Using the wii in the classroom
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Using the wii in the classroom



A short presentation on how the Nintendo Wii can be used in the classroom

A short presentation on how the Nintendo Wii can be used in the classroom



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Using the wii in the classroom Using the wii in the classroom Presentation Transcript

  • Using the
    Nintendo Wii
    In the
    Roy Z. Gonzalez Torres
    TEED3005 (online course)
    Prof. Mary Moore
  • About the Nintendo Wii
    The Nintendo Wii is one of the latest gaming consoles available in the market.
    Wii is a home video system with a wireless motion-sensitive remote control that enables players to point to the television screen and interact with the game.
    This console is user friendly and its suitable for all ages.
    It has become a revolutionary console for it has opened windows in the teaching field.
    Many ask, can this be done? Is it effective?
  • It’s use in the classroom
    It is based upon the principles of student engagement and creative uses of Nintendo Wii technology in the classroom in whole class and small group sessions.
    The education world is rapidly changing and teachers need to encompass and utilize a wide range of strategies and tools to further engage students in their learning.
    Wii is currently emerging in K-12 classrooms as a means for teaching the arts, physical education, English as a second language, science, geography, and other topics in innovative ways.
  • How can it be used?
    The Wii has multiple channels that can be integrated in the classroom.
    These channels are:
    The Wii Forecast Channel
    The Mii Channel
    The Wii News Channel
    Everybody Votes Channel
    The photo Channel
    Similar to the I’pod and I’pad, nintendo hosts hundreds of channels that may be downloaded for free using Wi-Fi connection.
  • Are there any useful games?
    In deed, there is a great collection of games that can become useful tools in the classroom.
    In this vast variety there are games that cover language, reading, and grammatical skills.
    These games are useful tools for ESL teachers especially when students have problems with associating language to objects.
    Click on the games on the right to see previews of their content.
  • Where can this be implemented?
    When constructing a lesson plan there are four teaching phases.
    Initial Routine
    Initial activity
    Developmental activity
    Concluding activity
    The Concluding activity is where the game can be effectively placed.
    The Initial and developmental activities should be short and precise.
    The teacher must know how to use the system in order to explain how to use the device.
  • Is this suitable for all students?
    The nintendoWii is user friendly which means that anyone can use it.
    Many teachers in the United States and in Puerto Rico have used this system in special education classes.
    Assistive technologies are defined as any item, piece of equipment, or product system that can increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities (Morrissey, 1988).
    The Wii can be considered an alternate assistive technology in the special education classroom.
  • Only for ESL classrooms?
    Many games promote discovery and art skills.
    Other games promote psychomotor skills and exercising.
    Others promote math skills, science, history, and fiction.
    Examples of games are:
    Wii Fit
    Wii sports
    Sonic and Mario at the olympics
    Mario Kart Wii
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars light saber duels
  • Interesting Facts
    Wii systems, when connected to the Internet, grant teachers access to up-to-the-minute local, national, and international news.
    Using the Wiisystem can encourage students to use the Web as a research tool on a topic of personal interest.
    Many games promote identification, memorization, analysis, visualization, and problem solving, thus, enhancing thinking skills.
    Four students can play at a time, all depending on the game.
    Game activities are based on a high level of arm and leg movements.
    Players are directed through game situations that include challenges and problems to solve before moving to the next level.
    They promote valuable social skills, such as turn taking, interactive responses, and social language, are embedded in the games.
  • Acquiring the system
    The Nintendo Wii console is available in game stores around the globe.
    It’s cost is of $200 or less.
    Each game is between $20 to $50, not surpassing from that price.
    Remotes and other tools have standard prices to help the consumer save money.
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