Wolfstar's Trip Advisor presentation for the Mersey Partnerhsip

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Wolfstar's presentation on Trip Advisor for the Mersey Partnership on social media. (advanced session)

Wolfstar's presentation on Trip Advisor for the Mersey Partnership on social media. (advanced session)

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  • 1. A case study
  • 2. Why is TripAdvisor important?
    TripAdvisor is a web2.0 guestbook
    It’s published online, for everyone to see
    Online platforms drive Word Of Mouth (WOM)
    People trust peer review sites like;
    Amazon, eBay and… TripAdvisor
    It gives you free market research on your competitors
  • 3. History of the side
    TripAdvisor was set up in February 2000
    It is a free travel guide and research website
    It utilises user generated content (UGC)
    The website is free to use, as it has an advertising business model
    TripAdvisor is part of Expedia, which also owns 14 other popular travel sites
  • 4. Traffic and influence
    45 million visitors a month
    15 million members of the community
    30 million reviews
    Over 500,000 hotel reviews
    The website has over 210,000 links to it
    Allows people to connect via Facebook
    It’s the 328th most visited website in the world
  • 5. Using the TripAdvisor site
  • 6. How people use the site
  • 7. User generated content
  • 8. How to submit content
  • 9. How not to use TripAdvisor
  • 10. How businesses can use the site
    TripAdvisor does not allow self-promotion
    TripAdvisoris consumer generated information so use the site to respond to reviews and offer explanations and apologies on bad reviews.
    Businesses need to be involved in the conversation because many consumers consult TripAdvisor before making travel decisions.
    An example of bad use of TripAdvisor would be to not use it at all...
  • 11. How do businesses use the site?
  • 12. How do businesses use the site?
  • 13. Negative reviews
  • 14. Positive reviews
  • 15. How to amend information
  • 16. How to utilise positive reviews
    If you’ve had a positive review, consider doing the following;
    Using a screenshot on your own website
    Responding to the comment on TripAdvisor using the ‘Compliment reviewer’ function
    Send the user a message and offer them complimentary services
  • 17. How to encourage your guests to post reviews
    When using your business, it’s easy to encourage people to submit reviews to TripAdvisor using the following techniques;
    Produce an instruction booklet offering advice on how to submit a review
    Replace your guestbook with a laptop and have TripAdvisor permanently on screen
    If a guest suggests alterations, make them! People will feel more obliged to post reviews if they feel it will make a difference in the future!