Giving Feedback To Students
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  • 1. Giving Feedback to Students Listening and Speaking French Beginners 1 Nathalie Ticheler [email_address]
  • 2. What I used to do in week 12
    • Do an activity based on the mp3 and the transcript, discuss any difficulties, clarify relevant points etc...with the whole class
    • Run a range of revision activities in preparation for week 13: Key grammar, vocabulary, work on past examination papers (which includes clarification on the assessment criteria and format of the final examination) with the whole class
    • Book the Language Centre and ask students to complete a specified list of tasks available on weblearn...keep an eye on what they do
    • Extract them one by one to provide individual feedback on the listening and speaking, handing out the feedback sheet to them (including tips and specific activities to complete)
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  • 5. Rationale for change
    • Previous arrangements used up a lot of time in week 12
    • We discussed the previous week’s performance in speaking...hard to remember ... the only thing students could keep was a feedback sheet (no personalised examples of good practice etc...).... a bit odd to keep written feedback only in connection with a speaking assessment
    • I only had hard copies of the feedback forms
    • Absentees did not get feedback unless they made an appointment or I emailed them
  • 6. What I did this time ...
    • I recorded on my students from beginners 1 on my own mp3 recorder, handed a copy of the files to the OLP office and also kept my own copy of the mp3s
    • I created a folder for each student and copied feedback forms into them, using students’ name as file names
    • I listened to the mp3s again and filled in the feedback sheets directly in e-format (marks for listening and speaking/ what they did well/what they need to improve on/tips/activities to complete
    • I listened to the audio files again to give a final check
    • Then, I recorded a short mp3 for each student with examples of good practice (which I saved in their folder)
    • Finally, I emailed students through weblearn (feedback form and personalised mp3)
  • 7. Positive points
    • Even absentees cannot claim they did not get any feedback!
    • More time in week 12 for whole class revision and preparation for week 13
    • I have electronic records, instead of hard copies
    • It seems more relevant to provide feedback on a speaking exam in mp3 format
    • Students get more personalised feedback to keep and refer to again, including examples of good practice
  • 8. Negative points
    • It is time-consuming
    • I found it more difficult to produce a personalised mp3 for very weak students
    • Technical problems ... on some occasions, the attachments did not work on I had to use webmail
    • It is easy to make mistakes...and email the wrong file to students...I found it essential to create individual folders and label feedback forms in advance
    • Some familiarity with the use of mp3 recorders is essential (in particular regarding folders)
    • I emailed students before the session...then I realised it had the potential to reduce attendance
    • In my email, I asked students what they liked/did not like about this format of feedback, as well as suggestions...reply from one student only...
  • 9. And for next time....
    • I will upload the listening paper, answer sheet and mp3s onto weblearn
    • I will record sample role plays and will upload them, together with transcripts, on weblearn
    • I will return students’ mp3 of the speaking examination together with the feedback form and personalised mp3
    • I will give feedback to the whole class during the lesson....
    • but is it an option to email personalised feedback immediately AFTER the session?
  • 10.
    • Slides available on my blog Please post your ideas, suggestions and feedback.