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  • 1. Twitter What is it?
  • 2. What is Twitter? A Micro-blogging service…of course! HUH?
  • 3. Seriously…what is Twitter? ► Twitter is a tool that allows you to share short updates, 140 characters or less, with people in your network. ► You can also read others’ updates in your network as well ► Twitter is based in the social networking side of applications and has some great business potential
  • 4. How do I use Twitter? ► You can go to Twitter and simply “surf” others’ updates. If you were to go to Guy Kawasaki’s for example, you would see his latest tweets:
  • 5. How do I use Twitter? ► The best way to use Twitter is to sign up for an account. ► It is free ► You do not have to tie it into your cell phone and get text messages ► It is free ► Did I mention…it is FREE?
  • 6. Signing up for an Account ► Prettybasic stuff ► Go to http://twitter.com/ ► Click ► Put in some basic info, then create your account ► Note: Choose wisely of your screen name! ► You will have to verify your creation via email but it is quick
  • 7. “And They’re OFF” ► You can now Tweet (that is the art of posting on Twitter) away ► Go on….start Tweeting
  • 8. What can I do on Twitter? ► Simply and basically, you can Tweet ► Tweet about what you want ► Bring value to those that you want as your audience  If your audience is your old college buddies, tell them what you are doing  If your audience is your customer base, bring value to them with info about your products, plans, ideas, specials, etc
  • 9. Twitter Anecdote ► Kogi Korean BBQ truck in LA Tweets its next stop ► Lines of 300 to 800 people are waiting for the truck at its stops! ► This has all been done with Twitter ► Here is a link to the LA Times article:  http://www.latimes.com/theguide/restaurants/la -fo-kogi11-2009feb11,0,4560062.story
  • 10. I Tweeted, What’s Next? ► Congrats, welcome to Twitter ► Now, you may want to follow someone ► You can choose who ever you want to follow ► The choices are endless; family members, workmates, friends, celebrities, etc
  • 11. How to find someone ► Twittermakes it easy, just click the button in the upper right hand corner “Find People”
  • 12. Follow Someone ► Once you find the person you are looking for, simply hit the “Follow” button ► Now, when you log into Twitter, you will see their Tweets as well
  • 13. Someone is Following me! ► Yes, people can follow you too. ► This is your audience! ► Bring them value! ► The more followers you have, the cooler you are in Twitter world!  Just kidding. Some do believe this (note the Ashton Kutcher vs CNN incident). But, what matters is the value you bring your audience.
  • 14. Twitter Etiquette ► Yes, proper etiquette has even found its way to Twitter ► Proper Twit-iquette says that if someone follows you, you should follow them ► You should also send them a Direct Message thanking them for the follow ► I do not practice this exactly…
  • 15. I don’t want to follow you ► Twitter is free. Therefore, there are people that use Twitter to promote things you may not want to see or deal with. ► If you get a follow from someone you don’t know, don’t follow them. ► In fact, Twitter has this great feature of being able to “Block” other users. ► I have started using the “Block” feature with some of the more unsavory Twitter-ers
  • 16. What does ‘#’ Mean? ► The ‘#’, or hashtag, is a tagging system that was created on Twitter ► It allows Tweets to be grouped into specific groups ► For example, Tweets concerning Product Management tend to contain ‘#prodmgmt’ in them. ► You can then search for all the Tweets with a specific hashtag (more on searching later)
  • 17. What does ‘@’ mean? ► Twitter has spawned a nomenclature all its own ► When you see the ‘@’ symbol, someone is mentioning or replying to another user on Twitter ► It gives you the chance to look that person up and see if you want to follow them
  • 18. Replies ► When you see an ‘@name’ at the beginning of a message, the Tweet is most likely a reply to something before ► Some people have conversations back and forth in such a manner
  • 19. Retweets ► Retweets are the Holy Grail of Twitter! You can retweet what others have said that you find interesting. ► These are signified with an ‘RT’ at the beginning of a Tweet ► They are generally followed with ‘@’ and the name of the original Tweeter ► Being Retweeted is the BOMB! You have said something that someone else in the world found interesting…who would have thought?!?
  • 20. Twitter Home Page ► Let’s review what you might see on your Twitter page ► Plain old Tweet from an associate: ► Reply or Mention: ► Retweet (RT):
  • 21. Direct Messages ► When two people follow each other (sounds like the beginning of “The Talk” with my kids!) they can Direct Message (DM) each other ► DMs are only seen by the sender and the recipient ► Its just like an email, only in 140 characters
  • 22. Searches and Questions ► Twitter is a great resource for searching info on topics, people, competitors, workouts, whatever! You can find links to almost anything on Twitter ► You can pose questions on Twitter as well. People in your network or out (by using searches) can respond to your topic. Great way to start a dialog about a topic quickly
  • 23. Celebrities and Twitter ► OK. Ashton, Oprah, Britney. They all Tweet. But, what are they tweeting about and do I really care? ► You have to answer that one for yourself! ► I follow two celebrities, Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstong) because I dig his tweets, cycling, Tour de France, Livestrong, etc. The other is Natalie Coughlin (@nataliecoughlin)…just ‘cause 
  • 24. Basics ►I think we have covered the basics ► Twitter is about getting your name out. It is another medium to do so. ► Twitter can help build a brand for your company or product or charity or whatever ► Twitter’s potential in business use is just being tapped
  • 25. Why do this in PowerPoint? ►Idon’t know. It just felt right. I guess I could Tweet the whole thing, but then how much use would it be for those that are not on Twitter?!?
  • 26. Why did I do this? ►I get asked about Twitter in my daily life ► This helped me explain it to others and provide a place for them to learn about Twitter as well
  • 27. Advanced Twitter Topics ► Yes, there are advanced Twitter topics! ► The next few slides will talk about a few topics such as:  Pictures and Twitter  URL Shortners….huh?  Twitter Clients (other ways of using Twitter without have to go to the website) ► Thereare more but these should help wet your appetite!
  • 28. Pictures and Twitter ► You can post pictures via other sites that tie into Twitter! ► YFrog and Twitpic are just 2 of many popular sites  http://www.twitpic.com/  http://www.yfrog.com/ ► You can post a picture, add a tweet and voila…your tweet includes text and a URL to the picture you uploaded!
  • 29. URL Shorteners ► OK. You only have 140 characters to say it. You don’t want to waste that with a HUGE URL. ► URL shorteners (I like http://tinyurl.com/) provide a way to take a link and make it very short. ► For example, this  http://crankypm.com/2009/07/guest-post-death-funnel-haw ► Becomes  http://tinyurl.com/l23wbs
  • 30. Twitter Clients ►A Twitter Client is another system that puts some more pretty on the front of Twitter (you know, lipstick on a pig) ► Many clients offer integrated features such as saved searches, URL shorteners built right in, integration with picture sites, etc. ► Some even allow integration with Facebook or other Social Networking sites
  • 31. Twitter Clients ► There are many clients out there ► I like TweetDeck, it runs in the Adobe AIR Framework which some people do not like ► Choose one that is best for you, there is no right answer on this test question! ► Clients exist for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Crackberry…I mean BlackBerry (I use UberTwitter on my Crackberry)
  • 32. Conclusion ► The End. ► “Go on. Go home. Why are you still sitting there?” (Bad Ferris Bueller reference) ► Thanks for reading and I hope you found this interesting. You can follow me on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/scottcote