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  • 1. Welcome to AFRICA!
  • 2. Africa is the 2 nd largest continent in the world, next to Asia.
  • 3. Africa is HUGE!
      • Africa is almost an island.
    Egypt connects to Asia. Africa is about 4 times the size of the United States.
  • 4.
    • Africa has a flag to represent each of their countries, just like we have a flag. Here are six to show you.
    Facts about Africa
  • 5. Countries in Africa also have presidents, just like we have a president. USA’s president George W. Bush South Africa’s president Nelson Mandela
  • 6.
    • There are about 748 million people living in Africa.
    • Many of them are children like you!
    What about the people?
  • 7. Let’s take a look at the children in Africa. They like to play... dress up… and read! Just like you!
  • 8. Here are some of the books they read. They are all written in a language called Swahili . Swahili is one of many languages spoken in Africa.
  • 9. Swahili is different than English.
  • 10. Look at this school in Africa! The students go to school in a mud and stick hut. But they're still happy!
  • 11. Not all children go to such schools! Look at these kids. This boy is working at his desk. These boys have to wear uniforms to school.
  • 12. Children in Africa are even involved in other activities. This is a group of children singing in a choir.
  • 13. Children in Africa love to play sports just as much as you do! Boy’s football Girls’ Football
  • 14. Some children have to make their own balls. This ball is being made with paper and string. Homemade balls are just as fun!