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  • 1. Surveyed through Random people (:
  • 2. Seeing, facing and experiencing things  that science cannot explain.  Ghosts, Demons, Vampires, Devils and all those after life monsters…  Superstition beliefs  Irene :] jk
  • 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntJHmfaBLvA&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciHf4WXKY4E
  • 4. I believe in Ghosts but  do not believe that people can actually see them.  Sometimes I believe that some people can see them. What other reason would they mention it for anyway?  Some people say that you don’t go anywhere and just wonder the earth for eternity.
  • 5. Some people also believe that you turn into  ghosts and sometime later God will come and collect you and take you to heaven. Maybe when we die, we can see down at  ourselves from heaven…looking back at things we could have done better
  • 6. Some people believe  that if you’ve been murdered, you will become a ghost and haunt the murderer
  • 7. The Cry Baby Bridge –  This was where a baby died in a car crash. People say that when you cross it, you can hear the baby crying for help……..
  • 8. The Binford Elementary School –  When this school was a middle school, three students had killed a man in a janitor’s closet. The man still roams around the Auditorium in a black cloak, when it’s dark…..
  • 9. The Coffin –  In the 60s, a cop busted a party and the teens killed him and stuffed him in a hollow tree trunk, and it grew around him. Sometimes, at night, you can see his eyes in the tree….
  • 10. Superstitions have occurred for a long time still Many believe in them.
  • 11. Some people are so scared that they won’t go to work or do anything on Friday 13th.
  • 12. we die, we either go to When heaven or hell If you were good, then you went to heaven If you were bad, then you went to hell