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  • 1. Italy Amber Derouin
  • 2. Top 5 Sights
    • Rome – There is a historic feeling in this part of the country
    • Florence – where the renaissance were born
    • Venice – this place is all water, not only that but the only way to travel is boat
    • Cinque Terra – a breath taking sight see of a wonderful view of what Italy is about
    • Sicily- has a country feel and there are gorgeous buildings
    • Each city has its own feeling and culture: they’re all unique
  • 3. All roads Lead to Rome
    • At one time all roads in Italy did lead to Rome
    • This helped with trade and communication
    • All the roads led you to a place called the Coliseum
  • 4. Geography
    • Italy is boot shaped that is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea
    • This country also contains a lot of mountains on it’s surface
  • 5. Wine
    • Wine is very important in Italy
    • Most Italians drink a glass of red wine at dinner
    • 1/4 of Italy’s land is covered with vineyards
  • 6. Traditional Italian Foods
    • ‘ Nduja is a hot sausage with red peppers
    • Baccalàis codfish that has been dried and salted
    • Gnocchi is dumplings and usually fettuccini Alfredo (the dumplings are made up of potatoes and meat)
  • 7. Historic Buildings
    • Piazza dei Mercanti in Malin
    • The Leaning Towers of Pisa in Florence
    • Coliseum in Rome
  • 8. Religions
    • 90 percent today are Catholics
    • Catholics in the late 1800s went to a catholic school
    • Around 200 B.C. they believed there were many gods (named after the planets)
  • 9. The Golden Age
    • In the Renaissance peopled traded, art become more popular and technology improved
    • People in this time period started to experiment more by draw upside down, writing books and sacrificing people and animals for God
  • 10. Celebrities
    • Celebrities that are Italian
    • Carolina Kostner (figure skater)
    • Sophia Loren (actor)
    • Giada De Laurentiis (cook)
  • 11. Leaders
    • Caesar was the leader when Italy was entering there Golden Age now the leader is an republican, Giorgio Napolitano.
  • 12. Pompeii
    • Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD killing all
    • We know this by the city that was found and the plastered body
    • Most were killed by lava, heat and ashes but some were trampled or drowned
  • 13. Animals Native to the Area
    • Wild goats called muflani
    • Red deer
    • Roe deer
    • Honey Buzzards (bird)
  • 14. Revolving Fashion
    • Around 200 BC they were wearing white sheets draped a special way
    • Today in Sardinia there traditional clothes are red with white aprons
  • 15. Bibliography
    • Wikipedia
    • Italian clothes .com