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Gonzalez Contract Services slide presentation.

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Gonzalez Contract Services

  1. 1. Contract Services Contract Services
  2. 2. Contract Services Providing skilled and qualified contract staffing to industrial and commercial clients worldwide. Services Provided: Long Term Contract Employees Temporary Placements Temporary to Permanent Direct Placement Master Vendor Services
  3. 3. Long Term Contract Employees Long Term Assignments (Six Months or Longer) Comprehensive Benefits including; Health & Dental Insurance Life & Disability Insurance Vacation & Holiday Pay
  4. 4. Temporary Placements Fill Temporary Needs Can be utilized as a screening period to evaluate prospective employees Can be converted to Long Term assignments or Direct Hire by Customer. (Temporary to Permanent)
  5. 5. Direct Placement Recruitment of Personnel to fill immediate needs for Permanent Positions. A cost effective way of finding the best personnel to help your company grow.
  6. 6. Master Vendor Services A customized program to meet all of your staffing needs managed by a single source. All suppliers monitored and audited to guarantee testing, screening and insurance compliance. A cost effective tool to reduce cost and provide uniform services throughout your organization.
  7. 7. Employee Skill Sets Designers Construction Engineers Clerical Technicians Administrative Skilled Traded PLC Programmers General Labor Robot Programmers IT Personnel And Many More...
  8. 8. Screening Process Drug Testing Math Education Comprehension Verification Employee Background Reading Screening Checks Comprehension Process Detailed Manual Testing For Dexterity Specific Evaluation Pre-Employment Positions Pre- Personality Assessments
  9. 9. Pre-Employment Assessment Pre-employment Personality Assessments are a powerful tool used to predict the success or failure of a candidate Ongoing evaluation of employees fine tunes the program utilizing data specific to your organization Evaluation Criteria Includes: Drug/Alcohol Tolerance Punctuality/Attendance Attitudes Work Ethic
  10. 10. Awards and Certifications One of the first Service Companies Recognized by Ford Motor Company. Minority Certifications ISO 9001:2000 include: Registered National, Since 1999 Michigan, Carolinas’ and Texas
  11. 11. Local, National, International
  12. 12. 30 Years of Satisfied Customers Ford Motor Company ABB General Motors American Axle BMW Lear Corporation CRH Pulte Home Sciences DaimlerChrysler Visteon Delphi SEW Eurodrive EDS Siemens Electronics
  13. 13. Results Reduced Turnover Higher Productivity Reduced Training Expense Accurate Identification of: Candidates that will succeed and elimination of Candidates that will fail
  14. 14. Contract Services Contract Services