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  • 1. Female Marines Samya Shabaz
  • 2. Male Or Female, To Be a Marine Is To Be The Best
    • Strength, drive and character are traits shared by all Marines, regardless of gender. The strenuous traits of Marine Corps Recruit Training show no discrimination. For over 60 years, females in the Marine Corps have shown their mettle and met the challenges in front of them.
  • 3. History
    • 1918- Private Opha Mae Johnson became the first woman to enlist.
    • 1943- The Marine Corps Women’s Reserve was established.
    • 1948- With the passing of the Woman’s Armed Services Act, Colonel Katherine A. Towle was made the first full-time Director of Women Marines.
    • 1961- First woman to Sergeant Major.
    • 1978- Colonel Margaret A. Brewer became the first woman Marine General Officer.
    • 1979- The Marines assigned the first woman to embassy duty.
    • 1985- The first woman was promoted to Marine Corps Brigadier General.
    • 1992- Brigadier General Carol A. Mutter assumed the command of a Fleet Marine Force unit at the flag level.
    • 1993- The Marine Corps opened pilot positions to women.
    • 1996- Lieutenant General Mutter became the first woman to wear three stars.
  • 4. Today
    • Women serve in 93 percent of all occupational fields and 62 percent of all billets. Women contribute 6.2 percent of the corps and are an integral part of Marine Corps operations.