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Pl Monetization - 1.1

  1. 1. Social Network Monetization Source: You deserve better.
  2. 2. Social Network Monetization Building the most comprehensive, global Monetization Platform for Social Media
  3. 3. Social Network Monetization 2008 Awards ARF 2008 Great Minds Silver Award for Innovation FAST COMPANY TOP 50 - 2008
  4. 4. Social Network Monetization Network of 90 Partners. 200+ million users.
  5. 5. Social Network Monetization Peanut Labs Overview 8th July 2008 We brought app companies and developers together and asked them one question: What are your monetization problems?
  6. 6. Social Network Monetization 60% International users. No Offers or Surveys. Help! Young users 13 – 17. No credit cards. Customer Support. Users have LOTS of issues. Intl. Fraud & Chargebacks. Paypal doesn’t work well internationally. Managing multiple monetization systems is a pain. Pricing Transparency & Optimization of Offers. I want to be able to decide. Brazil. Israel. Turkey. Australia. UK. No tech resources. I need a simple system.
  7. 7. Social Network Monetization Peanut Labs Overview 8th July 2008 The Solution: 195 countries. 200+ social monetization systems. 80% coverage of global online population
  8. 8. Social Network Monetization Agenda 1.  Direct Global Payments 2.  Research Surveys 3.  CPA Offers Marketplace
  9. 9. Social Network Monetization 150+ direct payment options in 195 countries Credit & Debit Cards Bank Transfers + 900 banks & Direct Debits eWallet services +30 more Mobile SMS +70 carriers Local Debit & + 25 local cards Pre-paid cards Cash or Check Outlets in 157 countries 10/28/08 9
  10. 10. Social Network Monetization One-Click billing Access 500,000 consumers whose payment information is stored with Peanut Labs in one-click 1 2 3 4 YOUR SITE Users enter payment Payment This payment Publishers can information on any information (credit information is allow hundreds of of Peanut Labs’ cards, bank automatically thousands of users partner sites or accounts, mobile queried when the on the Web to buy applications etc) is tagged to the same user uses from them without individual user and another application having users enter stored with Peanut on our network payment Labs information again
  11. 11. Social Network Monetization Stop asking your users to leave your site to pay “48% of customers bailout (drop) when directed to a separate checkout page” - Marketing Sherpa, 2007
  12. 12. Social Network Monetization Accept all payments directly WITHIN your site 50% - 70% Total Abandonment Rate for Checkouts - Google Analytics, 2007ç
  13. 13. Social Network Monetization Global Online Payments Source: Global Collect 2008 Direct Debit Konbini Real Time Banking Bank Transfer International cards Domestic Cards In Europe and Asia, other payment methods are preferred over credit cards more than 50% of the time Source: Global Collect 2008
  14. 14. Social Network Monetization Fraud is a major problem with non-US transactions Case Study: Solving the Fraud problem in Turkey Social gaming network that is very popular in Turkey.
  15. 15. Social Network Monetization Case Study: Xuqa in Turkey The Problem: Fraud •  Xuqa first tried using Paypal in 2007 to charge users for virtual currency. •  Within 30 days Paypal shutdown Xuqa because of the high fraud and chargeback rates – over 15%. •  Garanti Arkadas and other Turkish banks canceled user’s credit cards that had been blocked by Paypal. •  Turkey has one of the highest online fraud rates in the world. •  Paypal did a poor job of managing chargebacks, fraud and customer service outside of the US. •  Xuqa also attempted to use CPA offers from Performance Ad-networks. Nobody had any good campaigns for Turkey.
  16. 16. Social Network Monetization Case Study: Xuqa in Turkey Solution: $1.5 million in revenue •  After other payment systems failed, Xuqa implemented the Peanut Labs monetization engine •  Through partnerships with fraud management companies, Peanut Labs was able to stop and manage most of the online fraud to under 2%. •  Local banks did not block Xuqa and resumed business. •  Surveys, Mobile and other alternative payments were also implemented with Peanut Labs. •  Xuqa revenues climbed from $220k to $1.5 million in 2008 just from Turkey.
  17. 17. Social Network Monetization Comparison: With & Without PL Without PLabs With PLabs Fraud Rate 16% 2% Fraud coverage Focused on NA Global User Flow Link-out & Pay on Pay on your own site external site Local Credit and Debit No Yes cards Bank Transfers No Yes Mobile Payments No Yes Annualized Revenue USD $220,000 USD $1,500,000
  18. 18. Social Network Monetization Agenda 1.  Direct Global Payments 2.  Research Surveys 3.  CPA Offers Marketplace
  19. 19. Social Network Monetization Research Surveys: Leader in Gen-Y online research •  Peanut Labs is the largest Gen-Y online research firm in the US –  Fortune 500 & Honomichl 50 clients –  San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and New York •  Peanut Labs is the only company in the monetization business with a direct survey sales team. –  We supply surveys to other companies in the industry. •  Award-winning research approach and user-experience –  Advertising Research Foundation 2008 Silver Innovation Award –  #31 in the FAST50 2008 Rankings (behind •  $5 million paid out to Partners & Publishers to date for surveys
  20. 20. Social Network Monetization Peanut Labs surveys on Facebook
  21. 21. Social Network Monetization A/B Testing of Survey & Offers monetization CPA Offers PLabs Surveys Free Some are free. Some Always Free. require a purchase. User gets marketed to Yes No (Spam) Signup required to an Yes No external 3rd party Collection of Personal Yes No contact information Availability High Medium Most Coverage US, UK & Canada US, UK & Canada eCPMs $60 - $120 $110 - $200
  22. 22. Social Network Monetization Agenda 1.  Direct Global Payments 2.  Research Surveys 3.  CPA Offers Marketplace
  23. 23. Social Network Monetization CPA Offers Marketplace Work with any CPA network in the world. Work with multiple networks at the same time. Maximize Margin. You are in control.
  24. 24. Social Network Monetization CPA Offers Marketplace Ad Network CPA Direct Network Advertiser Offers 1.  Transparency Market 2.  Choice in Pricing, Terms 3.  Advertisers compete for your inventory You decide
  25. 25. Social Network Monetization Source: We’d love your Feedback! Ali A. Moiz Noman Ali Chief Operating Officer VP Research Networks 25