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Leif eriksson derrick and shamara 2 final
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Leif eriksson derrick and shamara 2 final


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  • 1. Leif Eriksson By: Derrick McKee and Shamara Nadarajah Next
  • 2. Background Information • Researchers believe that be was born in 980 A.D. and died in 1025 A.D. • Born in Iceland, then settled in Greenland • Ancestors were from Scandinavia • Was the son of Erik the Red Next
  • 3. Purpose of Expedition • To follow Bjarni Herjulfsson’s earlier journey after listening to tales about Bjarni’s adventures • To follow in his father’s footsteps Next
  • 4. Route of Expedition • Started in Greenland • Started his voyage in the year 1000 • Landed in Helluland (land of rocks), which is currently Baffin Island • Then sailed to Markland (land of forests) which is currently Labrador • Then discovered Vinland (land of vines?) which researchers believe is Newfoundland • Discovered L’Anse aux Meadows Next
  • 5. Hardships Faced • During one of Leif’s voyages between Scandinavia and Iceland, there was a big storm. He and his crew got stuck for one month. • Food shortages • Rough seas Next
  • 6. Other Notable Occurrences • Started out by sailing with other Vikings or his father, and then became a captain. • Had many voyages between Greenland, Scotland, Iceland, and Norway. • There are many different statues of Leif Eriksson in many parts of America Statue of Leif Eriksson in Minnesota Next
  • 7. Historical Contributions • Famous for discovering Helluland, Markland and Vinland (Baffin Islands, Labrador and Newfoundland) • Discovered L’Anse aux Meadows in Vinland/ Newfoundland) • October 9 is Leif Eriksson Day celebrating his discovery of the east coast of Canada • Reached the New World nearly 500 years before Columbus even made his first voyage- made history- didn’t even realize it Next
  • 8. Did You Know? • Leif went on many dangerous • The Vikings never permanently voyages and always remained lived in Vinland because of safe. That is why people chaos between them and the started calling him Leif the Viking Lucky. • Since Leif needed his own ship he bought Bjarni Herjulfsson’s original ship and hired some of Bjarni’s former crew as well. • After his voyage, Leif never returned to Vinland but his brother Thorvald led many voyages to the New World Next
  • 9. Bibliography Schiller, Barbara. Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky. Troll Associates, 1979. Arnold, Phyllis A. and Gibbs, Betty. Canada Revisited 6. Arnold Publishing Ltd., 1999. NA. “Leif Ericson.” MNC. 1997-2000. April 28, 2010. <>. NA. (picture). Original Dissent. 2010. April 28, 2010. <>. NA. (picture). The Vinland Map. ND. April 28, 2010. <>. NA. “Leif Eriksson Day in United States.” Time and Date. 1995-2009. April 29, 2010. <>. Slind, Marvin G. "Leif Eriksson." World Book Student. World Book, 2010. Web. 30 April 2010. Next
  • 10. The Leif Eriksson Game Show
  • 11. Which of these Canadian places did Eriksson sail to first? A. Vinland B. Helluland C. Markland
  • 12. Right! Next Question
  • 13. Wrong The correct answer is…
  • 14. B. Helluland Next Question
  • 15. True or False Leif Eriksson was Born in Scandinavia. True False
  • 16. Wrong
  • 17. Leif’s ancestors were from Scandinavia. He was born in Iceland. Next Question
  • 18. Right! Next Question
  • 19. What day is Leif Ericsson Day? A. October 10 B. October 9 C. October 8
  • 20. Right! Finish slide show
  • 21. Wrong The correct answer is:
  • 22. B. October 9