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Inquiry Project 1 Inquiry Project 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Going to the Optometrist
    Karen Lucas
    EDUC 373.001
    Mr. Sandrick
  • Personal Experience
    This summer I visited my eye doctor to get my yearly eye exam. It was while I was in the waiting room that I began to wonder…
  • Questions that I began to think about.
    What happens during an eye exam?
    What is a Phoropter?
    What does near-sighted mean?
    What does far-sighted mean?
  • What happens during an eye exam?
    First you sit in the exam chair.
    Next, the doctor asks you questions about your health and eye history.
    Then, doctor will check your vision by using an eye chart.
    The doctor will ask you to cover one eye and read the lines.
  • What happens during an eye exam con’t…
    Next, you will cover your other eye and read the lines.
    The doctor will then use the Phoropter to decide what type of lens you will need for your glasses.
    The doctor will then use a microscope to check the health of your eyes.
  • What is a Phoropter?
    A Phoropter is a type of instrument the doctor uses that contains many different lens that determine you eye glass prescription.
  • What does near sighted mean?
    Near sighted is also called Myopia.
    People that have myopia can see nearby objects clearly, but when objects are in the distant they become blurry.
    Myopia is visual defect in which distant objects appear blurred because their images are focused in front of the retina rather than on it.
    Taken from:
  • What does far sighted mean?
    Far sighted is also called Hyperopia.
    People that have Hyperopia can see distant objects clearly rather than up close.
    It results from the eyeball being too short from front to back, causing images to be focused behind the retina.
    Taken from:
  • Connection to the Standards
    The Nature of Science and Technology
    5.1.4 :Give examples of technology, such as telescopes, microscopes, and cameras, that enable scientists and others to observe things that are too small or too far away to be seen without them and to study the motion of objects that are moving very rapidly or are hardly moving.
    6.1.4 :Give examples of employers who hire scientists, such as colleges and universities, businesses and industries, hospitals and many government agencies.
  • Resources;_ylt=Auj.XJQYoLrORI5ogqIpY46ugMMF
    Dr. Dirk Bochner, O.D.