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  • 1. God’s Existence
  • 2. Prepared By: Samir Saxena T.Y. Bcom Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce
  • 3. God- A Myth or a Rational Perspective Today if you mention God then you’ll probably get a negative reaction . It has become the trend to get on with life and not bother to ask the question whether there is a God or not . In fact this question was not even asked much in the days of old , when you simply had to believe in God or be persecuted . Therefore, it is not surprising that people find it easy to believe that the existence of God is a myth , simply because they have never thought deeply about the idea. It is because people continued to believe in God blindly , i.e. Blind Faith , rather than use ration . But let us deal with both arguments - for and against the existence of a creator - from a rational perspective .
  • 4. The Day, the Night, the Sun and the Moon This universe sings a different tune… I think of the founder of this caul But I wonder who is the creator of this All..
  • 5. Common Argument A common argument of all religions is that God is the God of many abstract attributes such as Love , Peace , and Mercy which indeed are admirable qualities for human beings to aspire to. This characterization of God is based upon an implicit assumption that God can be likened to human beings thus the attempt to understand God in a human framework . Accordingly, we find in some societies such as early Greek that individual gods are used to represent single human attributes , and other cultures gods have quality to reproduce .
  • 6. The question is whether the essence of an unlimited Creator is understandable through a limited , imperfect human mind when God lies beyond our perception ? Rational thought would dictate that if God exists then knowledge of God’s attributes can only come from Itself . Therefore, famine in the world leading to deaths of millions would not deny the justice , mercy or love of a supposed God , but would only if one attributed the human essence to God . Similarly, if one understands God as the Governor and controller of the Universe then the notion of God dying is nonsensical. This is the failure of Christianity and indeed all religions, as their belief becomes a matter of ‘Blind Faith’. Consequently, they allow themselves to be plagued by rational contradictions that inevitably lead to intellectual refutation.
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