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10 Simple Web Strategies Final
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10 Simple Web Strategies Final


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A web marketing roadmap for success in 2010 presented by Tom Casale and Bill Kamper, Principals, Simplified Solutions - a Chicago online marketing agency.

A web marketing roadmap for success in 2010 presented by Tom Casale and Bill Kamper, Principals, Simplified Solutions - a Chicago online marketing agency.

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

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  • 1. Web Marketing Webinars a simplified session
  • 2. 10 Simple Strategies to Make your Web Marketing Click Presented by Tom Casale [email_address] Bill Kamper [email_address]
  • 3. What is your Marketing Objective?
    • Drive leads! Drive sales!
    • Increase awareness of products or services
    • Drive traffic to your brick and mortar, website or online store.
    • Encourage trial or leads.
    • Enhance or manage your reputation online.
    • Leverage existing consumer and customer. relationships for incremental business.
    • Higher Prestige/Industry Leader.
    • Drive leads! Drive sales!
  • 4. So where do you start?
  • 5. #1. Develop a comprehensive online marketing plan “ You will now have a starting place and a destination, and you will be able to determine what it will cost you to get there. You will be going someplace.” H. Stanley Judd
  • 6. Developing an Online Marketing Plan
    • What do we know? Where do you want to go?
    • What is your current presence in relevant online channels?
    • Are you getting all the traffic you need? Why not?
    • How does your potential customer or client use online media?
    • What are the best channels to engage customers, and how?
    • What is your competition doing?
    • What is your conversion rate? How can we do better?
    • What kind budget do you need to be effective?
    • What are the best measurements for ROI?
    Multiple Online Channels
  • 7. Create a Roadmap for Success
    • A well-thought out roadmap will…
    • Point you in the right direction
    • Keep you from veering off course.
    • Identify the quickest routes by which you can reach your business goals.
    • Save you time.
    • Help you to budget.
    • Syncrohonize with your company's goals.
    • Be in control.
    How to get from here to there
  • 8. #2. Research words that potential customers use to search online for your type of business online “ 27 billion online searches were performed in the US alone in December 2009.” comScore
  • 9. A Word About Keywords
    • Understanding how keywords are used in searches is the life blood of a successful online marketing plan.
    • Keywords research can tell us which terms are most competitive and relevant for your business in online searches.
    • All your online content should be seeded with these keywords.
    • Invest in Keyword Research!
    Short-tail vs. Long-tail Phrase Cheesy example: Instead of just cheese>cheese platters>gourmet cheese platters>European gourmet cheese platters... with delivery... in Chicago... South Loop.
  • 10. #3. Make your website “ Google-friendly” “ Google sites ranked as the top search property worldwide with 87.8 billion searches in December 2009, or 66.8 percent of the global search market.” comScore
  • 11. Optimize Your Website
    • The key to higher search rankings is effectively using searchable keywords to optimized all of the site’s pages.
    • If your web pages are not indexed in the first 30 listings then you are missing traffic
    Rank Higher in Organic Searches
  • 12. A Case Study: Ten East Delaware
    • Every page on the website must use unique keyword combinations relevant to that pages content
    • Page titles
    • Headlines
    • Copy
    • Logos
    • Images
    • Links
  • 13. A Case Study: Ten East Delaware Ranked in the top ten for five key pages
  • 14. #4. Get to the top of the search engines - now!
  • 15. Paid Search (Pay-per-click)
    • Drive substantial qualified traffic by “buying” specific keyword terms for your ad. to appear at the top of search listings or on relevant websites.
    • You only pay for performance!
    Google Adwords Social Media PPC Banner & Affiliate Ads
  • 16. #5. Spread your good news over the web
  • 17. Online PR
    • Distribute keyword-rich company news through multiple syndication channels.
    • Promote events, new business, research, new services and products, key hires, etc.
    • Positive news appears in searches, industry blogs and online media channels
    • A few examples:
    Fill Multiple Channels With Your News
  • 18. #6. Get social!
  • 19. Social Media
    • Use the power of social networks to maximize your exposure in relevant social media spaces
    • - Make connections
    • - Share news
    • - Listen and Learn
    • - Collaborate
    • - Engage
    • - Go Viral
    • Every space is different. Each must have a unique plan in place.
    What is the best use of social media?
  • 20. Social Media
    • Build your own internal social networks for collaboration.
    • Join industry or association groups and forums for networking.
    • Build alliances and contacts, improve feedback, share knowledge, or learn something new.
  • 21. #7. Leverage email marketing to promote your business and build relationships
  • 22. Email/Loyalty Marketing
    • Build an permission-based marketing program to highlight new products or services, promote events, showcase videos, provide helpful tips and industry insight, conduct surveys, or make an exclusive offer.
    • Benefits: Timely touch points, stronger relationships, metrics, and drive sales.
  • 23. #8: Be an Industry leader!
  • 24. Blog Marketing & Thought-leadership
    • Write about what you know! Be the expert!
    • Create awareness, reinforce your thought leadership (expertise), and raise your visibility in search engines.
    • Search engines favor blog content.
    • Content can include keywords that your site might not be able to maximize.
    • PLUS blogs send tons of links back to your website (Google loves that).
    • Example: and
  • 25. #9: Tell a powerful story with hi-impact video
  • 26. Video Marketing
    • 38% of all searches are video-related - Get found!
    • Video is powerful visual demonstration and story telling too.l
    • Showcase your products, services, or company in action.
    • Distribute to over 20+ video channels and through your email campaigns.
    • Optimize with video-related keywords.
  • 27. #10. Broadcast your meeting or make a presentation over the web
  • 28. Webcasting and Webinars
    • Broadcast your message to a wider audience for sales presentations, panel discussions and internal meetings with multi-media interactive webcasts.
    • Communicate and showcase your services and products to clients, field offices, or association members.
    • Save time and money.
    Interactive Meeting and Presentations
  • 29. Webcasting and Webinars
    • Interactive Meeting
    • and Presentations
  • 30. #Bonus: Link up with your industry for better search results
  • 31. Linking and Directories
    • Search engines reward websites that have relevant links to other sites or blogs.
    • Linking from industry directories, association, and partners sites will help increase traffic to your site.
    • For example:
    Create listing and links
  • 32. Got Questions? Give Tom or Bill a call at 312-846-7669 Tom Casale [email_address] Bill Kamper [email_address]
  • 33. Simplified Workshops Coming this Spring Give Tom or Bill a call at 312-846-7669
    • Hands-On Training
      • Getting Google Friendly
      • Going 2.0 and Beyond
      • Email Maximization
      • Blog Maximization
    Stay tuned for dates and location