They will appreciate it if you provide drinks.
    • E is for Entertainment
      • You will need entertainment if you don’t want everyone to be bored.
      • You could maybe have animal shows.
    • F is for Food
      • When people go to the zoo they will also get hungry. You should have snacks.
      • They will be happy once you sell food.
    • G is for Gift Shops
      • You will need to have some way to make money, so why don’t you open a gift shop?
      • All the younger kids will be like, “Mommy, mommy can I get a teddy bear?” In the end they will win.
    • H is for Hundreds of Visitors
      • I hope that you will have hundreds of visitors to keep your place up and running.
      • The way you will get hundreds of visitors is if you make your zoo fun.
    • I is for Igloo
      • When the penguins get hot they will need a place to go, so why don’t you have an igloo?
      • If the penguins get sick of people watching them, they can just hide out in them.
    • J is for Jungle
      • If you want you can have a fake jungle.
      • The jungle would be for birds and maybe other animals.
    • K is for keep everything under control
      • You will need to keep everything under control. People will feel safer.
      • If everything is out of control, how will you ever run a zoo?
    • L is for let everyone who wants to come in
      • You should always let anyone who wants to come in.
      • People will feel more welcome this way.
    • M is for Merchandise
      • Always price things over price.
      • If you do this then people will buy things and you will get more money.
    • N is for never let animals get out
      • You should always lock the cages. You don’t want to have animals roaming around.
      • People will feel unsafe.
    • O is for Opening Day
      • You will need to have a wonderful opening day.
      • If it is a success then people will want to come back.
    • P is for Prices
      • You will want to have high prices.
      • People will buy things with high prices and you will win.
    • Q is for questions
      • You want to make sure all your visitors have lots of questions that you can answer.
      • You could even make something confusing.
    • R is for Rest
      • If you are about to open a zoo then you must get tired.
      • You will need to go home and get some rest once in a while.
    • S is for Security guards
      • You will need security guards if you don’t want anyone to break in.
      • Also you would need to have them because then the animals will be safe too.
    • T is for Tickets
      • You will want to have tickets so visitors will have to pay to come in.
      • You will get a lot more money that way.
      • But make sure your zoo is high quality.
    • U is for Up and Running
      • You will soon get your zoo up and running.
      • It will be a success if you follow all these things.
    • V is for vet
      • You will have to have a vet just in case an animal gets sick or hurt.
      • But the bad thing is you don’t get as much money.
    • W is for Water
      • If you are going to have seals, you will need water.
      • Seals love to play in water.
      • You might want to drink some water too.
    • X is for x-rays
      • You will want to be prepared if an animal breaks a bone.
      • You will want to have x-rays to see how you can fix it.
    • Y is for your pretty much done
      • If you get this far, you are pretty much done.
      • Don’t give up! You can do it.
    • Z is for Zoo Keepers
      • You will finally have to have zoo keepers to open a zoo.
      • They will need to feed the animals.
      • NOW GO OPEN YA ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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