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Ukr Helicopters2009 For Send

  2. 2. CJSC Ukrainian Helicopters was founded on December 10, 2002. It is the largest helicopter Aviation Company in Ukraine. Rotary Wing Sky Workers
  3. 3. PARTICIPATION OF THE AVIATION COMPANY CJSC “UKRAINIAN HELICOPTERS” IN INTERNATIONAL AND PEACEKEEPING OPERATIONS OF THE UNITED NATIONATIONS ORGANIZATION In 2005-2009 Aviation Company took an active part in eight humanitarian operations of the United Nations World Food Programme and in 4 peacekeeping missions of the United Nations Department for Peace Keeping Operations. According to the UN data for that period of time helicopters of the Aviation Company “Ukrainian Helicopters”: - Evacuated 19,486 people which have suffered from floods, earthquakes, tsunami and other natural disasters and military conflicts as well; - Carried 69,148 peacekeepers and UN civilian personnel; - Delivered to natural disaster areas 12,290.85 tons of humanitarian cargoes- medicines and medical equipment, food and drinking water, tents, blankets etc. Company achievements are verified by the statistic data of the UN missions and formal results of accomplished UN operations: 2008-2009 – UN peacekeeping missions in Sudanese province of Darfur (UNAMID) and Republic of Sudan (UNMIS), Republic of Cote d’Ivoire (ONUCI), Republic of Haiti (MINUSTAH); UN World Food Programme humanitarian flood relief operations in Mozambique and Madagascar, tsunami relief operation in the Republic of Myanmar. As of 01 May 2009 company helicopters transported: -  0,885 local people which have suffered from military conflicts; 2 - 1,112 people which have suffered from natural disasters; - 41,771 peacekeepers and UN civilian personnel; - 2,890.89 tons of humanitarian cargoes. 2007 – UN stabilization mission in the Republic of Haiti (MINUSTAH); UN WFP floods relief operations in Kenya, Somali, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique and Madagascar: As per the UN official data company helicopters transported: - 6,492 peacekeepers and UN civilian personnel;
  4. 4. - 1,783 people which have suffered from floods, earthquakes, tsunami and other natural disasters and military conflicts as well; - 2,692.63 tons of humanitarian cargoes. 2006 – UN WFP humanitarian floods relief missions in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia; civilians rescue operation in Beirut (Lebanon) during Israel- Lebanon conflict. In total company helicopters transported: - 701 rescue workers, doctors and UN WFP personnel; - 304 diplomatic personnel and civilians which have suffered from military conflict; -  ,403 local people which have suffered from natural disaster; 1 - 2,124.80 tons of humanitarian cargoes. -  005-2006 – UN WFP humanitarian earthquake relief operation in 2 Pakistan: In total company helicopters transported: - 4,727 rescue workers, doctors and UN WFP personnel; - 9,456 injured people and UN WFP personnel which have suffered from earthquake; - 4,582.53 tons of humanitarian cargoes. Volodymyr Tkachenko General Director
  5. 5. і і ’ This is a “repair stock” that is used to be rented to the Company. The rest is to be installed owing to the considerable efforts of Ukrainian Helicopters: renewed engine units, modern equipment, avionics that meet the international requirements to the quality and the reliability of the aerial operations. Our working style obliges us to k e e p t h e f u t u re a n d t h e perspectives in mind.
  6. 6. і і
  7. 7. The Pakistani boys displayed considerable interest to the helicopter with flag of Ukraine painted on the hull side і і і і і і і і . і і Disembarkation of helicopters from board the aircraft An-124 in Pakistan Soothing pain of a casualty
  8. 8. Evacuation of population from the area damaged by earthquake і і і і . Helicopter doesn’t have to land if it is necessary to carry an urgent cargo
  9. 9. Children Leaving of Pakistan Evacuation destroyed homes The taut metre of the operations Flood first… …and drought next 11
  10. 10. Somalia: Bread for Life Approaching the Kenya: local people receiving humanitarian Lebanesedelivered by Ukrainian Helicopters cargo coast
  11. 11. і : і і і Helicopter is the only conveyance і able to deliver seeds and food to , these Ethiopian peasants “ ї ” Approaching the Lebanese coast Would their childhood Approaching the be more happy! і Lebanese coast і і і
  12. 12. In 2006 Company performed rescue operations and logistical humanitarian support in the Middle East, as per request of Canadian Government. Approaching to Beirut Hundreds of civilians, foreign experts, representatives of diplomatic missions were evacuated from Beirut which heavily suffered from armed conflict. For many of them it was the first opportunity to meet Ukrainian pilots and their reliable aircraft. Company work were highly estimated by the Canadian Government. Approaching the Lebanese coast Approaching the Evacuation Lebanese coast
  13. 13. і : і і і і –є і і , , “ ї і і і ” і Approaching the Lebanese coast In October 2007ї the є of our Company continued to participate in the UN Approaching pilots і WFP humanitarian mission in Uganda. Lebanese coastі і і і
  14. 14. 27
  15. 15. Those endless flooded areas of Far East country of Myanmar had been seen by Ukrainian pilots who came there to participate in tsunami relief operation in summer 2008. More than one and a half million of people have been displaced. And in this situation Ukrainian Helicopters came to help them – 2 helicopters and company’s personnel fulfilled their obligations perfectly in that far off country. Approaching the Lebanese coast Regardless of the helpless situation, Myanmar people were confident that help would definitely come. ї є Approaching the і Lebanese coastі і і і
  16. 16. UN PEACEKEEPING OPERATIONS Since September 2007 our crews have being fulfilling UN tasks in the Republic of Haiti. The purpose of those tasks is to maintain democratic principles and to create favorable conditions for economic progress in that country. Apart from the humanitarian tasks, company helicopters are widely used for the UN peacekeeping forces redeployment to maintain peace, law and order in the country.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Thus, total quantity of company’s helicopters engaged in the UN peacekeeping missions raised to thirteen units within the period of September 2007 to the beginning of 2009. The Company takes an active part in the UN flight safety and aviation security programs. Flight and maintenance staff members are the leading specialists in their professional areas. Their achievements have been recognized by the UN officers many times.
  19. 19. CLOSED JOINT STOCK COMPANY ENVIRONMENTAL MISSIONS The forest firefighting operations performed by the Company in Portugal in 2004, can be considered a rescue operation too, because the country was in an emergency situation and people were threatened by fire. The crews demonstrated their ability to utilize efficiently the spillway devices (Bambi Bucket) on the external sling, and to coordinate their actions with the local fire-brigades in difficult operative conditions. The Company received favorable references from the National Service for Fire Fighting and the Ministry of Internal Administration of Portugal. Saving the forest (Portugal) і ( і ) Helicopter assault against the fire forces (Turkey)
  20. 20. CLOSED JOINT STOCK COMPANY The pilots of the Company managed to save thousands of hectares of green woodlands from destruction and received positive reference concerning successful and efficient work of its flight personnel in Turkey. . Our helicopters saved thousands of hectares of green woodlands Ready for a training flight “Bambi Bucket” і є 3
  21. 21.
  22. 22. First Deputy Emergency Control Minister V.M. Antonets who was directly managing the operations, pointed out a high professionalism of the pilots who conducted flights and mentioned that the crew of Ukrainian Helicopters acted well and all liquid layers were precious. “I’m happy that we have the aviation company that is able professionally conduct such a complicated tasks” he said. Aviation Company “Ukrainian Helicopters” has a lot of positive references regarding its activity including nature protection. We do realize the cost of losses incurred by people in any country of the world due to ecological disaster. That is why all efforts applied to natural protection are considered by our pilots as a major one, so such work and its evaluation make them to proud.
  23. 23. CLOSED JOINT STOCK COMPANY In 2005 pilot-instructors of Ukrainian Helicopters performed flight trainings for Portuguese, Senegal pilots and pilots of the British Royal Air Forces on the helicopters Mi-8MTV-1 (Mi-17-1B).
  24. 24. і і
  25. 25. Pilots and technicians in Pakistan More than 40 per cent of Ukrainian Helicopters employees are the former officers of Ground Attack Aviation who were transferred to reserve due to reforming of Ukrainian Military Forces. They are characterized as a disciplined and liable people that is very important when they are performing company’s tasks. The urgent matter і Key personnel includes highly qualified top managers who combines considerable experience of aviation work in international market with strategic thinking, oriented on expansion and perfection of Company’s activity.
  26. 26. MAINTENANCE Big advantage of the aviation company is its self-dependence while solving tasks of aircraft maintenance and maintaining their airworthiness. This work is ensured by 70 highly qualified engineers and technical specialists with huge experience in maintenance of rotary wing aircraft. Maintenance base in Pakistan Main certified maintenance and repair base of the aviation company is at Kakhnovka airport, near Kremenchug, Ukraine. Also, certified maintenance bases are simultaneously organized in all places of exercising of large-scale aviation work. Such bases have been equipped in Braga (Portugal), Manavgat (Turkey), Abbottabad and Muzafarabad (Pakistan), Gasissa (Kenya), Khartoum and Nyala (Sudan), Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire). Technicians are preparing helicopter Preparatory procedures before for embarkation the mission flight on board the aircraft An-124
  27. 27. Missions of the Company 2004-2009
  28. 28. AVIATION COMPANY CJSC “UKRAINIAN HELICOPTERS” Headquarters: 19-21, Frunze str., Kyiv 04080, Ukraine Tel.: +38 (044) 455-96-87, 455-90-45, 417-34-87 Fax: +38 (044) 455-72-40, 455-90-45 e-mail: