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  • Here I will keep it very brief, I will just highlight the connection between language policies and e-learning initiatives to introduce the ikasten web site.
  • Reference sections, online feedback, possibility for self-assessment (learners get answers and know how well they do), possibility to get back to the reference section to learn again but there is a need for language learning skills, independence, autonomy
  • I will go over self-assessment and being aware of their progress. Marks and grades can contribute to motivation. You see what you have achieved.


  • 1. E-Euskara Learning Basque on the Web Nathalie Ticheler Egiarte Giménez Etxarri London Metropolitan University University of Westminster
  • 2. Snapshot on the Basque Language
    • Basque is a language isolate
    • It does not belong to the indo-european group of languages
    • Various theories regarding its origin have been formulated, including links to african, caucasian and dead languages
    • There are various dialects and sub-dialects
    • There are declensions Source: http://www.hiru.com
  • 3.  
  • 4. Legal texts related to the Basque Language
    • Statute of autonomy of 1979
    • 1982 law on the standardisation of the use of Basque
  • 5. E-learning Initiatives
    • Initiatives concerned with lifelong learning
    • Initiatives concerned with the normalisation of the internet into the Basque society
    • Initiatives concerned with e-learning
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  • 7.  
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  • 11.  
  • 12. Other projects of interest
    • The Flexi-Pack project at SOAS-UCL CETL Languages of the Wider World http://www.lww-cetl.ac.uk/part_3/part_3_flexipack.htm
    • The London Met e-packs http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/epacks
  • 13. Useful Web Sites
    • Portal of the Basque Government http://www.euskara.euskadi.net
    • History, Geography, Culture, Economy and Language http://www.eke.org
    • Department of Education (Basque Government) http://www.hiru.com
    • Euskaltzaindia (Royal Academy of the Basque Language) http://www.euskalzaindia.net
    • Observatorio de e-learning (Universidad de País Vasco) http://pulsar.ehu.es/pulsar/intro
    • Basque language e-learning materials
    • http://www.ikasten.net