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Wc To2009


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. The Image Problem
    • Creating Captivating Blog Posts
  • 2. Who am I?
    • Professional Blogger for 4 years
    • WordPress Podcaster
    • Plugin and Theme Developer
    • Former Community Manager for
    My name is David Peralty Yes that is a Star Trek pin in my school photo
  • 3. What Do I Do?
    • Blogger
    • Internet Consultant
    • Community Manager
    • Affiliate Marketing Ninja
    • Web Development
    • Podcasting
  • 4. What Do Images Do?
    • Images Convey Ideas
    • Images Attract Attention
    • Images Break Up Long Content Blocks
    • Improve Appearance
  • 5. What Do Images Do? Image comparison Post without Image
  • 6. What Do Images Do? Image comparison Post with Image
  • 7. What is the Problem?
    • Images are Usually Expensive
    • Legal Images are Hard to Find
    • Images Can Be Space and Bandwidth Hogs
    • Proper Sizing and Formatting Can Be Difficult
    • Old Images Won’t Help Current News Stories
  • 8. Where to Get Images?
    • Google Image Search? Not Legal
    • Flickr Creative Commons? Missing Events
    • Free Stock Photography Sites? Strange Rules
    • Other Blogs? Not Legal
    • Stock Image Sites? Expensive
  • 9. A Solution: PicApp – enables online publishers to easily embed images into their posts or websites
  • 10. What Makes PicApp Different?
    • 20 Million images
    • Editorial & Creative Images
    • Sports, News, Entertainment, Etc.
    • 10,000 Images being added daily
    • Did I mention FREE?
    • Licensed and Legal to use
  • 11. Where Do The Images Come From? Covering All Topics and Image Types
  • 12. PicApp’s Website
  • 13. PicApp’s Website
  • 14. The History of PicApp
    • Created by the same people that do PicScout
    • Created Partnerships with Image Companies
    • Created Partnerships with Blog Networks including b5media
    this used to be an ad
  • 15. PicApp and WordPress
    • is NOT a destination site
    • WordPress is a top blogging platform
    • WordPress’ plugin system is versatile
  • 16. PicApp’s WordPress Plugin
  • 17. PicApp’s WordPress Plugin
  • 18. PicApp’s WordPress Plugin
  • 19. PicApp’s WordPress Plugin
  • 20. PicApp’s WordPress Plugin
  • 21. RSS Notifications!
    • PicApp will send RSS updates to let you know when new images have been added for a search you track.
  • 22. Monetization
    • PicApp overlays an image gallery of options on the images
    • Image galleries have ads on them
    or What’s PicApp’s Business Model?
  • 23. Monetization The revenue goes to PicApp and its Image Providing Partners Though that might change in the future with image publishers seeing some other benefits.
  • 24. SEO & Page Views
    • Search Engines see the actual image
    • Images are indexed at the proper size and quality
    • Images have proper meta data and descriptions
    • Images are associated with the blog they are found on, not
    This all increases both the SEO value and Page Views related to images
  • 25. SEO & Page Views
  • 26. Still Unsure? Google Recommends PicApp for Blogger Users
  • 27. Coming Soon...
    • New PicApp WordPress Plugin with improved usability and features
    • New Photo Gallery Page using Lightbox JavaScript effects to keep visitors on your site
    • And of course MANY MORE IMAGES
  • 28. Thanks! David Peralty Professional Blogger For More Information on PicApp Contact: Niran Amir [email_address]