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  • 1. Apartheid By: Peter Gagliardi
  • 2. Essential Question
    • What Was the Point of Segregation and How Did it Hurt Blacks/Benefit Whites?
  • 3. Prior Knowledge/ Why I Chose This Topic
    • I knew that Apartheid was a set of laws that discriminated South Africans by race, and took away their rights.
    • I chose this topic because in our textbook, I first heard of it but it really didn’t go into details about what started apartheid and what it actually did.
  • 4. Before Apartheid
    • England goes to South Africa and Conquer Dutch.
    • Dutch establish Orange Free State and Transvaal (these were free of British rule)
    • Diamonds are found, and British invade and start the Boer War
    • Whites start making Blacks work for them
    • Only towns under British rule, like Cape town, were non racist
  • 5. Before Apartheid (cont.)
    • Blacks needed passports to gain access to white only areas, but they couldn’t get into white only areas that gave the passports out.
    • Blacks and whites start fighting over mines (like the Rand rebellion).
    • This was a color bar but eventually transitioned to apartheid
  • 6. Start of Apartheid
    • Afrikaner National Party starts apartheid to gain more power over the black majority
    • They separated South Africans into Black, White, Colored and Asian groups
    • This was based on appearance, acceptance and decent.
  • 7. Start of Apartheid (cont.)
    • They created homelands to separate blacks from the rest of the country
    • Blacks tried to fight back by boycotting passports, although many were killed or sent to jail in the process
    • These laws stripped blacks of their basic rights like the right to vote and they didn’t get good education
  • 8. Computers and Apartheid
    • Police and other leaders used computers to keep track of and to control apartheid
    • This made South Africa depend on computers
    • IBM was the biggest supplier of computers to South Africa
    • At the time, South Africa was the third biggest buyer of computers in the world
  • 9. More About Computers and Apartheid
    • During the cold war, there was a stop in supplying South Africa with new computers.
    • This made South African leaders annoyed, but it didn’t help much to put a major dent in apartheid
  • 10. End of Apartheid
    • Blacks and whites protested by violence, strikes, demonstrations, and sabotage
    • Technology was withdrawn from South Africa
    • Apartheid started to die
    • New leaders who came to power relaxed rules of Apartheid
    • President Frederik Willem de Klerk passed laws to end apartheid
  • 11. Aftermath
    • Nelson Mandela, a former peaceful protester gets elected as president of South Africa
    • Since blacks were stripped of education, there is now a problem of getting them the educations they need
  • 12. Did You Know?
    • During WWI & WWII, blacks were able to get better jobs because the war effort needed extra metal, so there were more jobs in the mines, although after these periods, it went back down to the normal unfairness of apartheid
  • 13. My New Questions
    • Was there any big story on one of the specific homelands about protesting?
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