840 Santoso Perkembangan Tik Bab 2


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840 Santoso Perkembangan Tik Bab 2

  1. 1. Perkembangan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi Bab 2 : Peran TIK di Era Globalisasi Dr. ir. Ari SANTOSO, DEA 1 Tiga Pilar Implementasi TIK Visi & Misi Sistem Informasi Data dan Informasi Infrastruktur Perangkat keras dan Lunak Budaya dan Pola Pikir Sumber Daya Manusia
  2. 2. Contoh website Salah satu website Berita
  3. 3. Salah satu website Berita Salah satu website Berita
  4. 4. Salah satu website Universitas Salah satu website Universitas
  5. 5. Salah satu website Perusahaan Infrastruktur
  6. 6. Perangkat Utama Data center • Perangkat Jaringan : – Jaringan – Router – Switch-hub • Media Penyimpanan – Email server – Webserver – Database server • Perangkat Listrik dan AC – UPS – Panel Listrik – Grounding Datacenter
  7. 7. Salah satu Disain Perangkat untuk Data center Router • Routing – adalah proses untuk memilih jalur (path) didalam suatu jaringan yang harus dilalui – Router : perangkat yang melakukan proses routing • Pada umumnya skema routing mempertimbangkan Jalur yang terpendek dan jalur alternatif jika terjadi permasalahan • Jalur yang baik, tergantung pada : – Panjang data yang lewat – Beban jaringan – Pola trafik
  8. 8. Switch-Hub Server 1. Server DNS (Domain Name Server) 2. Server email 3. Server web 4. Server database 5. Server squid/proxy
  9. 9. Perangkat Listrik dan AC 1. Supply energy listrik 2. Genset 3. UPS 4. Panel listrik 5. AC 6. Jaringan listrik dan grounding Perkembangan Telekomunikasi : ISDN • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) • What it is Terminal Modem – Transmission over standard Adaptor ISDN telephone wires Line – Peak rate 128 kb/s – Available now
  10. 10. Perkembangan Telekomunikasi : Cable • What it is: Simultaneous transmission over cable TV coax facilities – Current technology - Cable modems @ Peak rate = 500 kb/s – Available now – Future technology: Digital TV + 10’s Mb/s Perkembangan Telekomunikasi : Satellite • What it is: Satellite access – Asymmetric – Requests are sent via modems – Responses sent via satellite at 400 kb/s – Available now
  11. 11. Perkembangan Telekomunikasi : HDSL • What it is – High-bit-rate digital subscriber line (HDSL) – Peak rate ~10’s Mb/s – Access over standard telephone copper wires – In trials and limited deployment Perkembangan Telekomunikasi : Wireless Local Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS) High Speed Wireless Access for - Telephone - Video - Internet
  12. 12. Perkembangan Telekomunikasi : Powerline Communications • What is it: – It is a data communication technology that operates over the electricity supply. – Rates range up to 1 Mb/s – In trials – Future technology Perkembangan Telekomunikasi : Costs (Estimated as of 2/98) • Cable modem cost – Installation ~ $25 – ~ $30/mo • ISDN – Installation ~ $200.00 – ~ $50 - $100/mo • ADSL – ~ $95/mo ( for 1.5 Mb/s ) – SOURCE: http://www.3com.com/xdsl/05_30_97b.html • Satellite – Hardware ~ $400 – ~ 24.95/month up to 64MB(approximately 25 hours online)
  13. 13. Sistem Informasi Kenapa e-Gov • eGov services are difficult to be found Problem addressed ? • Individual eGov services are disconnected, not interoperable • Citizens/Business have to find several services, going then from one to another • No user guidance available • eGov services do not comply with e-accessibility criteria • “One-stop-shopping” place where all services can be located • Identification of relevant services based on life event Approach and business episodes • User provided with a scenario through structured workflow • Virtual assistant assigned to the user • eGov services comply with e- accessibility criteria
  14. 14. Structure organization Organizational Information Systems Executive Information System (EIS) Information Human Manufacturing resources Financial resources Marketing information information information information information system system system system system 12-27 Model for Enterprise Data Warehouse System Educational Stakeholder Communication E-Portal Benchmarking/Decision Support Data Warehouse District & State Reporting Operational Data Store ODS Day to Day Operations Transactional Database PK-12 Data Model for Information Management (ODE & IBM Confidential) 10/20/05
  15. 15. A Business Process can be Viewed as a Multi-Party of Peer Services Start Sales Buyer Supplier SFA ERP person Account Mapping Events RFQ RFQ RFQ Routing User Quote Accounts Activity Order Order Order Orders Information Entity Sales Order Invoice Invoice Billing Activity SalesTax.com CreditCheck.com © attachmate 2004 Services in a SOA are orchestrated (BPEL) ! This is one of the best model to re-use existing business logic Quote Service Orchestration Definition <<receive>> RFQ RFQ Entity RFQ <<invoke>> GetQuote Quote Entity No State Ok? sendNack Nack Sales <<invoke>> Tax calculateSalesTax <<send>> Quote quote updateDB Transition Order Ok? No © attachmate 2004 Message flow
  16. 16. A Choreography Provides a Model of the Event Flow Between Activities Start Buyer Supplier Order Entry Manager Billing (Self) PO PO AckPO PO BTA1 Wit1 PO Sales AckPO order OpA1 OpA2 [Success] [BusinessFailure] Failure Success © attachmate 2004 Information quality • Data is accurate • Data is consistent • Data is timely • Data is integrated • Data is complete • Data values follow the business rules • Data corresponds to valid values • Data is well understood
  17. 17. Enterprise Data Warehouse Architecture H/W Server Load Extraction Transformation Data Management Platform Phase Phase Phase HR Data Mart SIS Data Mart SIS STAGING FINANCE -Integration Applications District Data - Metadata Curriculum Data Mart Warehouse & - Cleansed Transportation Instruction -Profiled - Biz Rules Data Mart Instruction Finance Nutrition Data Warehouse/ODS & BI Layers Data Integration Layer & Operational Data Store (ODS): • ODS is a non queryable centralized staging areas for storing extracted, cleansing, and transformed data, and for gathering centralized metadata for implementing an Enterprise Data Mart Architecture (EDMA), eliminating the need for another non queryable staging area called data warehouse. • Needed is a dimensionally modeled Data Warehouse for enterprise DSS, prepared to provide the best in query response performance and to support the most advanced OLAP functionalities.
  18. 18. Data dan Informasi Data • type of data and Information Data Represented by Alphanumeric Data Numbers, letters, and other characters Image Data Graphic images or pictures Audio Data Sound, noise or tones Video Data Moving images or pictures Information = Data + Relationships
  19. 19. Information • Characteristics of Valuable Information •Accurate •Simple •Complete •Timely •Economical •Verifiable •Flexible •Accessible •Reliable •Secure •Relevant Meta data components » Data name (entity, attribute, table, column, field, etc.) » Business description of data (Project Start Date) » Source of data (file, field) » Business Owner of data » Business rules » Transformation rules » Domains (allowable values) » Data relationships
  20. 20. Meta data components (continued) » Data quality (measure of reliability) » Timeliness (ex: current as of certain date) » Historical information » Aggregation rules » Security (who has access) » Contoh : [nama, usia, berat badan] = (Budi, 25, 60) Sekarang jelas bahwa “Budi” adalah nama seseorang, “25” adalah usia, dan “60” adalah berat badan Meta data management Meta Data = [Descriptive] Data About Data [of the Business] • Meta data administration • Business meta data • Technical meta data • ETL reconciliation Information = • Data quality metrics Data within context • Standardization Context = Meta data • Data ownership Information = • Enterprise integration Data + Meta data
  21. 21. Connectivity Drives the Emergence and Convergence of Technologies Internet LAN Web XML WS SOA 1980 1990 2000 2010 Office Workflow EAI BPM ? Business B2B Integration EDI WS Mainframe Client / Server J2EE .NET Web/Portal © attachmate 2004 Connectivity Enables Global Processes and Information Access Internet LAN Web XML WS SOA 1980 1990 2000 2010 LAN WAN Web Information Global Local Business Processes © attachmate 2004
  22. 22. Structure of System • Example of Information system in Industrial