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  1. 1. I feel that only few people understand the Israeli side. Therefore I would like to give you some information and tell you how the people in Israel feel: Let's begin with what going on in the south: For about 8 years rockets have been shot at us. People have 15-60 seconds to take cover (depending on the location). Where can you go in 15 seconds? If you leave your house there is no chance of getting into a safe place. Think how you would feel. Your children aren’t safe. You are scared. No one can go for anything. This is the reason the war began. This is what we want to stop, and this is why we cannot stop until Hamas is destroyed, or neutralized. Israel has recently bombed a school. There were many casualties. You may have heard that the Hamas was shooting from the school ( Are we to be blamed that they are using innocent people? The Hamas was elected in order to protect and help the Palestinians, like every government in the world. Just like our government is doing right now. So why are they using children as human shields? One more example: I have just read in the news that a 70 year old man was shot by Hamas because he would not say where his son was hiding. (His son is in the Fatah – another organization) The Hamas is using death: any person hit on our side is a victory. Any Palestinian hit is ammunition for the media. They are hiding in public places. They are sacrificing their own families. This is not how humans behave. This is what the world should censure. The only thing we are doing is protecting ourselves. There is no place to show mercy for the Hamas, and yet IDF is doing everything possible in order to prevent unnecessary death. Next time you hear something like "5 people were killed in Gaza by Israeli air force" remember this: the Hamas used them. They are forcing people to protect them. The Palestinians beginning to understand this, you should too. As for the truce and the cease fire: Israel cannot allow itself to agree any kind of agreement which won't stop the rockets completely, the massive weapon smuggling. The agreement must also contain an international force. Most important: Hamas must be stopped.
  2. 2. And to those who are saying we are the terrorists. We don’t want the war. We don’t seek for it. We are fighting in order to protect ourselves. Yes, we are stronger. What does it mean? What should we do? Let them kill us? Or win as fast as we can, to reduce the civilians suffer? One more thing: take a look at the following video: I hope I helped you understand the war better. I will happily answer to any question sent to my E-male: Nadav, Israel