Cv.Cristian Radu 2009 August 15 Sh


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Cv.Cristian Radu 2009 August 15 Sh

  1. 1. CV- Cristian Radu CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL INFORMATION Name CRISTIAN RADU Telephone + 40 (0) 740 234 376- mobile link, + (4021) 231 10 99 fix line, + (40368) 810 55 61- fax + (4021) 231 23 40- fax E-mail Social status (married, children) Married, one child Nationality Romanian Date of birth 1959, April 29 WORK EXPERIENCE (ALL THE POSITIONS IN THE CARIER) • Date APRIL,2008-2009 • Name of the employer BADEA & Partners Bucharest • Type of business or sector Consultancy • Occupation or position held Chairman & C.E.O.(full time bases) • Main activities and  E.U. funds marketing applications for companies & Local Administration responsibilities  Local marketing master plans for local administration and associations of the communities  Infrastructure consultancy system design • Date SEPTEMBER,2006- 2008 • Name of the employer BRUMM Consult • Type of business or sector Business & HRM Consultancy, Training, Executive Search • Occupation or position held Managing Director – full time bases • Main activities and  Business Development (training, HRM Consultancy & Executive Search responsibilities  Marketing master plans for local administration and associations of the local communities  European Project Management (design, marketing & delivery) – four days open training courses for Local Administrations experts • Name of the employer PETROM S.A. Bucharest, Marketing Division, Retail Department • Type of business or sector Oil extraction, refining and distribution company ( OMV Group Member) • Main activities and Main responsibilities for Transition Project Manager - 2005 –2006 responsibilities Marketing Division, Retail Department • monitoring and reporting on the status of the post- privatization project- Retail structure implementation process • design& implement the PetromV Filling Stations (FS) operational procedures (FS and Food & Beverage business units) Main responsibilities for Branch Commercial Director -2002 – 2005  Managing Terminal & Filling stations network operations- oil & complementary products (filling stations shops merchandising, preparing for listing and after-listing monitoring) products, regional motels chain and food& beverage locations  Filling stations network development (new FS potential business evaluation, hiring & staff development  Quality Management Assurance -ISO 9001- specific procedures design for the 8/19/2009 1
  2. 2. CV- Cristian Radu Commercial Department and the Business Units  Branch Filling Stations Customer Care policy design and implementatio • Date 2001- 2002 • Name of the employer BRUMM Consult • Type of business or sector Business & HRM Consultancy, Training, Executive Search • Occupation or position held Senior Trainer& Senior Consultant- part time basis • Date 1999-2001 • Name of the employer ANA HOTELS S.A. (ANA GROUP Member) • Type of business or sector Tourism • Occupation or position held Human Resources Manager, General Manager (operational& investments management, budget, management operations- hotels, Food& Beverage, marketing, HR & financial, Poiana Brasov tourism development ) • Date 1996-1999 • Name of the employer International Management Foundation Bucharest, Tourism Resource Centre- EU Phare Programme • Type of business or sector Management consulting company, EU Phare Tourism Development Programme - The Programme got the best ranking of the E.U. Commission • Occupation or position held Deputy Team Leader • Main activities and  E.U. programme strategy design responsibilities  Needs assessment and provision of training for implementation teams and local consultants  Hands-on assistance to the Ministry of Tourism on specific topics concerning institutional development and strategies (establishment of the National Agency for Tourism Promotion;  Tourism Information & Promotion Centre Network Development and projects monitoring with E.U. financing (about 48 projects from about 120-potential applications )  Design and implementation of the monitoring and control system  Overall management of the financing process  Staff recruitment / development • Date 1992-1996 • Name of the employer Private Ownership Fund (POF) “Transilvania” • Type of business or sector Investment/privatization fund • Occupation or position held Head of the Medium-Sized and Large Companies Privatization Department- full time basis Member in the Steering Committees:  First Romanian Public Offer Shares, Agro- mechanical privatization, Mass Privatization 8/19/2009 2
  3. 3. CV- Cristian Radu • Main activities and a) establishment and development of the Private Ownership Fund (POF) Transilvania responsibilities b) managing and consultancy services delivered for the significant privatizations projects:  about 330 small& medium size companies of the POF Portfolio ( most of the tourism- including Prahova Valley, Poiana Brasov & Black Sea Seaside & shipping companies)  the first Romanian shares Public Offer- ARGUS Constanta and the second shares public offer- about 20 company,  Mass Privatization Programme-subscription for the POF Transilvania & Awarness Campaign Management  Agro-mechanical companies privatization  Post-privatization processes monitoring • Date 1994-2008 • Name of the employer Centre for Open Distance Education for a Civil Society ( CODECS ) , Romania , Bucharest • Type of business or sector Open Distance Learning Company – the Sole Romanian partner of The Open University Business School – Milton Keynes, U.K. • Occupation or position held Founding member, Tutor - part time basis, Regional Director-part time basis, Auditor • Main activities and responsibilities  Consultancy, training delivery and monitoring in the field of Human Resources  Learning & consultancy needs assessment for the client-companies  Establishment and management of the regional centre operations (including negotiating and contracting)  Long Distance Learning programmes management for the Professional Certificate and Professional Diploma in Management courses delivered by Open University Milton Keyness U.K., CODECS • Date 1989-1992 • Name of the employer CARFIL Plant Type of business or sector Defense industry/ Marketing Officer, Metallurgical Engineer Occupation or position held • Date 1984- 1989 • Name of the employer Mechanical Enterprise, Brasov • Type of business or sector/ Mechanical industry- Metallurgical Engineer position held • Date 1993-1994 • Name of the employer Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry • Type of business or sector Non Governmental Organization – entrepreneurs association • Occupation or position held Senior Trainer- part time basis • Main activities and  design and delivery of marketing training programmes responsibilities EDUCATION AND TRAINING • 2005- present Date 8/19/2009 3
  4. 4. CV- Cristian Radu • Name of the school and Open University Milton Keynes, Open Business School, UK final mark MBA Programme, recognized by Association of Masters of Business Administration (AMBA), European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) AND The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACASB). • Main specialties  Strategic Management (B 820), November, 2005-April, 2006 (graduated)  Marketing in a Complex World (B 825) May 2006- October, 2006 (graduated) • Title of qualification MBA Diploma (in progress) • Date 1993- 2001, Bucharest • Name of the school and final mark Open University Milton Keynes, Open Business School, UK • Main specialties Effective Manager, Management of Customers and Client Relations, Financial Management, Managing of Development and Change, Market Resources Management • Title of qualification Professional Diploma & Professional Certificate in Management • Date March 17- 18, 2008 • Name of the school and Hogan Certification Workshop: final mark Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, Motivations Values, Preferences Inventory • Main specialty HR Evaluation & uses Hogan instruments • Title of qualification Certification (for practicing) • Date July ,30, 2007 • Name of the school and final mark Romanian Ministries of Labor and Equal Chances, Education and Learning and Regional Development Agency- CENTRU and managed by TAIEX • Main specialty Social European Fund, Sectorial Programme for Human Resources, 2007-2013 Open seminar for projects promoters • Date August 27- 30 ,2007 • Name of the school and final mark Black Sea University Foundation in association with Oil & Gas Engineers Society and “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Constanta • Main specialty Energy Resources in the Black Sea Region • Title of qualification Certificate • Date October, 22-23 • Name of the school and Phare Technical Assistance “ Support for Labor, Family and Equal Chance to final mark institutional development for the Management Authority for the Human Resources Development Sector Operational Programme”-RO 2004/016-772. , Magnum Consultants • Main specialty Train the projects promoters • Title of qualification Open training for projects promoters • Date 1997, Durham, Bucharest • Name of the school and final mark Durham University Business School, England, EU Programme 8/19/2009 4
  5. 5. CV- Cristian Radu • Main specialities  Training Programme for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Regional Development Training for Resource Centre Staff and Business Advice Centre Directors  Identifying Individual’s Learning Aims, Needs and Styles (N.V.Q-Level IV- UK Standard)  Design Learning Programmes to Meet Learner’s Requirements ( N.V.Q.- Level IV- UK Standard)  Counsel Clients for Training and Development (N.V.Q.- Level IV- UK Standard) • Title of qualification Certificates • Date 1996 - 1997, Brasov, Bucharest, Ireland, • Name of the school and Kienbaum Development Gmbh, Germany, EU Phare Programme final mark one year- tailor made training – Provision of Technical Assistance for the Tourism Resource Centre • Main Project management/ Tourism management speciality • Date 1996 – 1998 • Name of the school and final mark Institute of Commercial Management, Bournemouth, United Kingdom • Main specialty Tourism Management • Title of qualification Post-graduated Diploma in Tourism Management - E.U. Phare Programme • 2000- Bucharest Date • Name of the school and Ministry of Tourism, Romania, Bucharest final mark • Title of qualification Tourism Management- License • Date 1997, Sinaia , Romania • Name of the school and Romanian Government -European Integration Department, final mark SOGES- Italy, EU Phare Phare Programme • Main Project Management speciality • Title of qualification Certificate • 1993, February, Romania Date • Name of the school and Coopers & Lybrand Industrie Beratung, EU Phare Programme final mark • Main Privatization speciality • Title of qualification Certificate awarded • Date 2006, Romania • Name of the school and European Training Center & Ploiesti Oil and Gas University final mark • Main Mediation- an alternative resolution dispute speciality • Title of qualification - awarded • Date 1993, February , Brasov, Romania 8/19/2009 5
  6. 6. CV- Cristian Radu • Name of the school and Coopers & Lybrand, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland - Great final mark Britain , L’Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales – France, EU Phare Programme • Main Companies Valuation speciality • Title of qualification Certificate • Date 1990, December, Brasov, Romania • Name of the school and Romanian Marketing Association / Academy of Economic Studies final mark • Main Management-Marketing-Consulting speciality • Title of qualification Graduation Diploma • Date 1992 • Name of the school and Management Romanian Institute, Bucharest final mark • Main Marketing- Certificate speciality • Date 1974-1978 • Name of the school and High School , Brasov final mark • Main specialty General • Title of qualification Baccalaureate Diploma • Date 1979-1984 • Name of the school and “Transilvania University”, Faculty of Machine Construction Technology, final mark metallurgical department, Brasov • Main specialty Foundry • Title of qualification Metallurgical Engineer Diploma PERSONAL SKILLS SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES  Business oriented, open minded and creative approach, analytical, reliable, entrepreneurial thinking KEY COMPETENCIES  E.U. Programme/ Project management  Operations management (oil &gas industry, retail, tourism, consultancy)  Organizational & Network development  Privatization, mergers, acquisitions  Strategic analysis and strategy development, action planning;  Human resource recruitment, selection & development, executive search, HR systems design, mechanisms and procedures;  Institutional needs assessment & training needs assessment, training delivery FOREING LANGUAGES ENGLISH GERMAN OTHERS (PLEASE NAME IT) • Reading skills Very good Poor - • Writing skills Very Good Poor - • Verbal skills Very Good Poor - 8/19/2009 6
  7. 7. CV- Cristian Radu COMPUTER SKILLS WORD EXCEL POWER POINT INTERNET Very good Good Very good Very good OTHERS NONGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS:  Romanian Hotels Federation- Vice-President ( 2000-2001)  Romanian Service Promotion and Consumers Protection National Association- President Centre Euro-Region Branch and Vice-President (2005- 2007)  PRO BRASOV Association- Vice-president (2003-2005)  Association for the Brasov Future -Vice-president (2002-2005) PROFESSIONAL BODIES MEMBERSHIP  Romanian Valuators National Association – ( 1997-2006);  Romanian Marketing Association- (1990- 2004)  Romanian Association of Engineers from Oil and Gas (present)  Brasov, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1990-1991) Business Organizations  Bucharest , CODECS company, auditor (1997 - 2008);  Bucharest, CODECS Business Travel- - Member of the Administration Board (1998-2000) , auditor (2000-2006)  Sinaia – Cumpatu- Furnica Tourism Company - Private Ownership Fund III Transilvania- representative at the General Assembly of Shareholders(1995-1996)  ELECTROCONSTRUCTIA ELECON company , member of the Administration Board ( 1996 - 2004)  I.A.R. (aeronautical company) – member of the Administration Board (2002) Listed in the Annual List of the Romanian Consultants since 1994 and 1997 Study visits : England - Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises Development, 1997 Ireland - Regional Development, Tourism Product Development,1998 Ireland - Residential School MBA Programme, 2006 EXCELENCE DIPLOMA FOR THE ROMANIAN OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT (2007) CV.CRISTIAN.RADU..2009_August_15_sh.doc 8/19/2009 7