Animal Abuse


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how you can help stop animal abuse!

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  • See if she is aggressive and or nervous. See if she has adequate shelter and if she’s on a chain.
  • Animal Abuse

    1. 1. By Katilyn Boyer
    2. 2. ♫ In many circuses, wild and exotic animals are trained through the use of intimidation and physical abuse. ♫ Eighteen red foxes are killed to make one fox-fur coat, 55 minks to make a mink coat. ♫ Scientists believe that around 100 species become extinct every day. But these are just some facts…
    3. 3. ♫ The amount of cases reported in the United States last year were 1,670. ♫ Just in Ohio alone, last year, there were a reported 66 cases. ♫ Of these cases, 29 were neglect and 9 were shooting.
    4. 4. Passive Abuse Active Abuse ♫ Starvation ♫ Malicious intent ♫ Dehydration ♫ Intimidation to ♫ Parasite Infestation family members by abusing animal ♫ Inadequate shelter ♫ Flexing their power ♫ Failure to seek by hitting animal veterinary care
    5. 5. ♫ Observe the animals condition. ♫ Pay close attention the animals environment. ♫ Look for food and water bowls. ♫ Touch the animals skin to see if she will let you get close enough to her. ♫ Lastly, interact with the animal.
    6. 6. ♫ Dirty, matted, and smelly fur abuse from another person ♫ Seeing a person physically ♫ Constantly left alone and abuse the animal barking due to no attention ♫ Neglecting needs (i.e. given inadequate medical ♫ Aggressiveness towards care, food, fresh water or humans and animals proper shelter) ♫ Being tied up to a short chain ♫ Shying away from people or in a cage and or for long ♫ Visible bones due to periods of time, malnutrition ♫ Surroundings are ♫ Visible signs of bad health dirty, walking or sleeping in ♫ Always nervous his or her own feces ♫ Scars and or bruises ♫ Afraid of owner ♫ When you put your hand up or reach out to pet it, it yelps with fear due to previous
    7. 7. ♫ The ASPCA website is a great place to go to report neglected animals. ♫ But around here you can get in touch with the law enforcement. ♫ Or you can contact our local human society.
    8. 8. ♫ You can help an animal recover by adopting one! You have some extra space? Don’t go to the pet store go to a shelter! ♫ You can also suggest to other people to adopt. ♫ You can put up flyers outside of your local gas station. ♫ Or you could just visit the shelter every once in awhile to talk to the animals. ♫ Let’s say you want to earn some extra money, try applying at your local shelter.
    9. 9. ♫ These animals have been rescued by the ASPCA. ♫ These were all abused in some form. ♫ They are currently up for adoption.
    10. 10. ♫ You can help by volunteering at your local shelter. ♫ Also, by making people around you aware. ♫ You can easily donate a little money to shelters and places that hold abused animals. ♫ Adopt!
    11. 11. ♫ Make sure they have food and water out for them. ♫ If you travel, hire someone to simply spend time with your pet. ♫ If you are at work a lot out your pet outside in a fenced area so it doesn’t feel to alone.
    12. 12. ♫ Did you know, its been proven people with animals live 5-10 years longer? ♫ They also make amazing guard animals. ♫ Interaction with loving, attentive pets can enrich the quality of life for people of all ages, especially those with special needs. ♫ Also, they can become therapy animals!
    13. 13. ♫ Teach your children to be gentle and loving with animals. ♫ Tell them, animals have souls too and you wouldn’t want their feelings hurt. ♫ Also, have them feed the pet or take it out.
    14. 14. ♫ You cannot abandon your pet. ♫ You cannot inflict pain upon your pet. ♫ You cannot drug your pet in any way. ♫ You cannot injure your pet. These are pretty straight-forward but keep them in mind if you see an animal being left out in the rain or snow without shelter, or if the animal is going hungry.
    15. 15. ♫ Puppy mills are mass dog- breeding operations. ♫ The dogs are left in unsanitary conditions. ♫ Often after the mother cannot breed she is killed. ♫ Profit is put over the well- being of the dogs. ♫ Many of the dogs are sold to pet stores and usually have a lot of problems.
    16. 16. ♫ Dog fighting happens all over America and you don’t even know it. ♫ The dogs are forced to fight and the trainers get the profit. ♫ Pit bulls are usually used and the dogs often die.
    17. 17. ♫ Created by Katilyn Boyer. ♫ Images from Google images and the ASPCA website. ♫ Information from ASPCA