The Charcuterie Colloquium Connection
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The Charcuterie Colloquium Connection






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The Charcuterie Colloquium Connection Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Charcuterie Colloquium Connection
    A brief presentation on all things pork, Beethoven, and ethnic hair
  • 2. So apparently this presentation is about how locations influence music, and includes examples of Beethoven songs
    This presentation will be made clearer if you read the chat between my mom and I. I’ve provided it on the next page.
  • 3. Mom: what does "charcuterie" mean? Sierra: I have no idea Mom: you have a dictionary? Sierra: unomomento a store where pork products, as hams, sausages, and pâtés are sold. or items sold in said stores where on earth did you come across a term like that? Mom: Adam and his friends use such large words Sierra: lol oh. I should have known. but really, why can't you just say pork store? Mom: "pork store" doesn't sound very intellectual It was for his music colloquium lecture Sierra: do I even want to know how he related music to sausage shops? Mom: two separate topics, his lecture was about how geographic locations influence music and could be heard in said music. but he got a frig and one of his friends commented that most charcuterie doesn't require a frig Sierra: frig? I'm assuming that is a contraction of "fro" and "wig" and am now picturing a pork shop employee in a fake afro Mom: refrigerator! Sierra: oh that would be "fridge" Mom: ok, he got an electric appliance used for cooling foodstuffs Sierra: better.
  • 4. So. There once was a boy named Ludwig. We’ll call him Ludo for short.
  • 5. Ludo works in a charcuterie
  • 6. Now, one day, Ludo got a frig, which everyone knows is a combination of “fro” (afro) and “wig”.
  • 7. Most charcuterie doesn't require a frig, but Ludo didn’t care.
  • 8. Ludo loved his frig.
    It almost made working in the charcuterie worthwhile.
  • 9. But soon everyone in the charcuterie made fun of his frig.
  • 10. This made Ludo very sad.Like, slit-your-wrists depressed.
  • 11. So, later, when Ludo, more well known today as Ludwig Van Beethoven, had quit his day job and was writing his music, his time at the location of the charcuterie influenced it.
  • 12. “I’m gonna write the Moonlight Sonata first movement because it’s wrist slittingly depressing,” he said, as he thought of ham and cried.
  • 13. THE END