Slave Codes And Resisting Slavery
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Slave Codes And Resisting Slavery






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Slave Codes And Resisting Slavery Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Slave Codes & Resisting Slavery
  • 2. Warm-Up 3/4
    • Come in, sit down QUIETLY and set-up!
    • Use p. 471 in the RED BOOK to answer these questions:
    • 1) What is a “slave code”?
    • 2) Analyze the picture at the bottom of p. 471. What is happening in the picture?
    • Write the questions AND answers!
  • 3. Warm-Up 3/4
    • 1) What is a “slave code”?
    • - Slave codes were the laws made to control behavior of slaves
    • 2) Analyze the picture at the bottom of p. 471. What is happening in the picture?
    • - A family of Africans are being sold as slaves. The family may be separated forever.
  • 4. Causes of the Civil War: N v. S Causes of the Civil War “ A House Divided” NORTH SOUTH COLD INDUSTRIAL
    • big cities
    • factories & inventions
    • railroads & canals to move goods
    • immigrants from Ireland & Germany
    • “ free labor” = workers are paid
    • wanted higher tariffs (import tax)
    • farms & plantations
    • plantations depended on slave labor
    • slaves are forced to work without pay
    • farmers plant cash crops, like cotton , tobacco, rice, sugar & indigo
    • wanted lower tariffs
  • 5. Slave Codes & Resisting Slavery Objective: We will summarize the slave codes and how slaves resisted slavery
  • 6. North v. South Causes of the Civil War “ A House Divided” NORTH SOUTH Slavery is BAD ! Want to fight it out?! Slavery is GOOD ! Let’s take this outside!
  • 7. Slave Codes & Resisting Slavery List examples of “slave codes” (or slave rules) using p. 471 here Example: slaves could not buy or sell goods List examples of how slaves resisted, or fought against, slavery using p. 471-473 here Example: slaves refused to work
  • 8. Slave Codes & Resisting Slavery
    • Slave Codes or Rules
    • slave owners can whip slaves and physically punish them
    • slaves cannot hit white people
    • slaves cannot own property
    • slaves cannot buy or sell goods
    • slaves cannot leave plantation without permission
    • slaves cannot learn to read & write
    • slaves must get permission to marry
  • 9. Slave Codes & Resisting Slavery
    • How did slaves resist slavery?
    • slave refused to obey owners
    • slaves refused to work
    • slaves worked slowly, pretended to be sick and broke farm tools
    • slaves learned to read & write
    • slaves escaped to the North using the Underground Railroad
    • slaves rebelled against owners in groups
  • 10. Slave Codes & Resisting Slavery Pretend you are a slave on a large cotton plantation in South Carolina in 1843. Write about a typical day living as a slave under the Slave Codes, and write about if you would resist the Slave Codes or not and how. Minimum ONE paragraph.