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Speechquest Speechquest Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction Parts of Speech
    • The parts of speech tells how a word works in a sentence.
    • The parts of speech are noun, pronoun, verb,adjective, adverb, interjection, preposition and conjunction.
    • Each one has a important job to do.
    • Knowing the parts of speech of a word will help you understand the word and use it correctly in your writing.
  • TASK
    • To recognize and use parts of speech in sentences and to enhance the reading ,speaking,listening and writing skills of the students from different cultural background.
  • Process
            • The strategy I would use to accomplish this goal is Co-operative learning groups.Cooperative learning is an instructional strategy in which students at various performance level work together in small groups to accomplish a collective task .The students are expected to complete the task without direct or immediate teacher intervention.
            • First step is to make four stations.Each station will have different types of activities.Station 1.will have flash cards to sort.Station 2 ,will have some worksheets in which they will fill in the missing words and MCQs.
            • Station 3,will contain some audio visual aids and Station 4 will have some art activities integrated with ELA. This strategy is very effective for all learning style.Students benefit academically ,socially and personally.
  • Information Resources Some resources are given below to explore the information about parts of speech. http://www.gamequarium.com/ http//:nettrekker. com www.quia.com www.how-to-study.com
  • Evaluation Enrichment exercise given to some students which helped them to perform well.Matching words and definitions were useful to review. Children were asked to write paragraph using different parts of speech. On this page you will find the various different rubrics that I used to grade the work.
  • Writing Scoring Rubric Fragments & Simple Limited to simple sentence Some sentence errors Excellent flow & rhythm Sentences No persuasive words used. Few words used Good use of words Effective use of words Word Choice No sense Little sense Sense of Caring Concerned Voice No introduction Weak Interesting Strong Organization/paragraph Weak Not clearly Stated Clear Excellent Focus/Ideas 1 2 3 4 Score
  • Conclusion
    • Children will be assessed through teacher observation and written reflection.
    • Self evaluation and peer evaluation form will be given to check the level of understanding.
    • Other teachers will be invited to give suggestions.
  • I Hope You Learned Something Today BY:- Rahila Rashid