Vocab Vocab Overview Genetics
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  • 1. Allele allele allele
  • 2. Allele allele allele one form of a gene
  • 3. Chromosome
  • 4. Chromosome A bundle of dna that has many different genes
  • 5. Codominance
  • 6. Codominance When both alleles of a gene show up as a trait
  • 7. Dominant Allele B, W, F, T, A The trait or allele that always shows up over a recessive allele.
  • 8. Dominant Allele B, W, F, T, A
  • 9. Recessive Allele d, b, t, w, a
  • 10. Recessive Allele d, b, t, w, a The trait or allele that will not show up in the presence of a dominant allele.
  • 11. Gene Gene
  • 12. Gene Gene A segment of a chromosome that codes for one specific trait. Usually made of two alleles.
  • 13. Genetics
  • 14. Genetics The study of heredity or how traits are passed from parents to offspring
  • 15. Genotype Bb, WW, cc,
  • 16. Genotype Bb, WW, cc, The genetic makeup of an organism.
  • 17. Phenotype Example. Orange head, white body, long fins, fat belly.
  • 18. Phenotype Example. Orange head, white body, long fins, fat belly. An organisms set of traits.
  • 19. Heredity
  • 20. Heredity The process of traits being passed from parents to offspring.
  • 21. Heterozygous Bb
  • 22. Heterozygous Bb When two alleles for a gene are different.
  • 23. Homozygous BB
  • 24. Homozygous BB When two alleles for a gene are identical.
  • 25. Hybrid
  • 26. Hybrid An organism that has a mixture of traits.
  • 27. Incomplete Dominance
  • 28. Incomplete Dominance When a trait for a dominant allele blends with the traits for a recessive allele.
  • 29. Meiosis
  • 30. Meiosis The process of creating four sex cells with half the number of chromosomes as the original.
  • 31. Mitosis
  • 32. Mitosis The process of making an exact copy of a cell.
  • 33. Mutations
  • 34. Mutations When a gene or DNA becomes changed.
  • 35. Probability
  • 36. Probability The likeliness of something happening.
  • 37. Punnett Square
  • 38. Punnett Square A chart used to calculate the probability of offspring getting certain traits.
  • 39. Purebred
  • 40. Purebred When an organism has genes with all of the same alleles. All genes are homozygous.
  • 41. Selective Breeding
  • 42. Selective Breeding When you control what traits an organism has by selecting to breed parents with desired traits.
  • 43. Trait
  • 44. Trait A physical feature of an organism such as hair color.
  • 45. Asexual Reproduction
  • 46. Asexual Reproduction Reproduction involving only one parent
  • 47. Sexual Reproduction
  • 48. Sexual Reproduction Reproduction involving more than one parent
  • 49. Genetic Engineering
  • 50. Genetic Engineering Changing an organisms genes in order to control it's traits
  • 51. Offspring
  • 52. Offspring new organisms produced by a living thing