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Technology Research

  1. 1. Edu 201 Spring 2009 TaShawna Morgan
  2. 2. This semester has introduced to many things  concerning teaching that I never in a million years thought existed. Every moment I was more intrigued by each piece of technology taught to me that can be used in the classroom. I will use this presentation to explain a few learned classroom alternatives and why they should be used to help students.
  3. 3. I have learned that using technology in the  classroom is a better method of teaching than sitting in front of a blackboard taking notes while listening to a lecture. Through past experiences of being a student, I know it didn’t work for me when I was younger and it rarely helps now. Like many students , I learn by interaction and being involved in the learning process. Incorporating technology in the class is very beneficial.
  4. 4. A child spends 5 days a week in a classroom and  within those 5 days , they watch television at least 6 days out of the week . 9 times out of 10 , a child would be able to recite what happened on their favorite show moreover how to solve a hard math equation. Point blank, most people love movies . One of the assignments I used was making a five minute movie, and honestly it helped me as a college student in another class and it also helped a former teacher . Students are more attentive with the movie. This is not to say that movies should be used for every assignment, it just means that movies are more helpful than harmful
  5. 5. This is another assignment that can be great for all  age groups. This is an incredible way fro teachers to teach as if they were a tour guide in a museum. I would agree that actually visiting a museum is a great idea as well, but for quick ,convenient and fun, a tour in a virtual museum is the way to go! By computer students can learn about a particular topic by “trekking” through the interactive museum. I was exciting using the museum and creating one on my own. When I was younger, Power Points were the best thing in school. Now with technology changing rapidly everyday, using a museum is very efficient.
  6. 6. Just about every person in America has an iPod or  knows someone that has one. The iPod creation that we were shown in class would assist in the classroom and at home, because students would be more apt to use an iPod over a textbook. At some point and time teachers should see that involving what students enjoy has a very postive effect on learning. Before this class a method of studying for me was making flash card. With the power of technology, flash cards can be made to use on an iPod as well. Doing this students are learning while doing something that they enjoy.
  7. 7. I believe that this is by far one of the BEST  forms of technology that I have been introduced to. Words really cant explain how useful a flip chart can be for a student. This is a great interactive tool to use along with a promethean board. In my opinion, a flip chart is a sure way that a teacher knows that their class is involved in class learning. Anything from a curriculum lesson to educational games can be created using a flip chart.
  8. 8. This semester has taught me so much of how I  can better myself as a future teacher and keeping up with the rapid changes in technology. I am excited to have been shown a few ways to bring technology in the classroom positively and I hopefully this presentation has shown a piece of what I have learned.