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Is global warming a myth
Is global warming a myth
Is global warming a myth
Is global warming a myth
Is global warming a myth
Is global warming a myth
Is global warming a myth
Is global warming a myth
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Is global warming a myth


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A great presentation on global warming

A great presentation on global warming

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  • 1. Is Global warming a myth? By Akshay Sivarajan
  • 2. Some Evidence for Global warming
    • Gradually the Carbon dioxide emissions have increased.
    As you can see the majority of the world has undergone a gradually heating effect.
  • 3. Melting Ice Caps
    • Arctic ice caps shrink to smallest ever size .
    • A team of UK researchers claims to have new evidence that global warming is melting the ice in Antarctica faster than had previously been thought.
    • The Arctic climate varies naturally, but the researchers conclude that human-induced global warming is at least partially responsible.
  • 4. Rising Sea Levels
    • Global average sea levels have risen by 10 - 25 cms over the past 100 years.
    • This is due, not only to melting polar ice and glaciers adding extra water to the seas, but to the sea water expanding as it heats up.
  • 5. The Greenhouse Effect
    • The greenhouse effect is the rise in temperature that the Earth experiences because certain gases in the atmosphere water vapour, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane, for example) trap energy from the sun.
    • Without these gases, heat would escape back into space and Earth’s average temperature would be about 60ºF colder. Because of how they warm our world, these gases are referred to as greenhouse gases.
    • Most mainstream scientists believe a human-driven increase in "greenhouse gases" is increasing the effect artificially.
    • As the world warms, the outlook for all life forms looks bleak, unless we can turn down the heat by reducing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • 6. The Greenhouse Effect
  • 7. Global Dimming
    • Burning Of Fossil Fuels Is Creating Two Effects
    • Greenhouse gases that cause global warming
    • By-products which are pollutants that cause global dimming.
    • Fossil fuel use, as well as producing greenhouse gases, creates other by-products. These by-products are also pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide, soot, and ash. These pollutants however, also change the properties of clouds.
    • This then makes those clouds more reflective. More of the sun’s heat and energy is therefore reflected back into space.
  • 8.