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Movies In The Roaring ’20s
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Movies In The Roaring ’20s


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  • 1. Movies in the Roaring ’20s By: Molly Marmion and Rachel Jungkind
  • 2. Objectives: Film making giants silent Films synchronized sound Jazz singer expressionism movie theatres ushers Walt disney
  • 3. Filmmaking Giants Major film making companies were founded in the early ’20s such as MGM, Warner Brothers, and Columbia pictures In the early ’20s America was the leading producer of films in the world.
  • 4. THE BIG 5 Warner Brothers Paramount RKO Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 20th century Fox
  • 5. the greatest output oF Feature Films occurred in the 1920s (about 800 Film releases in a year) - noWadays, production doesn't exceed 500 Films a year.
  • 6. silent films were the predominant product of the film industry
  • 7. synchronized sound Early silent films were often accompanied by live piano or organ music to set the mood of the scene.
  • 8. This was the first full movie ever filmed with sound.
  • 9. Expressionism Expressionism was marked by stylization, dark shadows and dramatic lighting, visual story- telling, grotesque characters, distorted or slanted angular shots (of streets, buildings, etc.) and abstract sets.
  • 10. Movie theatres were built, including, the Egyptian, and the now-famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Impresario Sid Grauman established the tradition of stars placing their prints in cement in front of the theater.
  • 11. Movie Theaters Many of the movie theatres of the 1920s were so grand that people nicknamed them quot;picture palaces.quot; Exteriors were gaudy, and electrical extravaganzas were held. They were aiming to encourage movie goers to see movies more frequently.
  • 12. In the large theatres of the 1920s ushers were essential. Not only did they show people to their seats, but they were charged with handling large crowds. To be an Usher was a desirable job 
  • 13. Walt Disney The famous film maker, Walt Disney began career in the 1920s starting with Steamboat Willie which was the premier of America’s favorite mouse! MICKEY!
  • 14. The films were in major demand during this era. Silent theaters where packed every night. The stock market crash or the end of the Great War did not affect film theaters and studios.