Finding Nemo!!!
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  • 1.  
  • 2. I ntroduction
    • I chose “Finding Nemo” because this is my favorite film in the world and I thought since I’m doing “Fractured Fairytales” in English, and it made me think of fiction. So I did this movie!
  • 3. Character Questions
    • Nemo
    • Marlin
    • Dory
    • Bruce and the sharks
    • Crush and Squirt
    • Tank Fish
    • Extra Extra Extra!!!
    • The End 
  • 4. Nemo
    • Son of Marlin and an only guppy, he has a misshaped fin and loves exploring. What happened to him when his swam out to the boat at the drop off?
    • He was “fish-napped” by divers
    • He married Ariel
    • He died
  • 5. Marlin
    • Nemo’s dad he is extremely protective of his son. Why is he so scared of the ocean?
    • He is allergic to water
    • His wife died there
    • He only likes small spaces
  • 6. Dory
    • Marlin’s loony, blue friend. What does she have trouble with.
    • Cheese
    • Talking
    • Remembering
  • 7. Bruce and the Sharks
    • The three sharks are part of a special club. What is the club’s motto?
    • More the Merrier!
    • Fish are friends, not food!
    • They don’t have a motto
  • 8. Crush and Squirt
    • They help Marlin and dory get through the “E.A.C”. What does “E.A.C” mean?
    • Eastern Australian Current
    • Everton American Cape
    • Pickles
  • 9. The Tank Fish
    • These fish help Nemo escape the dentist office fish tank where he was captured. What is the name of there leader?
    • Obama
    • Shark Bait
    • Gill
  • 10. Extra Extra Extra!!!
    • What is the type of ocean animal that Dory likes to imitate?
    • Angler Fish
    • Chihuahua
    • Whale
  • 11. Fantastic!
    • Watch cool clip or go back. our Choice!!!
    • Back-
    • Clip_
  • 12. Your Right!
    • Moving on!
    • (Click the fish to go back)
  • 13. Boo!!!!!
    • Try again
    • (Click the stinking picture already!)
  • 14. Boo!!!!!
    • Try again
    • (Click the stinking picture already!)
  • 15. Your Right!
    • Moving on!
    • (Click the fish to go back)
  • 16. The End!